Corey Taylor Performs In New Mask, James Hetfield Responds To Metallica Fans’ Concerns, And More News You May Have Missed This Week

Corey Taylor Performs In New Mask, James Hetfield Responds To Metallica Fans' Concerns, And More News You May Have Missed This Week
This week was very busy week for the rock and roll genre.

From Corey Taylor‘s introducing his brand new mask to James Hetfield‘s response to Metallica fans‘ concerns after their collaborations with pop stars, this week was very hard and busy.

In this article, we’ve listed some top news that you may have missed this week. There was some surprising news, including Metallica, Satchel alongside Vince Neil, Jonathan Davis, Ozzy Osbourne, Motorhead with Lemmy, Dee Snider with Prince words, Amy Lee, and more.

James Hetfield Addresses Metallica Fans’ Concerns

After Metallica announced The Blacklist, a tribute collection to Metallica‘s self-titled fifth studio album, The Black Album, they were criticized by the band’s fans. Metallica fans had been wondering about the band’s future because they let pop stars cover their classic music.

Following the criticisms, James Hetfield opened up about Metallica fans’ concerns and made some serious comments. He said Metallica is Metallica, and any rappers or pop stars’ covering their efforts is not going to change them.

“We cast the net as wide as possible: to rock, alternative, country, bluegrass and rap,” James said. “I know there’s a lot of Metallica fans out there who are pretty concerned about that. Don’t worry; Metallica is Metallica. Somebody covering our song isn’t going to change us.”

Jonathan Davis’s Hard Times On Stage Due To Aftereffects Of COVID

After Korn announced on August 17 that Jonathan Davis tested positive for COVID, the musician lived difficult times to win his fight against COVID. It was revealed by his bandmate Welch at the time that Davis had struggled after-effects of the illness. Welch had also stated that he felt weak and having a mental battle.

Prior to launching into the song Falling Away From Me during their September 3 stage, Jonathan Davis had opened up his feelings about the illness.

“It feels so good to be back, y’all. Some of you might know, some of you don’t, but I’m recovering,” Jonathan told the crowd. “I got COVID, and that shit kicked my motherfucking ass. But I decided I’m not gonna fucking cancel.

“So I might be standing up, I might be sitting in my chair, but I’m gonna give you a hundred motherfucking percent. So let’s scream and have a good motherfucking time tonight.”

Slipknot’s Corey Taylor Covers ‘Holier Than Thou’ Of Metallica

As some of you might remember, Metallica added Slipknot frontman Corey Taylor to their new The Blacklist Album, a tribute collection to Metallica‘s self-titled The Black Album.

On the same day with Metallica released The Blacklist Album, Corey Taylor unleashed his Metallica cover for The Blacklist. The musician was covering the band’s classic, Holier Than Thou.

Evanescence’s Amy Lee Twisted Her Ankle

During her recent interview with 102.9 The Buzz radio station, Amy Lee had announced for the first time that he twisted her ankle while preparing for the band’s upcoming tour with Halestorm.

Opening up about the issue, Amy Lee had announced via her social media account that her twisted has healed already. She thanked the people who contacted her to send their great wishes.

“Thank you for the well wishes, guys! I’m ok, just a bad sprain but it’s healed a lot already,” she says. “I would have posted a picture of the bruise but it was so gnarly I’m afraid it would have been flagged for like, graphic violence. For real tho, I’m ok! See you soon! Get vaccinated!”

Slipknot’s Corey Taylor Introduces His Brand New Mask

Corey Taylor new mask

Slipknot frontman Corey Taylor had returned the stage more than 18 months later. In honor of his returning to live scenes, Taylor, who announced a couple of weeks ago that he tested positive for COVID, introduced his brand new mask during the band’s Rocklahoma Festival show.

In this mask, it looked like was inspired by a skull. It was white and had contained black marks around the eyes. Taylor‘s mouth was sewn with thread, just like some of his previous masks.

Satchel’s Criticism About Vince Neil

Steel Panther guitarist Satchel and Motley Crue members have been struggling with each other for a long time. In the recent past, Satchel said about Vince Neil that he has never been a great live singer.

Recently, in early September, Satchel has once again blasted the musician. Satchel said about Vince that “he is an easy target.”

“Nikki Sixx hates Steel Panther, I don’t know why he hates us so much,” he said. “We could get along so well. We both make fun of Vince Neil – he is an easy target, he’s low-hanging fruit.

“When you have that much talent and that much… I mean, he’s a great-looking guy.”

Motorhead Drummer Reveals Lemmy’s Remarkable Comments On Rush

On September 6, former Motorhead drummer Mikke Dee made a guest appearance on the 83rd episode of Drinks With Johnny. He had recalled a moment Lemmy joined them when he and the guitarist Phil Campbell was writing a piece of music for the band. Later then, the drummer had mentioned Lemmy’s reaction to the songs they showed him.

“Sometimes me and Phil could write some music, and Lemmy would come in and go, ‘What the hell do you want me to sing to that? That song is more aimed to Rush. We’re not Rush – we’re Motorhead,’” Dee had said.

“And he was totally right by that. Maybe we took off a little too much out of the framework of being Motorhead.”

Here are more news you may have missed this week:

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