Motorhead Drummer Says Lemmy Was “Totally Right By His Rush Remark”

Motorhead Drummer Says Lemmy Was "Totally Right By His Rush Remark"
The drummer Mikkey Dee recalls Lemmy’s Rush remark.

Former Motorhead drummer Mikkey Dee has recalled what Lemmy told Phil and him in the past when they wrote a piece of new music for the band and said that Lemmy was right by his Rush remark.

Born on December 24, 1945, the lead singer, bassist, and founding member of the rock band MotorheadLemmy Kilmister, has passed away on December 28, 2015. His cause of death was reported as prostate cancer, cardiac arrhythmia, and congestive heart failure. He is widely regarded as one of the greatest musicians of all time by rock and roll fans.

Throughout his career with Motorhead, Lemmy had released 22 studio albums, 12 compilation albums, 10 live recordings, and five EPs. While releasing its debut in 1977, Motorhead unleashed its final studio album in 2015, titled Bad Magic.

For a while, Mikkey Dee has been talking about his late bandmate Lemmy. Previously, the drummer, who’s seen Lemmy just two weeks before on his unfortunate passing, said that he was trying to improve his unhealthy lifestyle.

Recently, Dee has once again spoken out about his late bandmate Lemmy and their band Motorhead. He revealed how it was like to work with Motorhead at the time. He said that they had a very tight frame.

“After 25 years with Motorhead, there’s no secret that we felt in the end maybe we wanted to do something else – either do a solo record or be inspired with something else,” he said. “Because with Motorhead, we had a very tight frame to work within, which was Motorhead.”

Mikkey Recalls Motorhead Icon Lemmy’s Rush Remark

In the continuation of his words, the drummer revealed some moments Lemmy joined them when he and the guitarist Phil Campbell was writing a piece of music for the band. He recalled Lemmy’s reaction to the songs they showed him and said that he told them at the time that those songs were more like Rush songs, and they’re not Rush.

“And sometimes me and Phil could write some music, and Lemmy would come in and go, ‘What the hell do you want me to sing to that? That song is more aimed to Rush. We’re not Rush – we’re Motorhead,'” Dee reveals.

“And he was totally right by that. Maybe we took off a little too much out of the framework of being Motorhead.”

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  1. Rush was Rush; Motorhead was Motorhead. Rush was not “superior”, nor the other way around. They were both bands who catered (very well) to their audiences. Rush were really generic Art Rock knockoffs. Although yes, they did hit the mark once or twice. They were ‘interesting’ sometimes sure, as were Motorhead. Loved “White Line Fever” 👍.

  2. Motor head could never hold a candle to the Rush lyrics. The power of a 3 piece band.. Live in rio proves all.

  3. That’s the point, you can’t compare Mötorhead to RUSH. One was the quintessential example of the raw power and moxie of the LA metal scene. The other was a very talented, highly educated college rock music from the land of weak beer and overpolite maple lovers, better compared to thier more familiar counterparts, Anvil.

  4. Motorhead did more for “rock-n-roll” than Rush…, hands down…!! I like both bands, but come on!!

  5. I have to agree with Lemmy .
    I’m all about Motörhead ! 🤘
    I never cared for Rush .
    Just MY opinion .

  6. Why the Hell are we discussing Motorhead vs. Rush? The only thing they had in common were being 3 piece bands labeled rock.
    Too compare them is like comparing apples and oranges. It would be like asking who’s better? Avril Lavigne or Bad Religion? She was saying she was punk 😅😆😅 . Rush fans are die hard like Lemmy fans… but not only are they not in the same ballpark, they aren’t even playing the same sport! Stupid convo. I’m not a Rush fan but also am not going to say Motorhead kicked their ass. Rush is elevator music compared to Motorhead but to compare them isn’t fair nor does it make sense. I’m a musician in a punk band, and have often told a member, we’re not Rush (when someone would write a math rock riff)…. we’re a primal punk band. Motorhead wasn’t punk or metal but fans of both genres love them. That made them unique. Rush fans are a bit snobby and in my experience are primarily other musicians… because they can really play! Although I’m not a fan, I have to give credit where credit is due. I’m sure Lemmy, like me, wasn’t putting down Rush, but moreso saying let’s do what we do best and stay within our formula. It may be an 8th grade formula… whereas Rush is a Doctorate from Yale formula….but they both did what they did best. I like my rock with 3 chords and loud Marshall amps… but I’m not going to slam someone who wants something more sophisticated; all be it a yawn to me.

  7. Weak beer? Really?How much acid have you done in your life? Everyone knows Canadian Beer is stronger and far superior to the toilet water you call beer in America!I am more offended by your ignorance of beer than your true ignorance of music! Motorhead were good! But Rush are awesome!All virtuosos! Maybe your mind is pickled from drinking all that near beer!Rush Rules!

  8. What WOVOKA said…. there’s no comparison of the two bands different styles of playing and technique as well as Sonic output. I’m lucky to have seen both bands.

  9. Rush was great. Probably had the greatest drummer. Had more hit songs. But when it comes down to it Motorhead had the best song with Ace of Spades.

  10. I just saw a comment on here saying Motorhead had the raw energy and Moxie of the LA music scene? THAT MIGHT BE THE MOST RIDICULOUS COMMENT I’VE EVER READ ON ANY OF THESE MESSAGE BOARDS. Motorhead was basically born a British rock band and stayed pretty true to those roots. Let me was part of a very progressive rock band called Hawkwind at one time. But they were certainly never ever in LA scene type of band.

  11. Not a motor head fan but rush sucks and always will suck. Just because your a bad ass drummer don’t mean you didn’t make bitch music

  12. These People claiming Rush or Motorhead was a superior band I guess must not have listened to both. They are vastly different and you can’t really compare them as one is pure sex, drugs, and rock and roll whole the other is more of the thinking man’s progressive rock band. Neither could have been better at their niche if they had switched leaving them as two of the most influential rock bands from their era.

  13. I never can understand the attraction of Motorhead I really couldn’t stand Lennys voice. Geddy Lee’s voice can get you too sometimes but Rush’s music was so much better, and the musicians were better.

  14. There’s some people here that really are missing the point. They seem to be taking it as an insult to Rush. Firstly, its not Lemmys style to insult others. His observation is that Motorhead have their formula and so a change in style is never in question. He could have used any band as an example. Here he felt like the songs written were in the vein of Rush….which isn’t Motorheads style.
    It’s not an insult. It’s a fucking compliment.
    For those that immediately jump on the ” oh Rush are superior” you’ve missed the point.
    Would Rush have tried to do a motorhead style? No. Geddy wouldn’t be able to sing like Lemmy and the point here is Lemmy could never sound like anything other than Lemmy. Stop comparing.

  15. In the immortal words of Bart Simpson…I didn’t think it was possible, but Rush both suck AND blow!

  16. Seeing as how I am no where near as talented as any of the folks in either of those bands I offer this thought. Perhaps instead of saying Mötorhead is shit or Rush is shit. Think of their contributions to their genre. I am a fan of Lemmy as I am inspired by Neil and his talent behind a kit. Talk shit all you want, but let’s see any of you get up there and do better then them first.
    Appreciate the artist intent and creativity. I don’t care to listen to various genre’s. However I can Appreciate the talent just might not care for the content or style. That is a personal taste. You want art in music Rush is the edge of the abyss when delving into progressive rock/metal. Whereas Mötorhead was the center of thrash. Each of them helped influence today’s music in their own way. If you haven’t air drummed to “Tom sawyer” or (tried) growled along to “ace of spades” at some point in your life. You may need to have a real life experience.

  17. As they are a British band I find being a “quintessential example of the raw power and moxie of the LA metal scene” interesting.

  18. Rush was the kind of band that you may accept a man’s tongue in your mouth for the first time while listening to their music and go get your hair done at the mall Lemmy ruled

  19. Bahaha Motorhead couldn’t have produced a Rush song in the entirety of their 25 years leading up to Lemmy’s passing all the drugs got some delusions going on 🤣

  20. I much more appreciate the talent & intelligence of the 3 members of RUSH who rocked this world for decades without letting egos ruin the band. These 3 men knew how to collaborate on every level to make the band what it was. They were very unappreciated & underrated for years by many people & critics but they withstood the test of time.

  21. The people saying rush was superior are the same people who wear dad shoes and boat pants. Shut the fuck up 😂😂 rush was shit

  22. Sheesh. Your comparing flights of fancy to raw hardcore power. Might as well be comparing marshmallows to roast beef!! Seriously!

  23. Screw Rush! Motörhead Rules! I’m glad Lemmy didn’t do any stupid power ballads. Turn it to 11 and go like hell.

  24. None of the members of Rush were formally educated in music, let alone college. Alex Lifeson dropped out of high school to play music. They are all self taught musicians. The only difference between the two bands, is the attention span necessary from the fan to appreciate the content. I’ve played music & attended shows for over 50 years, & the only show I ever had to walk out of was… Motorhead. The volume was so loud that you couldn’t tell a power chord from a snare crack, sheer audible blur. Rush on the other hand, had the best live sound engineering of any touring band of my generation. There really is no comparing these two bands, thank gawd for that.

  25. I was a huge Motorhead fan in the 80’s. One of two stickers on my El Camino, the other being KNAC, Slayer was my band though, along with King Diamond, Megadeath, Anthrax and Metallica (up until the Black album, now talk about sissies). And still liked RUSH! Well, to be honest, Moving Pictures was their last good album. So you’re gonna tell me that the song Working Man is for sissies? Just goes to show what a dick sucker you really are, trying to be a big man. Funny how the dick sucker is calling people who liked RUSH sissies. As great as Motorhead was, Rush was just as great, in their own way. So STFU little bitch.

  26. Motorhead heavily influenced so many bands in hard rock . A whole genre was built around their music. Rush, however, is what it is. Phenomenally talented artists came together with their own groove and chemistry. But the only way you’ll hear Rush is listening to their songs. You won’t pick it up out of other artists’ music.

  27. I’m loving ALL of these comments! Both were very entertaining power trios…or in Motörhead’s case, sometimes a quartet. I met Lemmy on my 27th birthday in 1993 at The Scrap Bar in NYC. Played pinball with him. He drank my shot! A real rock n roll outlaw. Still miss him.

  28. Rush is for “sisses”? It’s the 21st Century, try to keep up with the good people of the human race! I know men that blast 90’s white girl pop and they are stand-up good people who wouldn’t harm a fly but could absolutely crush your misogynistic face.

  29. Both bands are vastly different yet were able to play their instruments and attract their fans.
    I preferred RUSH myself for my own list of reasons which are only important to me. I respect Motorhead and their fans. Here’s what we need to worry about. Are these types of bands ever going to exist again? And if they do will they ever last more than a few years? Enjoy the music and be happy of both band’s legacy.

  30. The Ace of Spuds. In 10 years no one will give a rat’s back end about Motorhead. Rock history is unchanged with or without Motorhead.

  31. You can’t compare Rush and Motorhead. Rush was far superior in every category including Musical talent (ie Rush members are ranked as the best or top 5 in their instruments) no dispute there, Commercial success (have more consecutive Gold albums than almost every other band, except for two), style and innovation – Motorhead was a one trick pony. Basic Rock songs .period. Rush has heavy rock songs, epic album side long masterpieces like 2112, and lyrics and Musical arrangements that were superior in everyway. Rush are Rock gods. Motorhead are …well …not.

  32. Look at what Lemi said. “We are not Rush”.
    He wanted to keep the Motörhead formula because that’s who he was. AC/DC does the same thing. I love Rush but there is not one Rush song that makes me want to mosh.(Of which I’m seriously too old for now). But Motörhead makes a nun want to punch a priest. We where blessed to have seen all these bands rip it up in their own way.

  33. As far as musicianship goes, Motorhead gets destroyed compared to RUSH!!!

    Although, Lemmy and the guys shouldn’t be compared to Rush.

    Motorhead were great in their own genre of rock & roll.

  34. Motoerhead 1 of the greatest musicians of all time???

  35. Saying Rush was better than Motorhead or vice versa is like saying Journey was better than Scorpions. Neither is true. Different audiences, different music.

  36. Ive thoroughly enjoyed both bands. Being a musician myself. I appreciate them both. Each one took me to different extremes. Love motohead. Love Rush. Among so many others.

  37. Some of these comments are absolute moronic. These bands are so vastly different that you’re not even comparing apples to oranges anymore. You’re comparing a 5 star restaurant to a dive bar, you know exactly what you’re getting from both these bands. Rush is top tier musicianship and writing. Motörhead is peak perfection, in your face thrash Rock and Roll. And both of them are incredible bands. This whole “x is dogshit, y is better” thing is fucking stupid.

  38. He was not putting Rush down. He was clearly stating he didn’t want to play Rush. He wanted to play Motorhead.

  39. These arguments are hilarious and the one about the English band being part of the LA metal scene had me rolling. I think(hope it was a joke/line from a movie)

  40. All of you are nothing but whiny knobs. Rush = Prog. Mötorhead = metal. Nothing alike. Nothing to compare. Just depends on what preference you have for type of music. Now F off

  41. Both bands were very influential in the music and musicians world. I play drums for REZZIN.(skatopia REZZIN, yes you’ve heard of skatopia and REZZIN….and Brewce). Rock just ROCKS! The band is very unique sounding…like RUSH and MOTÖRHEAD… and that’s what it’s ALL about. Take it from someone who is on Marc Desisto’s main credits page…and that’s not you. 2 LA music awards later and…… well….you’re the gurus….you tell me.

  42. 2 different genres. Motorhead punk influenced metal band
    Rush prog rock metal

    I am sure Lemmy appreciated Rush. He is just saying we are Motorhead. 2 great bands

  43. All this story tells me after watching Lemmy over the years is that he band mates were more aspiring musicians and he knew he could compete lyrically with those aspirations. He was a hole in the wall dopehead biker bar singer and Rush was a prog rock icon with musicians that strive to be better, Lemmy was fine with his garbled dope fueled garbage.

  44. Rush did what Rush did and it was awesome ….Motorhead did what Motorhead did and it was awesome….Great music is great music period ….why does it always have to be an argument about whos better? Neither is superior to the other they were both amazing bands that were fun to listen to!!!!

  45. Every one is intitled to there opinions and I respect that and as much as I am a fan of motorhead as I am of rush the three last comments from Wonka rev and dun i think was there names is disturbingly so far off the mark i mean cum on honestly they dont compare rush by far is musically superior in so many ways gettys bassist talent and lifesons guitar and the professor of percussion pert motorhead could only aspire to be as good while there’s differance in the style of rock of the two bands motor head was good honestly motly crue blows motor head in the weeds if u want to look at la based rock bands that thrash Nicky six toomy lee them guys dominated the la rock sene but over all rush even with the albums that were strangely questionable and a couple I didn’t care for acctuly were still superior by far than motor head and individually and as a group rush was and is rock and roll motor head was just another garage band

  46. Every one is intitled to there opinions and I respect that and as much as I am a fan of motorhead as I am of rush the three last comments from Wonka rev and dun i think was there names is disturbingly so far off the mark i mean cum on honestly they dont compare rush by far is musically superior in so many ways gettys bassist talent and lifesons guitar and the professor of percussion pert motorhead could only aspire to be as good while there’s differance in the style of rock of the two bands motor head was good honestly motly crue blows motor head in the weeds if u want to look at la based rock bands that thrash Nicky six toomy lee them guys dominated the la rock sene but over all rush even with the albums that were strangely questionable and a couple I didn’t care for acctuly were still superior by far than motor head and individually and as a group rush was and is rock and roll motor head was just another garage band .really.

  47. The two bands are obviously very different. RUSH is what Motorhead would become after they mastered more than 3 chords. RUSH could be Motorhead if they forgot all they knew about music.

  48. Both bands were amazing and influential during their time in the world of rock and roll, sharing only similar facts such as both bands first albums are really good but sound different than their second efforts for sure. Both bands had excellent drummers throughout their history, no matter what the line-up was. Both bands had cool lyrics that complemented the music well. Both bands toured relentlessly, and put on legendary live performences, both bands had bass players with unique and instantly recognizable bass sounds and voices. Both bands have legions of die hard fans. I could go on and on but both bands were and always will be loved and remembered. R.I.P. Lenny, Neil, philthy Phil Taylor.

  49. No member of Rush attended college. In fact all three were high school dropouts. To Try comparing motorhead to rush is ridiculous. Apples and oranges.
    Lemmy, like Peart, was a voracious reader, extremely intelligent and an outstanding lyricist. Having spent time conversing with both, I found Lemmy to be a far better conversationalist.
    It is possible to respect both bands for exactly the same reasons: their absolute dedication to their art, their refusal to compromise even when to do so put both careers at serious risk, and worked their asses off for decades.

  50. Rush is far more technically advanced than Motörhead was. Like comparing apples and oranges. I listen too and enjoy both bands but if I had to choose just one it would be Rush easily.

  51. Lemmy was a notorious Nazi sympathizer who couldn’t collect enough Nazi paraphernalia during his lifetime such that it took up his entire home by the time he died. Two of Rush’s members parents were victims of the Nazis – Geddy Lee
    Weinrib’s parents met in a displaced persons camp after being liberated from Nazi Concentration Camps – and it somehow doesn’t surprise me that he choose Rush to demean out of all the bands in the world.

  52. I’m sensing some defensiveness from the Rush fans. All I heard in Lemmy’s remark was that this was not the right kind of music for him to be performing and that it leaned in more of a technical / prog direction then he felt at home with.

    If anything, he was saying let’s remain true to what we know we’re good at. I can’t see how anyone would take offense at that.

  53. It’s great that folks have an allegiance to one band or the other. But, to say that Motorhead was better than Rush, my God what are you thinking. Nothing against Motorhead but Rush’ had the better musicians by far.

  54. Some idiot on here said Rush was generic….lol. Rush was a lot of things but they definitely werent generic. Moorhead was a band alcoholics.

  55. I don’t see Lemmy’s remark as talking sh*t on Rush. They’re two great bands that are very different stylistically. If he saw a piece of music that he didn’t think fit Motorhead’s style, OF COURSE he should say so. Saying something sounds more like Rush than Motorhead isn’t saying Rush is bad, just that they’re different. And clearly they are.

  56. I loved Motorhead but as far as talent goes, Rush was vastly superior in talent. On the same plane as Pink Floyd with talent except I dare say Lifeson is a better guitarist than Gilmore and Peart is hands down a better drummer than Nick Mason.

  57. Ive been a rush fan for over 50 years to the gentleman who said only sissys listen to rush respectfully up yours im a former NaVY Seal n in no damn way am i a sissy u have a blessed day

  58. Motorhead was for Juvenal wannabe tough guys. No band is comparable to Rush. Neil was a lyricist, the best drummer ever. Lemmy was a cliche.

  59. I wasted my youth on proggy Rush and other proggers. Looking back I sure as hell wish I’d been into Motorhead instead, would’ve made for a far less boring character and a much more fun 80s.

  60. So y’all are arguing about Rush and Motörhead!!?? Was there a did track somewhere in the catalogue? I don’t remember. I think I remember a dis track on a Triumph record.

  61. People arguing who is better!!! Bands from total opposite perspectives .only common factors was they were both trio’s the rest is not related. Goodnight

  62. Orgasmatron- Rush was a very big deal here in the United States, and around the globe as well.

  63. Lemmy wasn’t insulting Rush. But Motorhead’s music was nothing like Rush. He was right to say so. The guys should have branched out to side jobs if they wanted a different sound, or a prog sound.

  64. I have listened to the best .KISS, PRIEST, ZEPPELIN, QUEEN, and RUSH and some MOTORHEAD.Im 54 and rocked since age 10.RUSH and MotorHead I have both.
    However, Im not a sissy, I will assure your ass that..and the group’s are two totally different entities.Motorhead could throw down hard..and RUSH were ahead of their time with one of the best drummers and lead guitarists of All time..and you could actually hear what the singer..Geddy Lee..was singing unlike some others….

  65. Rush was not only better. They have a fan base that was even bigger. Made more money. They also have more muscians, that spawned from they work.. You guys talk a big game.. Follow the money.. Done

  66. Song writing RUSH hands down
    Musicians by all accounts RUSH
    Motorhead had a place but RUSH was and will the most talented band . Geddy was a superior bass player over Lenny, Alex was a superior guitar player rock and classical, Neil, well he was called Professor for a reason…..complex timing over speed rules

  67. This sissy will kick your ass REV. 2 totally different bands, but the negative comments on Rush in this blog are made by folks obviously very incompetent on rock.

  68. Come on people. Motorhead is not even in the same conversation when it comes to history of Rock. While, I am sure the vast # of Motorhead fans will stay faithful to Lenny, there is no doubt the musicianship does not even compare to RUSH.

  69. Rush fans are with it… For the headbands are without it… And I know of a lot of bad asses who listen to Rush… That definitely doesn’t apply

  70. I absolutely love both Rush and Mötorhead. And I was a Lemmy fan back when he was with Hawkwind. I started listening to Rush at the same time I was listening to Hawkwind around ’72.

  71. Comparing Motorhead and Rush is like comparing apples and oranges. This person who refers to Rush fans as sissies obviously does not have the mental capacity to know that. RUSH was a band of very talented musicians and Neil Peart was a genius with those lyrics he wrote them all. Take a closer listen to them and listen to that perfect musicianship and think that one over stick that in your pipe and smoke it.

  72. Lemmy came from HAWKWIND!!! The original progressive rock band! Rush actually opened for Hawkwind when Lemmy was in the band!! Death unto all Infidels In Oil!!

  73. Lemmy’s comment wasn’t an insult he just clearly stated Motörhead is not Rush, Motörhead is Motörhead. Rush are Prog Rock gods. Motörhead is Rock and Roll. By the way just so you know Lemmy was also in a Prog Rock band prior to forming Motörhead called Hawkwind so for the record Lemmy knows how to Prog

  74. Motorhead could not play Rush… you probably can not play Rush. Rush could play Motorhead… you and I could play Motorhead! I don’t care about cultural impact…I care about function.

  75. Rush lyrics are poetry, truth, and philosophy. The music to each song is the unique cultivated path to which those words travel on. You can’t compare the two bands fairly.

  76. I love them both, but Rush had a great guitar player, a great drummer(greatest of all time) and a great bass player! Motorhead had Lemmy!

  77. I see a lot of people on here saying rush is better than motorhead. That’s a comparison that really doesn’t hold water. They are completely different kinds of music. Motorhead was hard rock speed metal. Rush was softer alternative rock. That’s all Lemmy was saying is that it wasn’t his kind of music. Back when there were music stores with tapes and cd’s. Rush and Motorhead would have been in different sections. Rush would be with Alterbridge and Yes. Motorhead would have been with Metallica, judas priest, and AC/DC. Rush is better for people who like that kind of music. Motorhead is not aimed at Rush lovers. Nobody’s better, just completely different.

  78. Idiots on here bashing Rush, the most tallented band that EVER existed and comparing them to motorhead who’s songs quite literally sound the bloody same as the last 🙄

  79. What in the world have we become? Now even metal fans are easily offended. Get over it! Motorhead and Rush were both brilliant, but it’s like comparing Apples and Oranges. Rush moved the mind with their technical brilliance and skillful lyrics whilst Motorhead moved the your body with a noise that was aimed straight at your guts. I consider myself lucky to have seen both of these bands back in their heyday and have an extensive vinyl collection of both these groups. Now children have some respect and stop arguing. 😉

  80. Classic Rush is untouchable. Classic Motorhead is irreplaceable. Obviously a huge difference between the 2 styles. Both badass in their prime.

    And that lowlife that said whoever listens to Rush is a pussy?
    That guy is obviously a no talent troll with no real taste in music. What a creep. Poser extreme

  81. Rush is sissy music. Moorhead were the real bad ass band of the 70s, 80s, 90, and 2000s. Rush was just a band from the land of snowflakes and maple syrup. Yes rush sounded prettier but motorhead actually had balls! It’s like comparing shrimp to bad ass, kick ass, dirty rock &roll.(Rush is the shrimp)!

  82. Motorhead invented an entire genre of music and remained it’s heartbeat for over 40 years. Rush did not

  83. U can’t compare rush & Motörhead not that one was better than the other it’s that they are both different from each. Their styles are completely different & genres for that matter..hey a great hard rock/metal band let’s go Motörhead..a great rock/fusion band let’s go rush. When bands reach this level of fans & success they can’t be sounding alike

  84. I am a huge RUSH fan and I don’t take offense at all. If Lemmy thought the songs were more in line with RUSH’s style, how is that offensive?? If he said something negative about RUSH in addition that would be another story but he didn’t…move on.

  85. Lemmy was a stooge. Couldn’t imagine being a 70 year old man acting like a 20 year old punk. His music sucked. Rush is for the cerebral.

  86. Motorhead doesn’t even compare to RUSH & their sheer brilliance. But this is my favorite line from the article:

    “He (Lemmy) is widely regarded as one of the greatest musicians of all time by rock and roll fans.”

    Uh, yeah…. No.

  87. Two different sub-genres.
    A name like Moorhead will not interest Rush enthusiasts.
    I would slam your spelling, but the author cannot spell either.

  88. Apple’s and oranges…. Both kick a**!!! But for musical and lyrical content… Rush is one of the best in the WORLD… I side with the “SISSIES”… CANADA PROUD!!!!

  89. If Motorhead put out an album that sounded like a Rush album, their fans would have revolted. He wasn’t saying anything bad about Rush. He was just saying that they needed to stick with the style their fans wanted and expected.

  90. Who’d win in a fight, Lemmy or God?
    Trick question, Lemmy is God.
    Rush are good musicians, Geddy Lee can’t sing to save his mom’s life. Plus Geddy is a bit of a prick to people, that’s a big deal breaker for me

  91. Two totally different genres of rock bands. One, a highly proficient prog rock three piece outfit, with some extremely fine albums under their belt. The other was a band that defined Heavy Metal and it’s breakaway from more traditional form. Allying itself in places with the Punk and New Wave that came about in the late 70s.
    Lemmy was and always will be a Rock and Roll legend.

  92. Lemmy and Motorhead, like Ozzy and Sabbath created new genre of rock and roll. Stage bands that some times made albums.
    Rush were of a studio band that toured both have their places in rock history but Lemmy was saying would he sing the rush style, NO WUCKING FAY.
    Lemmy is the man God wants to meet when he dies… cooler the a polar bears fanny

  93. Rush freakin’ sucks, especially compared to Motorhead. Don’t care what others think, my opinion & will never listen to Rush. The wife & I are more into good music hehe 😉

  94. All this talk of Rush and Motorhead brought back memories of seeing both bands perform live several times. The shows were good but nothing compared to seeing Widespread Panic or Grateful Dead in concert. Now those boys know how to get the point across.

  95. 2 completely different bands. Apples and oranges guys. Why, especially if you’re fellow musicians, would you want to tear each other down? We’re not talking about shitty top 20 pop, we’re taking about Rush (amazing musicianship, prog rock) and Motorhead (forward, moshing, energetic rock) In a percussionist so, more of a Zappa guy.

  96. Played Rush as a boy, grew into Motorhead, how the f**k did 3 men deliver that power / emotion? Want clever lyrics? Try Shakespeare.

  97. I am I huge Rush fan and also a huge Motorhead fanboth bands are like trying to compare them is like comparing apples and orangesalthough in the end they both were three piece bands and they also tell stories in their music but I’d have to say Rush is like music or books were done and soundwhoever came up with the idea of trying to compare these two should be castrated just on the f****** spot for being such a f****** idiot where would you rock and roll with either Motorhead or Rush they’d be a huge loss with either of them gone

  98. WTF, both iconic bands, as a music lover loved them both. Why is it always black or white, this or that. BS. shut up and listen instead of mouthing.

  99. Rev….I’m not a sissie. Been a die hard Rush fan for over forty years. Jump onto my Lillie pad. I got your sissies right here.

  100. Rev and all others. I got your disrespect right here. Rush rules. Been to more Rush concerts than you have been alive . STFU. Grow up.

  101. Both bands are different. Each are great at what they do with great talent. No band would say we are better than the other, this is not wrestling or UFC. I listen to both with different expectations, like listening to John Coltrane verses The Beatles. Both are good what they do and deserve to be heard! “Music is the Best” Frank Zappa…

  102. Both great in their own respective music styles. Note to self: when people call Rush a generic art rock band, get up immediately and walk away. Your dealing with mentally disabled people.

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