James Hetfield Responds To Metallica Fans’ Criticism: “Metallica Is Metallica And Somebody Covering Our Song Isn’t Going To Change Us”

James Hetfield Responds To Metallica Fans' Criticism: "Metallica Is Metallica And Somebody Covering Our Song Isn’t Going To Change Us"
James Hetfield responded to Metallica fans’ concerns about the band’s future.

Metallica frontman James Hetfield has responded to his band’s fans’ criticism and concerns and said that Metallica is Metallica, so there is nothing to worry about the band’s future.

James Hetfield is one of the greatest singers in rock and roll history. He’s been doing great works with his band Metallica, who’s been flying the heavy metal flag for four decades. With his bandJames Hetfield has released ten studio albums in total and showed off that how an important musician he is for the community.

Throughout its 40-year career, Metallica has released 8 live albums, 10 video albums, 42 music videos, 43 singles, 1 collaboration albums, and many more things.

For a while, Metallica, who will perform alongside Miley Cyrus at The Howard Stern Show this week, has been preparing to release its new massive reissue of Black Album that includes 53 different artists in the recent past. In the album, Metallica collaborated with some pop stars, including Miley Cyrus, J Balvin, which caused to be criticized by the band’s fans.

Recently, James Hetfield made an appearance on The Guardian to stop Metallica fans‘ concerns. He touched on his band’s stability and said that nothing would change it. He also mentioned The Black album and said that it was huge and that they are a band that overachievers.

“Thirty years of the Black Album, it’s a pretty big year,” Hetfield said. “We’re overachievers and we’re perfectionists. We think outside the box and we try to be the first at things. There’s no nostalgia driving this band; we used to be very fearful of it.

“We cast the net as wide as possible: to rock, alternative, country, bluegrass and rap. I know there’s a lot of Metallica fans out there who are pretty concerned about that. Don’t worry; Metallica is Metallica. Somebody covering our song isn’t going to change us.”

Elsewhere, James Hetfield added about The Blacklist: “We’re still explorers. A project like the Blacklist is proof of that. Someone once told me: ‘The rear-view mirror is smaller than the windshield for a reason.’”

Kirk Hammett Says Metallica Refused To Use Cocaine Because They Have Responsibilities

(image: Pinterest)

Kirk Hammett, who’s been a member of the band since 1983 after the firing of Dave Mustaine, has also discussed his band Metallica’s longevity and undeniable success. He said that they discovered cocaine but refused to use it because they have responsibilities.

“We discovered cocaine years before, but we brought it to new heights on that tour,” he said. “We’ve always dialled it back while we’ve had responsibilities writing, rehearsing and recording an album. The way we work is every day for 15 hours a day. There’s no time for that sort of thing!”

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  1. A Metallica fan here…. I would say they’ve been able to evolve through controversy. Cliff’s death brought uncertainty that was almost perfected by Jason Newstead. I personally think it was ironkcally the chapter for busoness success for this band. And it originated by the very next release of “…And Justice For All” album – which emphasized a more pronoinced presence of the bass regardless of the band’s attitude with it now. From there, the more mainstream (“MTV friendlier”) Black Album was perhaps the ultimate testament of that evolution – and it worked. Even as success reigned the band, the visionary Jason Newstead proposed some changes, some were heard, some were not….he leaves the band eventually at his own terms, yet his departure allows for James and Lars to somewhat mature some of those ideas proposed by Jason. Luckily, the band finds reputable talent in Robert Trujillo. Ideas get processed and their tour success and new fans welcome the changes.

    At this point the band can do whatever they feel like…. Metallica’s iconic chapters are behind them. The only chapter left in their journey is “relevancy through experimentation”. Miley Cyrus & Co. adaptations to the Black Album and the mainstream tunes may help the band keep that relevancy for a few more years…. if an 13-15 yr old finds a tune agreeable in 2021, there’s a good chance that he/she may check out the more obscure material, and allow him/her to click as it once did to many of the legendary fans in the early to mid-80s. [One thing I’ve learned is….”let’s try to like Kirk Hammet, he does his thing…low-keyed dude, cheats death to Cliff, and seems to be a nonfactor guitarist to the band’s perennial 40 year+ success”].

  2. “James Hetfield is one of the greatest singers in rock and roll history.” Seriously? You just revealed your ignorance, assuming that you even believe that yourself.

    Yes, Hetfield is a charismatic frontman with a voice that lends itself to the kind of aggressive vocals he does, and I love the music he’s made with Metallica. But there have been dozens of singers if any genre of rock and roll who could sing better than Hetfield over the years he’s fronted Metallica, and I’ll bet if you asked him, he’d admit as much. Great vocals are just not what he brings to the table.

    I mean seriously, you lose your credibility when you overpraise the artists you write about.

  3. The way James said, Metallica is Metallica! I’ve been a fan since Ride The Lightning, seen them multiple times and can’t wait to see them next month at the Aftershock festival! 🤘

  4. I gave up on metallica yrs ago. After trading in their tee shirts n blue jeans for eye liner and sequins…… Went from metal kings to mainstream. Forgot about the music n grabbed the cash. And James is being quiet overated on his SINGING abilities……. Give me a scratchy voice and band that never have or never will trade their soul for a few dollars and a tv appearance w fukin Miley. From 1985 till the day the music dies Megadeth still runs pure in the blood of true metals life…….as Metallica contracted the industries cancer and became just another group like Kiss. Nothings about the music anymore only the dollars. I will take any 80s LA metal band in a bar today over metallica anywhere anyday. They just SUCK……. Everything after Justice is an effin joke.

  5. HARDO!! … Metallica is STILL one of the best live shows there is period …they bring an energy thats unmatched… they still sell out mega stadiums and festivals…things kiss couldn’t do in their prime … but yea some no name band in a shitty dive bar is so much better hahaha … the internet is a magical place full of the brightest minds!

  6. I agree with all what Frank Lewis stated about Metallica. The last real album they made was”And Justice for All!” The Black Album is and always will be known as Metallica’s SellOut Album. They Sold Out to the MainStream Bullshit and it diluted their brains and their music.The Black Album & everything since has been strickly watered down by the powers that pull those strings!

  7. You should have made the Metallica movie from the script my friend sent you. Also one day I saw you at Jimbo’s jumbo hot dogs in SR. But what we really want to know is who is the guy who would drive around in the black Geo Metro Geo Storm with the Metallica logo on it in Novato? Everyone in town was calling him “fake James”.

  8. I’m in the they’re-silly-sellouts-and not-so-amazing-to-begin-with camp. They’re even worse than Green Day now—yikes!!

  9. The songs they wrote their stage presence from ride the lighting till now playing with a symphony is brilliant enjoy the shit and Miley doing is great its crazy awesome u don’t like it don’t listen. Those who know know. thank you Metallica !

  10. I totally agree Metallica stopped being a Metal band 40 years ago. All they do it’s finding ways to make money, they don’t care about anything else, I see Lars Ulrich being so hypocrite when he talks and when he plays live, the same with Hatfield he signs terrible, Trujillo doing his dancing around the stage….they really look crap. Not sure how they are still around since Some Kind of Monster video was released, they looked to over, I would say thst Kill m all ist the only album they have done acceptable.

  11. God this band is just the worst. Just a classic exemplar of American rock band hubris fucking up their legacy in the name of “expansion and creativity”. “Metallica is Metallica” literally has no meaning to fans anymore, James, that’s the point. The only nice thing about this band is they are willing to go so far in the paint of sucking ass that you don’t have to worry about them being good anymore.

  12. Miley can sing, she can rock, she’s alright.
    Metallica are still Metallica.
    Nothing changes.
    As a community we need to accept difference, not alienate and spread hate.

  13. I’ve never n a metal head ever since the early beginning and have fallowed them since the early days(jump into the fire)I rember cliff( rest his sole) funourtenalty I have to say the hart of the band the metal up your ass “will never make a video”days died with cliff with that seid my 53 yo self has defernt values b I’m than I did back in the 80 s
    So I guess my point is hear in 2000s that thay have remaid solid and have stood the test of time maby not with the SE conviction but you don’t hear about minille vanilla or who ever the full any more with that seid that will go down in history just like justice will go down as the point as thay sold thair soles Good luck guys get that$$

  14. Look at all these idiot comments. First of all, before you make yourself look like a total clown, READ THE ARTICLE. Second, nobody cares if you personally like Metallica. Or which album. Or if you think Hetfield is a great singer. Further, if you think somebody else covering a song makes the original band soft, I got bad news for your warped and fragile mind: Beetles, Zeppelin, Jeff Beck, and literally every other musician of world renowned you might like had been covered. In other words, grow the fuck up and stop bitching 🤡

  15. They didn’t embrace Jason’s ideas that’s why he left.lars is a flicking nazi,its his way and only his way.

  16. Who the F is J Balvin? And you losers still flying the “Metallica stopped being Metallica when they cut their hair” flag seriously need to get a life. They’re one of the most successful rock band in history with or with out you. Go listen to Lil Somethin’ Or Other or whatever these half ret****d kids are listening to these days.

  17. 1st thing JH needs to do is FIRE Kirk Hammett….The guy sucks…..Then maybe “Metallica” has a fighting chance….Kirk Hammett sucks as a lead guitarist and has ZERO INNOVATION…..ZERO!!

  18. No matter what you all may think of them today, you can’t take away what they did and their impact on metal and rock music.

    Bang the head that doesn’t bang!

  19. I wonder how much bands like Metallica and Aerosmith get paid to sing with these bubblegum singers like Brittany , Taylor , and Miley Cyrus it’s pretty pathetic and they sell themselves out

  20. …and yet nobody is willing to mention death magnetic or hardwired, which are clearly throwbacks to the thrash metal days. Compare any track off those 2 albums to lightning or justice and its straight up metallica. Fifth member for life🤘🤘🤘

  21. When a metal band like Metallica go on stage singing with bubblegum singers like Britney Spears Taylor Swift and Miley Cyrus they certainly sell themselves out I stopped liking Metallica when they cut their hair that I believe was the beginning of the end for them they sold out for the money and their music became second

  22. Why would anybody want a band to just play the same song every time, just with slight variations and different lyrics? I guess it’s worked well for acdc, but c’mon! They are ARTISTS and they are CREATIVE. If you are unable to grow your musical tastes and be open minded and sophisticated about music that’s your problem, not the band’s.

  23. Big Metallica fan here. Why do people a) seem to drop a band who did incredible music but just went a different way. Their music of the 80s, which so many people refer to, is still simply amazing b) they have produced 60-100 songs over 40 years. Therefore it’s impossible to like everything. They endure BECAUSE of their incessant creativity and moving with the times. Megadeth are (just as?) brilliant but they’re still rattling on about the same content from the 80s…

  24. I think a fewnpeople are getting thier undies twisted and not understanding the article, is James “ONE” of the greatest singers in “ROCK” History…YES, no matter if ya like Metallica or not, and if James retired from “Metallica” and fronted another or his own BAND, as soon as he uttered the 1st words of a song….Everyone would recognize his powerful voice. So does that put him in the same room as say a Plant, Bon Scott, Rob Halford, Geoff Tate, Daltrey, Hendrix, Joplin, Ozzy or Ronnie James Dio to name a few…I say HELL YES, do some of the aforementioned have better chops and sound better yes but Jamez Hettfield is in the class as any of Rock’s/Metals GREATEST FRONT MEN!!

  25. So as a band evolves and continues to succeed as arguable most well known heavy metal band in history, they’re sellouts? That doesn’t make any sense. Swearing after Justice everything was trash, well it’s your opinion but it also dates the hell out of you. It isn’t selling out to evolve with your band as a musician. It isn’t selling out to understand that the fans change so you will need to in order to continue having those fans. Bands like Slayer, Megadeth, Maiden have stuck to what they always did for the most part and they all grew their fan base on those niches. Still well known, successful. But not nearly as widely accessible or successful as Metallica. People from all walks end up fans whereas other bands that are still where they started just have their cult following. If you drive an car newer than 89, have a cell phone or use a laptop you’re no less a sellout than they are.

  26. I agree. People let their opinions and what they think they know drive them to make idiotic assumptions. I’d almost say because metallic is pretty big.
    I’m going to jump off for a minute, Charlie Watts was he a great drummer about Mick Jagger is he a great singer. I think what they mean and even if they say James hetfield is one of the greatest singers in Rock they’re talking about what money has come in. Who are we to say that he’s not. Just because an opinion of yours. So then would you say Ann Wilson’s the greatest singer in rock .
    What’s wrong with the band growing and sharing their art around the planet with vans that don’t play the same music as they do? I was young I get it I hated twisted sister and I figured geez Metallica hates twisted sister too in any band-i like hates twisted sister. But you know what that’s not true, I was blown away seeing skid rows lead singer up on stage singing whiplash with a whole array of people including Metallica. I’ve gone way off sorry. Bands grow I think the success speaks for itself. Just like Halen there was going to be no handling without David ,what happened, they came out bigger. Not that I agree with that but thousands and millions of other people do. I didn’t mean to get so far off I just love ignorance. And I myself am ignorant

  27. All I can say is amazing.
    I would love for somebody to explain to me what a sellout is, and give me some examples please. What is selling out. So does a band consciously sell out. Do you think a band sits there and goes screw everything we’ve done screw everybody. Did Aerosmith sell out when they did the run DMC thing I really don’t know I’m just curious. All these artists selling their whole music catalog, is that selling out. So what I’m reading is a band is celebrating itself and a massive, MASSIVE CONTRIBUTION TO MUSIC, THE BLACK ALBUM. DID MTV SELL OUT WHEN THEY FINALLY decided to let Metallica on. See did Johnny Cash sell out by making an album with a bunch of musicians not of his genyer.?
    When I sit down and play I don’t play the exact same thing I played 50 years ago, I’d like to think that I’ve added some things, I’ve grown up formed new ideas. Maybe change my mind on a few things.
    So the way a lot of you people say, the whole music industry just one big sell out . Maybe you should go fishing.
    So again I would love for somebody to explain to me what a sellout is, and give some examples please.

  28. Real fan here .
    James right here with ya guys keep up all the great work guys and I don’t worry about all the blowhards man you guys are great!!!! Do want to see a new song soon can’t wait.😈

  29. All these haters trying to hate but they all checked out this article on Metallica right away when it came out. Seems like are all Metallica fans to me. I am sure that Metallica loves all you haters too. Hetfield has evolved and refined his vocals to become a really good singer. You can put him in the hallowed halls along with all the other greats of all time. Oh yeah been at it for 40 years now. The test of time is the greatest test for any band.

  30. Anyone that’s as old as i am knows Metallica did a lot of great things and went through a lot of shit too get where they are. But let’s be real about it Metallica sold out too the system back when they made And Justice For All. They did it for the money and since then it’s been about the money and honestly you can can’t blame them for doing it. And really it doesn’t matter if he can sing as well as others cause his voice was right for their band. Love them or Hate them they’re still around and i doubt very seriously that any bands since the millennial generation will be together as long as they have or several other bands i can think of have been together.

  31. Any time I hear this bands name or see their faces I immediately think of the time they came out full force against piracy and applauded their label for suing 15 year olds. We get you have to make money…selling out stadiums and overpriced coffee mugs wasn’t enough, apparently. Instead of making good albums people actually wanted to buy, they stuck to the script of churning out garbage and then got mad when people refused to pay $16 for songs that stunk like old trash. This band deserves every bit of hate they get. A Collab with f’ing Miley Cyrus is just the cherry on top. They’ll be doing commercials for insurance soon.

  32. Metallica are the Kings of Metal. Like it or not, if there had been no Metallica, Metal would have faded into nothingness by 1995. They not only kept it alive in the 80’s, in the early 90’s they almost took over the world. Megadeth, Slayer, Anvil, Maiden…. All great groups in their own rights, I love all of them. But there is only ONE Metallica. They sit on a throne atop all of Metal. And that is all there is too it. While some of the things they say I don’t always agree with, I don’t love every song they have ever done, still, in the end, there can be only one….. and that one is Metallica!

  33. #haterassbitches that’s right, most of you are all HATER ASS BITCHES!!! Where’s your first platinum album? Double platinum? Triple platinum?? Where is your band that has stayed relevant for 30+ years?? Where can your voice be recognized immediately by millions?? Oh yeah, no where… Metallica has become one of the most influential, iconic, most fuckin awesome bands of all time. I’m a metal head, for sure… but they could put out a country album, and I’d listen to it and give it a chance… every album they have put out has encompassed who they are and who they have become… if they want to do a fucking song with Miley Cyrus, I’m sure it’s because James wants to fuck her face or some shit… what that all means is that they do what they want, cuz if he said “hey Miley, get over here and get on your knees, I’m going to pound your throat for an hour or two…” what do you think her response would be??? No?? I’m good rock legend? Yeah, they do whatever the fuck they want. Period. And that’s all anyone has ever wanted to achieve in life… correct? So all you HATER ASS BITCHES get in line behind Miley Cyrus, cuz James has a lil something coming to fix your sore throat…

  34. As always reading comments gives me the same response to half these people. Metallica has always been unapologeticly Metallica. Sure you can not like them because you feel they sold out but the simple truth is they are doing what they like to do at this point. I mean really you think they have some contract 40 years later telling and demanding they do whatever the record label wants. Heck no. They are one of the few that can explore and do whatever the FK they want. It’s so ridiculous all the Metallica sold out wanna be music snobs of the world. The truth is it’s not about you and how dare you people cry like babies because they wanted to explore and do other things with their career. A bunch of babies. They are older and for the love of goodness those albums like In Justice For All and Ride the lightening are still amazing but hey maybe they got bored and wanted other things. God forbid they branch out from the singing the same ole same ole and be in the same realm for 40 freaking year’s. Fans are just that. They don’t have to live for their fans and only produce the same ol thing album after album. Sure not every Metallica album is the best. It’s impossible after 40 years. All you music snobs are the reason why bands never want to try new things and give us other music that could touch not just others but new fans. What a selfish life you feel bands or anybody should cater to you. Life is short to not do what you want and no matter what everybody deserves to be happy doing what they do. Miley Cyrus is not one of my favorites but the truth is when she covers or goes to the 80’s style of music and it’s some of her best for me. We all don’t have to like the same thing thank goodness or life would be boring. Get over yourself and allow these bands to do what they want. Just be thankful you’ve got those older albums that helped shape other artist in the future. Geez.

  35. Metallica have lost is evrr since jason newsted left.now i guess it all bout the money.commmercial stuff.and yeah hetfield aint the best metal singer.theres lotta other singers who can kick his ass.

  36. All I can say is nobody knows how to pick a pocket like Metallica. It’s suppose to be about music so why all the merchandising crap . C’mon James has admitted to be an alcoholic yet they made there own brand of whiskey. I dunno, it’s all just a bit sad really

  37. It’s suppose to be about music so why all the merchandising crap . C’mon James has admitted to be an alcoholic yet they made there own brand of whiskey. I dunno, it’s all just a bit sad really

  38. The real Metallica died after And Justice for All. The Black Album was and still is a massive kick in the balls to the band’s true fans. It’s as cringeworthy-mainstream today as it was 30 years ago. And even though they tried to make up for it more recently with the releases of Death Magnetic and Hardwired, it’s a case of too little too late as the band was already well past their prime, resulting in bland, generic-sounding and uninspired music. What a waste. So glad they ca$hed-in on the fame when they had their chance I guess.

  39. Not a ROCK singer will pair withe the scum miley Cirrhosis and say is true rocker,
    Im sorry James and metallica, you’re long gone!
    Last okay album Saint anger,

    But i stick with 80s

  40. Well Metallica went Disney radio pop star band . They were a great band at one time . Gene Simmons is very proud of you James and the rest of your boy band you’ve turned into.

  41. They are sellouts, as for Hetfield… one of the greatest rock/ metal vocalists is a fkn joke (thank you Rick). As for Lars the midget dik, can’t play drums, no comparison to Bonham, even with two kick drums, And finally.. kings of metal… that goes to BLACK SABBATH you arrogant 💩

  42. Dear James,
    We’re not worried about it changing Metallica. We’re disappointed at how you’ve changed- you used to stand against all this vapid pop BS, and years ago you became vapid pop-metal BS. This move is just your apotheosis into the avatars of bored old rich guys hoping for some fresh press.

  43. I myself like the self titled “Black album.” I thought it was pretty tight. I feel after this album they totally changed there direction even more. I don’t care for the albums after this. Yes there’s a few good jams on load and reload but something happened. Whether they want to admit it or not. The band I was in awe with I was now thinking tf is this? Those first 4 albums were just phenomenal.

  44. Although I love metallica and appreciate the talent of all the band I’d say they didn’t fly the metal flag in the mid 90s like Pantera and other metal bands.

  45. I love you guys, and think incorporating others is great, but hannah montana and all the factory produced “musicians”, who have been handed everything, and who now are fading away in popularity, and who need to leach off of real musicians to stay relevant, don’t deserve to be lumped in with you. By going along with this, you are allowing the corporate poptart jerks to hijack metal for their financial gains. You are literally making pop and metal into one. Turning thrash into commercialized, billboard, bubblegum garbage. Hey, I heard ABBA is looking to make a comeback, maybe you can team up with them next. You could do the soundtrack for mamamia pt. 3. Then go rock out with the jonas kids and maybe donnie Osmond- you know he’s a little bit rocknroll. Old Metallica would have slapped the sh*t out of you guys. I got no issue with Snoop. He at least is an OG. But pop bands aren’t metal, and should never be given the opportunity to pollute it. That’s why people are pissed, not because you are branching out, but because you are selling out.

  46. I lost them after Justice also, but the newest stuff is pretty good. Day that never comes & All nightmare long are a couple kick ass tracks. Has for James, best voice for the music and can’t take anything away from his rhythm guitar playing, one of the best.

  47. I have listened to Metallica for over 30 years and had the ability to meet them twice, I can see there is a lot of opinions about the band that are unfounded They are not sell outs. this record they are producing is to help less fortunate people by bringing together a lot of artists, they all bring there own unique style to the songs they are making for this record. This record will raise a lot of money for various charities and cancer research.
    I forgot that fact when i posted some comments that i ended up removing Please keep this in mind when you post negative things about a record that will help people. I cant wait to hear Miley Cyrus sing with Metallica I like both artists and cant wait to see what they come up with as a group. Rock On and by the cd it will help some one out.

  48. The truth. Metallica is Metallica. If you started following the band long before the Black Album, the only good stuff that appeared after that, metal wise, was garage days (1st release). Metallica Metallica it is a pop band, thus why complain about Miley. Maybe they do a work with Ed Sheeran, Will Pharrell, or record U2’s One. Pop is pop, pop sells, is plastic. Metal stayed in the garage. BTW, this article really sucks. Hey field a great singer? !! Ouch. Will never beat a Paul Dia no.

  49. Metallica died with Cliff. Pantera are/were the kings of heavy metal throughout the 90’s. They never sold out.

    Philip Anselmo is a better lead singer too. I could name a dozen singers. James is tone deaf because he is deaf in real life. His rockabilly weird singing style is not that great.

  50. It is ALL for the money. They dont give 2 sh*ts about the fans. Maybe James can sing Wrecking Ball with Miley. Kiss and Motley Crue are the same way. Neither one of them can sing anymore but want to stay relevant and make loads of cash. ITS ALL ABOUT MONEY AND NOT THE FANS.

  51. Christopher Jones, I’ll tell you what a sellout is.
    Music is an art-form, so it’s a way for people to express themselves. Now, we have musicians and performers. Musicians create music to express themselves. Performers don’t create anything and only do their part to express someone else’s creation. So, it doesn’t matter how good a performer such as a singer, guitarist, bassist, etc. is because those people are not musicians. Studio manufactured “artists” are actually just performers and sell-outs because they are following someone else’s idea or vision. Musicians follow their ideas and vision in order to express themselves. It doesn’t matter if you like everything they do. They are not sell-outs as long as they are not following someone else’s vision.
    Like it or not, Metallica has (to the best of my knowledge) always followed their vision, so they are not sell-outs. After “Justice”, they wanted shorter and simpler songs and they went looking for a producer that could help their vision. They come up with all the music, lyrics, composition, and arrangements. Yes, they may get suggestions from people around them, but they don’t hire people to create music for them. Fans said Metallica sold out with Fade to Black, but that’s not true because it was their creation.
    Hopefully you’re beginning to understand what a sell-out actually is. Let me give you an example. Run DMC didn’t want to cover “Walk this Way” by Aerosmith. That wasn’t their vision but they went along with it and thus sold out. Aerosmith was losing popularity and agreed to collaborate with Run DMC to become relevant again. It wasn’t their idea/vision but they did it and sold out in the process. Aerosmith uses songwriters while Metallica never has.
    Anyone can cover or pay tribute to Metallica songs and that doesn’t make Metallica sell-outs. Anyone can collaborate with Metallica and that still doesn’t make them sell-outs if it was Metallica’s idea. We may not like it, but they are expressing themselves through their own ideas.
    Metal elitists call Metallica sell-outs because they don’t like the fact that Metallica is always looking to expand their horizons. They come up with new ways to challenge themselves and stray away from their thrash roots. So, they are obviously doing it for the money, right? Actually no, it takes more balls to try new things at the risk of losing your fan base. Some of us like to try new things to gain personal growth and that doesn’t make us sell-outs.
    Some people may bring up “true metal acts” that are still around and stayed true to their roots. Fair enough but, Metallica has played twice the shows and played at least 1 hr more per show on average. Nobody out-performed them. They dominated their genre in the 80’s, out-performed the Nirvana and grunge 90’s, outlived the Nu Metal fad, survived many obstacles, and are still at the top after debuting 40 years ago. Again, we may not like everything they do, but it’s their vision, not someone else’s, so they have never sold out.

  52. I sincerely hate Their current music, and Larz, that dude is a fucking douche! If he was drowning and asked for help I’d throw him a cinder block! I hate everything after Master of Puppets except One. Cliff was the band, anything after him is trash! I especially cannot stand that Every single fuckin social media outlet sends me shit about them. Instagram asking me to follow all of them and their stupid shit even though I got on all the links and told them the band sucks and I hope they tank!!!! Sirius XM’s only station that plays the little bit of death metal takes over with mandatory Metallica for 2 weeks at a time. Howard Stern sucks there ballz on his show and Richard Christie former drummer for Death, Incantation, Iced earth has to sit there and listen to howard stroke them off, has to suck. I need other Metallica hate websites and like minded people if there are any out there.

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