Steel Panther’s Satchel On Vince Neil: “He Has Never Been A Great Live Singer”

In a new appearance on 97.9X, Satchel, the guitarist of the heavy metal band Steel Panther, talked about Motley Crue members, Vince Neil and Nikki Sixx, and made flash comments about them.

While they were talking about Vince Neil, Satchel said about Vince Neil that he has never been a great live singer. When he mentioned Nikki Sixx, he was surprised by asking that if Nikki Sixx plays bass in the band.

Satchel said:

“The most underrated bass player? [Laughs] Does he play the bass in that band? [Laughs]

“Nikki Sixx, I don’t think anybody really gives a shit how well he plays the bass.

“Listen, everybody loves Motley Crue, everybody loves those songs. I give it up for Crue, I love ’em – they’re great.

“But I’ve seen Motley Crue a bunch of times, and they’ve never sounded great live – but nobody gives a shit. He should be glad that they don’t really have to sound great live.

“Vince has never been a great live singer, but who gives a shit? They’ve got great songs.

“Listen, we toured with those guys, and I think he said two words to me the whole fucking tour. I love those guys. They can hate us as much as they want. We’re gonna keep on fucking rocking. Those guys are great.

“And if he wants to bag on us, that’s cool. We’re a great live band. If he wants to come out and see us some time and jam with us, he can sit in with us and I’ll tell him all the right notes to play on the bass.”

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