Twisted Sister’s Dee Snider Recalls A Phone Call KISS’s Gene Simmons Yelled At Him Angrily

Twisted Sister's Dee Snider Recalls KISS's Gene Simmons' Yelling At Him Angrily

In a new interview with Louder Sound, Twisted Sister frontman Dee Snider has recalled his weird phone call with KISS bassist Gene Simmons and revealed how he yelled at him angrily.

Dee Snider is known for being the lead singer and frontman of the heavy metal band Twisted Sister in the past. Debuted with the band’s 1982’s Under The BladeSnider had released six studio albums throughout his Twisted Sister tenure, which means he performed in the entire studio albums of the band.

Dee Snider has also known for his huge solo career. When the musician released his debut album in 2000, titled Never Let the Bastards Wear You DownDee Snider‘s fifth and latest solo studio effort was released on July 30, 2021, titled Leave A Scar.

On the other hand, Gene Simmons is the bassist and co-founder of the rock band KISS. Performing in the entire albums of the band, KISS had debuted its self-titled album in 1974. The band’s latest album was released in 2012, titled Monster.

Dee Snider, who slammed Gene Simmons in early August after his rock is dead claimshas recalled a weird phone call he made with the rock musician. Firstly he remembered the time he chatted with Gene Simmons during his radio show and said he is not a KISS fanatic.

“I host a radio show in America, and Simmons was my guest,” he says. “He gave me his card and said, ‘Dee, here’s my phone number. Give me a call some time.’

” I’m not a Kiss fanatic but certainly I bought my fair share of their early records. I give Kiss massive respect.

“Gene, along with Ted Nugent and myself, is one of the few rock stars to go, ‘No drugs, no alcohol, ever.'”

Dee Snider Says Gene Simmons Yelled At Him Angrily

The musician continued by saying that Gene Simmons gave him his card after their radio show. Later then, Snider remembered what Simmons told him when he called him after a while. According to him, Simmons yelled at him angrily.

“It’s surely no coincidence that we’re three of the most rational, intelligent people you’ll ever meet, and still with ongoing careers of some sort beyond music,” Snider continues.

“A few months later, I decided to give Simmons a call. ‘Gene! Dee Snider!’ Long pause. Then he said, angrily, ‘How the hell did you get this number?!’ I replied, ‘You gave it to me. Do you want me to hang up?’

“That was when I got the idea that we weren’t going to be best buddies.”

Back in this past August, Dee Snider had said about Gene Simmons that he is a self-absorbed person because he argues rock and roll is dead.

“Look, these people who say ‘rock and roll is dead’ are self-absorbed, self-centered,” Snider says. “The statement is self-serving. It’s this, ‘I’m taking my ball and I’m going home, because if it can’t be my way, it doesn’t exist.’

“And because it’s changed and it’s mutated, which it has changed and mutated; it is not the same thing.

“And if they opened their ears, they opened their eyes, they got out of their damn mansions and went to a smaller venue or a festival that plays newer stuff, they would know this is not their heavy metal rock and roll anymore. It has changed dramatically.”

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  1. Why would Dee concern himself with a disgruntled hasbeen who has been retiring for the past hundred years? Kiss has been irrelevant since the mid 80’s yet they keep trying to hang on. They should have went out on top not the bottom. This is just desperation.

  2. Few Rock Stars are as cranky as T. Nugent , J Sayrioni , D Snider . Considering the quality of there work …well these folks need to retire to high rise in Miami. Haven’t ya milked the call , the music , and your shtick long enough. You and Roth go back to vaudeville and practice your prat falls . Fat rock stars on motsiball soup.

  3. Both of these guys are major dicks. They both think they are the rightful historians of Rock. Dee Snider has not been relevant since the mid 80,s! He had one big album then the band tanked! He has never had his finger on the pulse of anything. Gene Simmons is a major Dick. But he has a little bit more credibility then Dee! Gene is right about Rick being Dead! It’s been dying a slow painful death since 92! Dee should listen to his own big mouth! He said rock is different it’s morphed into something completely different. He is right, but since it has morphed into something different it’s not rock anymore. So Gene is right rock is dead! Alot of the old timers that live in their mansions and I their celebrity. Don’t go out to the clubs and see for themselves the reality of the situation. There are no rock bars in most towns anymore. There are no bands playing clubs. The few that are playing are not rock bands! The scene is dead in most of the country. The Old rock stars live in a bubble. At least Gene can see the truth through all the bullshit! Dee is just living in Denial!

  4. For those of you who think rock is dead should listen to an upcoming band named Liliac. These kids are great! They’re a family band, but boy can they rock out. The lead singer has a great voice, almost sounding like Janis Joplin at times. Her older brother is a great guitar player. Give them a listen folks. Tell me what you think!

  5. They play because they love wat they do.Young fools with computers thinking there actually a musician??Think again hard work pounding the pavement is why there still well respect.All you younger ass holes sit in the back seat .By the time you blink your so call music will be long forgotten. How can you honestly say rick n roll all night in party everyday willfade..NEVER..congrats to watever kind of music you all think your making..Those guys are ICONS.

  6. I have gone to three farewell tours for Kiss. Let me be the first to say to them FAREWELL. Enough is enough. They lie trying to sell more tickets under the title farewell

  7. Mary Madge, you are so right about Liliac! These kids are Great! You are correct about the singers voice and the lead guitarist, but the girl drummer is awesome also! Everybody Please check this family out for good old fashion Rock n Roll!

  8. Rock & Metal Will Never Die
    Gene & Dee Are Both Living
    Legends & All The Nay Sayers
    & Posers Can All Find a New
    Hobby Besides Dissing Great
    Rock Stars 🤘😎🤘

  9. KISS should have hung it up in 1980 when they bomb with their Dynasty album. Gene had blinders on when he and Paul tried to get into the 80s genre especially the hair band days when people were not into their music anymore. And how long are they going to do their end of road tour? When they roll their casket out on the stage?

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