Dee Snider Announces The Official Release Date Of ‘Leave A Scar’

Dee Snider, known for his Twisted Sister career but does great works in his solo career, has recently announced the official release date of his new solo album, “Leave A Scar.”

The follow-up to his latest solo album “For The Love Of Metal” is set to release on July 30th, according to the talented musician. Also, the album will be out via Napalm Records.

In a recent Twitter post, Dee Snider, who uses his social channels incredibly active, said that the new album was produced by Jamey Jasta. The new solo effort also includes a guest appearance of Cannibal Corpse frontman George Fisher, aka Corpsegrinder.

When a fan tagged him in a tweet, reading, “@IAmJericho in my opinion @deesnider transitioning from 80s Hair Metal to Modern Hardrock is a great move for him. I think Dee Snider fits well into the Modern Hardrock Scene. He sings Modern Hardrock real nicely,” Dee Snider quoted it and wrote:

“Wait’ll you hear my new album “Leave a Scar”! Release date is July 30th on @NapalmRecords! Produced by @jameyjasta…again!”

In the past, Dee Snider excited fans about his upcoming effort, saying, “There is trust, we do know our direction, we do know what works for Dee Snider and for this project, and we just go full steam ahead.”

Here’s the tweet shared by Dee Snider:

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