Ted Nugent Breaks Silence On Killing Animals: “I Am Donating Venison To Homeless Shelters”

Ted Nugent Breaks Silence On Killing Animals: "I Am Donating Venison To Homeless Shelters"

Ted Nugent has broken his silence on his passion for killing animals and answered to people who blast him for hurting them during his hunting. He slammed people who donate nothing unlike him, saying he brings protein to charities with the venison he donates.

As some of you might agree, Ted Nugent is one of those musicians who has had a huge impact on the history of rock. Including his 17 solo studio albums to date, Nugent has been contributing to the community with his massive success. Releasing his latest solo studio album in 2018, named The Music Made Me Do It, the musician’s impact on the genre is undeniable.

Nugent has also received huge respect for his works with The Amboy Dukes, which includes seven album releases in total. Debuted with the band’s self-titled first studio album, Nugent‘s latest release with them was the band’s seventh effort, named Tooth, Fang & Claw. As of 2022, Ted Nugent toured and recorded great musicians such as Brian Howe, and Charlie Huhn, the late music legend Meat Loaf.

Out of music, Ted Nugent, who has drawn attention for his outspoken conservative political views, is known for his passion for hunting, as well as his vociferous advocacy of gun ownership rights. These days, he has been sharing his honest remarks on the topics of the agenda from the rock and roll world. Sharing his thoughts on Neil Young’s ultimatum to Spotify, Nugent has also blasted Howard Stern, saying that he was never a journalist.

However, this time, Ted Nugent has opened up about his hobbies. Answering people who think Nugent is cruel as he kills animals to satisfy himself, Nugent pushed them back and said that he donates venison to soup kitchens and homeless shelters. However, at first, the musician revealed how many people he killed until the interview.


“I like to kill deer,” Nugent said. “I kill a lot of deer. I gotta kill a lot of deer. I barely killed enough deer this year. I think I killed 79 whitetails with my bow and 138 big game animals with my bow and arrow. Back straps for the masses.

“All I want out of everybody is, ‘Thank you uncle Ted for reducing the car collisions and the destruction of agriculture, habitat, and the increase of disease.’ Because I harvest the surplus, and I do it quite efficiently for hundreds of days a year.

“I donate the sacred, pure, organic, nutritious, delicious venison to soup kitchens and homeless shelters. And they cherish the donation of uncle Ted’s venison.”

Ted Nugent Says He Brings ‘Critical Protein To Charities’ With The Venison He Donates

When he continued to his words, Nugent went deep into the topic and disturbed his composure. Calling people idiots who think he is cruel for killing people, Nugent blasted them for donating nothing to soup kitchens and homeless shelters. According to him, he brings protein to charities with the venison he donates.

“Now, let’s examine that from the other side, shall we?” Ted continues. “There are idiots out there, ‘He’s a coward, killing all those innocent animals.’ Killing deer with a bow and arrow doesn’t take courage. It doesn’t. I’m not brave for killing deer with a bow and arrow. It doesn’t take courage.

“Bravery plays no role. You got to be sneaky, strategize and dedicate yourself to be accurate and deadly for an effective, conscientious, clean kill.

“And I do so often because I set up the ambushes, so I’m in the best place and the best time. I get skunked a lot, but I also kill a lot of games.

“Those that are against me killing a lot of deer, I guess they’re against me donating venison to soup kitchens and homeless shelters because they donate a lot of nothing. That coalesces the whole mental deficiency, the derangement of anti-hunting.

“I literally bring critical protein to charities with the venison I donate, and there are people that would tell me to stop donating protein to homeless shelters while they donate nothing.”

Back in his February 28 appearance on The Nightly Nuge, Ted Nugent had talked about electric vehicles. Saying that Lithium batteries damage the green after they expire, Nugent had added that the electric vehicles cited the harmful effects of mining for the rare metals.

“The whole electric car debacle?” Nugent said. “Absolutely an environmental curse.

“Let’s examine the science, shall we? Where does all the lithium come from, our enemies, and what happens to that toxic environmental-destroying lithium after the batteries go bad, green breath dirtbags. You’ve gotta be kidding me.

“I just had my fleet of Ford Broncos retuned so they get exactly eight hundred and forty yards to the gallon because even if Uncle Ted put the pedal to the metal and just burned all the fossil fuels I could possibly scorch the earth with, I would never catch up with the environmental destruction and the toxicity that is gonna be created by the creation, deployment, and maintenance of all those wind turbines, the creation, the deployment and maintenance of all those solar panels and the creation and the earth-destroying resource raping and pillaging that goes into creating electric cars.

“You’ve got to be kidding me. You’ve gotta have a sunbaked turd for a brain to believe any of this absolute left-wing, communist, greedy, Bill Gates, corrupt government monster that they’re creating with the so-called Green New Deal.

“It’s the worst thing in the history of environmental pollution — way worse than the Industrial Revolution.”

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