Ted Nugent On Neil Young: “Stoner Birdbrain Punk”

Ted Nugent On Neil Young: "Stoner Birdbrain Punk"

Ted Nugent slammed the music star Neil Young after he pulled out his music from Spotify in protest of the world-known comedian Joe Rogan and said that Neil Young is a stoner birdbrain punk who delivers misinformation.

As some of those fans might agree, Ted Nugent is one of the most respected musicians in the rock community. He has been contributed to the community with his numerous successes, including 17 solo studio albums and his works under the name of The Amboy Dukes. At press time, Ted Nugent toured and recorded great musicians such as the late Meat Loaf, Brian Howe, and Charlie Huhn.

On the other hand, Neil Young is a 76-year-old musician who has received several Juno and Grammy Awards. The Rock and Roll Hall of Fame-inductee musician has tons of material in his discography. 41 studio albums, 8 live albums, 3 compilation albums, 4 soundtrack albums are some of those releases of the musician.

However, in late January 2022, Neil Young had delivered an ultimatum to Spotify to remove his music from its platform in protest of Joe Rogan who gave fake information about vaccines during his The Joe Rogan Experience podcast. After that discussion, the music community was divided into two. While some of them supported Neil Young because of his remarks, some of them supported Spotify.

Recently, during his The Nightly Nuge podcast, Ted Nugent has blasted Neil Young. At first, Nugent said about Young that he is not a huge fan of him but he respects what he has been doing. After he praised Young, Nugent said at the end of his sentence that Young is a complete punk.


“Well, Neil Young, God bless him,” Nugent says. “I’m sure that there’s many people that appreciate Neil Young’s creativity and his talents and his creation of wonderful music for those people who love that kind of music. I’m not a big fan. I happen to know that he’s got a lot of soul.

“But now that I’ve praised him for all the positives, the guy is a complete punk.”

Ted Nugent Calls Neil Young A ‘Stoner Birdbrain Punk’

Later then, Ted continued his bad remarks about Neil Young. Branding Neil Young a stoner birdbrain punk, Nugent added that it was funny that Young gave an ultimatum to Spotify. According to him, Neil gave a pretty good decision. He also mentioned Joni Mitchell who alongside Neil Young on his decision. Nugent blasted Mitchell as well, saying both musicians are saying stupid things.

“If you’ve done that much mind-altering chemicals throughout your life, then you can proudly claim in one moment that you should be rocking in the free world but then in the next moment witness all the evidence supporting everything that Joe Rogan’s been saying, that I’ve been saying, the truth, logic and common sense, the indisputable evidence to support it, and then claim that we’re guilty of misinformation when actually the stoner birdbrain punk, he delivers misinformation,” he continued.

“So this is a funny moment because he made an ultimatum to Spotify — whatever that big tech is — and he said, ‘If you don’t take Joe Rogan off Spotify, then you have to take my music off Spotify.’ That’s a pretty decision, Neil. Thanks for making it so simple, because Neil Young on Spotify — adios, mofo.

“Now Joni Mitchell’s doing the same thing, and, again, God bless her. I can’t stand folk music, but I know there are a lot of people that love that kind of stuff and I salute them and thank them.

“And I appreciate any music that makes people happy and fortifies their American Dream, or whatever dream they might have. Is there another dream? I don’t think so. The Mexican Dream is to get the hell out and go to America.

“Young and Mitchell are saying things that are just stupid. And again, with all due respect… I’m sure Joni… I’ve seen Joni Mitchell do interviews; she’s a smart gal, and her musical dreams she literally has perfected.

“And on behalf of those people that love that kind of music, I can only salute them and celebrate the happiness that Joni Mitchell and Neil Young’s music brought them.”

Back on February 4 this year, Ted Nugent had talked about his upcoming shows. Saying that there will be no mask mandates, he added those rules are bullshit.


“Tickets go on sale tomorrow, I think, for this gonzo beach party rock and roll concert headlined by Ted Nugent in Panama City [Florida] on April 29th,” Nugent said. “Write that down. That’s confirmed. There’ll be no mask mandates; there’ll be no bullshit.

“And the next night, the headliner is my buddy Kid Rock. I’m not promising anything except we’re gonna rock your brains out, but on the 30th when Kid Rock is headlining Panama City, the big beach party concert, he always plays [Nugent’s classic song] ‘Cat Scratch Fever’ every night, so maybe I’ll stick around and go up there and show him how to play it. It’s a possibility.”

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  1. For a “stoner, birdbrain punk” he seems to have accomplished a lot more than you. Lyrically, he makes your music about “as deep as a bird bath”. Thanks for coming out, Ted.

  2. Ted Nugent is a washed up has been still trying to be half a good as Young. The music world will not miss Ted when he finally croaks.

  3. Rogan told the truth about covid . The idiots like young are left wing hippies who have done so many drugs their brains are fried!

  4. Does anyone even listen TED talk anymore ?
    Ted seems to be a master of projection.
    When has Ted written anything worth listening to in years.?

  5. Fuck Terd Nugget!! Elvis Presley, Johnny Cash, Alvin York, and Ted Williams ALL fought for our NATIONS freedom when needed!! What did the Terd do??
    Fuck off TERDMAN!! Keep your twat shut…Jane Fonda is STEP ABOVE your stinking ass….

  6. Ted Nugent is a one hit wonder. He’s an idiots Rock Star that parrots the current right wing drivel, looking for any justification for playing at the next county fair. Ol’ shit his pants Ted can take a flying leap and noone would notice. Bu- bye.

  7. Glad someone else knows what music by a sensible person is to be like. Ted can’t. Carry a guitar for Neil. He also don’t know what MISINFORMATION is and don’t have any empathy for anyone but himself. Hooray NEIL go for it.

  8. Nobody cares about Nugent’s opinion on anything. Why do you constantly keep printing stories about that moron?

  9. Ted Nugent as a person is gross on every level. A terrible and stupid human being. I don’t give a shit about his music, I’m sure some people do but I don’t. But I especially don’t care about his opinion. Why does this article exist and how does it state Ted Nugent is one of the most respected musicians in the rock community. I’ve never respected him even before I realized how rotten his brain is.

  10. Always painful to watch a musician lose his way in life. To think that he lost EVERYTHING that matters to an artist, which is a legacy of service and memorable creation for his fanbase. Neil lives forever. Ted is just dead.

  11. Nugent is a f’ing moron. A lying, stupid, redneck has-been. He’s been playing the same boring solo for 50 years, and thinks he’s a brilliant guitarist. He’s a shitty, annoying singer. And his political views are brain-dead.
    But, Conservatives aren’t known for being smart, and they suck everything Nugent says right up, and parrot it back like I’m supposed to respect it. Lol, fucking laughable.
    Rock Star Nuge can’t even sell out a casino these days. He sucks, and he’s alienated a huge chunk of his fan base because he’s such an arrogant fucking prick.
    Neil Young did what he did, because he felt it was thd right thing to do. I respect that.
    Nuge just wants hugs from Trump, because he’s a shallow, scared little weak loser.
    Fuck Ted Nugent.
    And fuck Kid Rock, too. My God, that talentless hack is fucking annoying.
    Enjoy your night!
    Or, you know, get pissy with me over your stupid, Conservative hurt feelings.
    Fuck Trump, and fuck you if you support him.

  12. Ok. So he might be a stoner, but Ted Nugent is a psycho!! So, he really shouldn’t be throwing stones, in a glass house!

  13. Large ego, low self esteem. Ted is a classic case. Jealous of another’s creativity. Put em down. I’m BIG… what a joke.

  14. Let’s see: Mr. Young, tons of great stuff from Buffalo Springfield until now. The Nuge? Not so much: Cat Scratch & Wango Tango & a lot of right-wing, snowflake whining! Sheesh! Loser!

  15. Huge ego, low self esteem. Classic case. Put the perceived rivals down. Jealous of another’s accomplishments. Go Ted, go..

  16. First off Ted, Neil young has had more success in ten years then youve had in 20 and second so what if he “did mind altering drugs”? He at least didnt shit his pants to avoid a war or try to marry and underage girl.

  17. Ted will. never be washed up; he’s waaay too talented for that fate. I ain’t crazy about his political views,, but his fn music’s awesome!! When I went to his concert, I went to hear him frag his guitar & do his thing, not hear him talk about mask mandates, or how he feels about Young, and Ms Joni Mitchell.
    I remember 1 night he played with a group from Memphis [I forgot their name] & he made them look so, so bad, but I just had to laugh,…..& felt sorry for the other band!

  18. @Richard, ever wonder why Neil Young’s kids are all f*cked up? He’s a pathetic POS and he should’ve stayed in Canada. He sounds like my grandmother (and she has been dead over 20 years). Go put in a new tampon and enjoy “Harvest Moon” with a glass of white zin and some edibles. You hippie geeks can go to hell.

  19. LMAO… Your calling Ted Nugent a washed up has been? Greg, you are an idiot. Neil Young’s music is completely devoid of any energy or soul. His high, off pitched voice makes me want to puke.
    I love that Spotify didn’t hesitate to take him up on his offer and kick that no talent ass clown to the curb. Rock on Uncle Ted!!

  20. Ted is a want to be has been. He’s not qualified to Armor All the tires on Neil Young’s tour bus! What a waste!!

  21. Yea threw out all the NUGE stuff years ago. I liked his music back when i was in high school. I like the fact he helps food banks. Hard to believe he didnt do drugs his lyrics really spoke to the adolescent male. His guitar licks best suited for a loin cloth wearing, raised by wolves animals. I would rather he gad done drugs than the mindless lunatic he has become. He could use some mind expansion. Sad.

  22. Neil young can take his music and go.obviously you haven’t heard Ted’s Hibernation a guitar master piece. After all it isn’t their music it’s their politics that people don’t agree on .
    Ted rocks Neil does not.

  23. Is it just me, aren’t his lyrics a little rapey? Something Matt Gaetz still listens to, drumpf rally kinda music?

  24. Nugent is a misinformed wanker asshole. Trump is going to prison get used to to it you dumbass Republivulvatards. Hahahaah

  25. Threw the NUGE stuff away years ago. Shame Ted didnt do more drugs. He could use some mind expansion. His lyirics are kinda rapey. Like music on a Matt Gaetz play list, or MAGA rally music. Sad

  26. Hey Ted, I can hurl closed minded insults too, you talentless racist red neck. Go continue to blow the beloved kick punch announcer like the rest of your (inbred) Spotify family.

  27. Ted Nugent is one of the dumbest people on the planet so for him to call anyone a birdbrain is laughable

  28. Neil Young is a hack that was simply propped up by dirty hippies that adore trashy music. His music sucked when it was recorded and sucks even harder now. Good riddance, Neil. Spotify telling you to hit the bricks inspired me to go ahead and sign up for a paid membership – so I’m sure they’re grateful to you for helping out their bottom line in the long run.

  29. They’re all washed up. Could be 100 albums between the 3 of them and I only wanna add maybe 8 songs to my playlist. Fighting to get vaccines that don’t stop a virus or mask that only virtue signals. All over a podcast with a host that constantly asks questions from people of all walks of life who refers to himself as a stupid monkey brain. It’s all a waste of breath

  30. Lol, lovely article. By the way, I have a copy of one of the songs from Ted’s ‘hippie band days’, before he put out his butch sound. Its so cute to hear him sing hippie music.

    Tickle tickle little baby

  31. Ted Nugent can still rock! His guitar playing is and always will be one one of the best! Neil Young should remember his own song Rockin in the Free word? Don’t seem to mean much to him now Doesn’t it?

  32. Neil Young was talented in many ways. He a has been too. What happen to free speech.. it’s what Rogen believes. This whole thing is stupid. He’s being attacked by liberals. BS IN

  33. Ted Nugent hat schon so viel dummes Zeug erzählt das man ihn längst nicht mehr ernst nehmen kann. Er ist der murmelnde Opa auf der Bank dem man ab und zu zunickt aber auf dessen Gequatsche keiner mehr hört. Neil Young hat Position bezogen, Teddy weiß gar nicht was das ist.

  34. Ted needs meds he should talk to young about help and as for hunting or poaching as I call it he ain’t shit ,great white Buffalo is a lie ,Ted shoots what ever moves he is the greedy white man that wanted all the Buffalo dead it was sad so sad …

  35. Ted Nudgent has NEVER had an ounce of talent… EVER! He’s a washed up, draft dodging pedophile! Neil Young has more talent in his poo than TN HAS IN HIS WHOLE LIFE. I’d like to smack the punk bitch!

  36. Ted Nugent calling Neil Young a punk. Isn’t that cute? Kinda like Trump calling Liz Cheney a Rino. What a tw@t!

  37. I loved Ted in the day but he basically has turned into a nut. If it was not for vaccines Covid would be out of control right now. The fact that 90% of the people hospitalized for Covid are the unvaccinated proves this. If Trump didn’t believe the science that vaccines were effective he wouldn’t have pushed so hard to get them developed.

  38. Coming from a one hit wonder idiot .
    Neil young has Great music with some of the greatest lyrics in rock history.
    Ted , go shoot a bird you moron

  39. Ted is such a fucking joke, even comparing him to Neil is kinda mean. But he asked for it, gun toting redneck rapist

  40. Yes, Govt is FOR “We the People”, to Serve It’s Citizens. Wake Up and Arise, America. We can no longer slumber through our freedoms being excised one by one by ….dozens. Pray Against Oppression and Tyranny for All People’s starting with our own Nation. We see the plight of those stricken by Pure Evil like the Uyghur people. Say No to further Suppression of Our Hard -Fought Liberties by many Brave Souls past and present. Checking my calendar and maybe will see many enjoying their liberty within the Protective Govt of FL….same place last saw Nugent in Orlando late 70s. We are all never to old or young to take a stand for what is right. Please Pray Now without ceasing. Needs are great but greatest is God! And wear Compassion like the shield it is.

  41. Neil Young is a washed up, hypocritical has been. It seems that these old liberal “freedom” fighters from the 60’ and 70’s turn into brown shirts in their later years.

  42. have to admit i’ve seen both ted and neil live , preferred neil and his music overall, tho nugent did put on a heckuva show , and when it comes to politics i had been in the neil camp , up til now , hmsince he us apparently siding un with the corporate/medical/industrial complex , the one ike reminded us to beware of in his last speech as u.s. prez a long time ago, and for the very reason that has come to the surface in march 2020 … would have much preferred neil and co to have written a song for the truckers

  43. Sounds like a whole lot of sour grapes to me, Ted. Jealous? Neil will go down in history for his talent and integrity. Ted will be lucky if he manages a footnote.

  44. Ted the draft dodger that has had far right wing music for how long now? Anyone who actually believes this dude has brain damage it seems. To each their own but at the same time I cannot stand people who willingly lie about something that, you know EXISTS and has been killing people. Ted should just go away since he has no grip on reality. Oh and those trump supporters that are also anti-vaxxers? Remember the man spent time and money to help the vaccines get made. Why? Because they work dipshits. Look at all the anti-vaxxers in the hospital with it. Plus Nugents songs have gotten a tad rapey…

  45. Ted Nugent should be in jail behind hundreds of counts of Sex with Minors and Kid Rock shoots animals after he traps them.

  46. Get out Neil young lmao! Go joe on spotify! Another win for america and free speech. Ted rocks Neil flops. With all these nasty liberal scum bags that push hate and propaganda against are freedoms love it or leave it. God bless america and ted. Get gone niel!

  47. Ted nugget sucks and wishes he had the talent of Neil’s big toe. He is known as terrible Ted for a reason he is shit and he has no musical talent. Piece of crap.

  48. Neil Young behaved like the entitled, spoiled babies of his generation and should be thankful he even has an audience of like minded douchebags. I guess SOMEBODY has got to buy his stuff. Ted is the man and freedom rules! Go Joe or go to hell!

  49. Ted Nugent has the be one of the worst pathetic lack of song writers on planet Earth. This guy just plays on the shallow dip shit xenophobic disillusionment of dumb downed white American people who talk about ludicrously warped opinion that there once was shiny land not enraged with colonial racist violent sensibilities and oppression of the disenfranchised for the gain of the very very few, which now is exploited by morons like Ted for his own lining of his talentless pockets, I can play circles around his less then mediocre skills on guitar.

  50. Awesome, truth-telling, Ted. I thought Neil would keep cool in his twilight years but instead he is anti-freedom and pro mandate?? Will do my best to make the We the People weekend….has been since the late 70s in Orlando I last saw Nugent. Rave reviews for the Kid for Rocking like the America most want to preserve! Guess The Others may end up in unfree Australia??

  51. Trash talk
    I believe there are more Fans out there who still Love the music of many acid taking, pot smoking, pill popping ,GREAT’s .

    So Teddy shut the fuck up fool

  52. Ted No Talent Nugent, is a draft dodging, unoriginal, P.O.S.! Neil Young has more talent, brains, and respect than No Talent Nugent’s cat scratch pinky finger!

  53. Aww look at all these left wing bitch#s getting there pu@sy hurt cause Ted killed a deer and don’t hit into this covid b.s. that’s what men so. Ted’s a man.

  54. U are all talking about Ted and Neil’s music. this is politics. It’s nothing about music. Both great musicians. Perhaps it’s time to wake the fuck up, forget about music and start looking at the evidence..left / right /,right / wrong…Research the real information available and turn off Ur tv sets
    ..that’s the most important part..
    People take their viewpoints based on whether they perceive themselves to be left or right..Neither counts..facts count. Information counts. After that it’s not a slanging match about whos got the best music..FFS music was the last thing on teds mind,but he did at least give due credit n respect to both Neil and Joni..while U people are focussing on Neil n Teds music, U are missing the point..Both are great musicians but we are discussing freedom of speech here..That’s the issue..The fact that people have their heavily ingrained biases without even considering to look at the facts proves exactly why the powered up people of the planet continue to take the piss outa the masses….lts simple..the masses are idiots and All the above comments prove to the politicians after reading that shit, that they are safely governing the country over idiots and dumb people with one eyed simplistic viewpoints..Idiots get the government’s they deserve. Nothing will change because of that.
    They read this shit, then just say to themselves..Yep they are as judgemental n bias as they’ve always been, they miss the point of the video completely and yes they are just as uninformed and tribal as they were hundreds of years ago..easy pickings for bastards like politicians of any party..
    The people are all divided cos that’s how they designed it, and for that reason with that power they will control everything and those without the power can’t get past their personal opinions about Ted Nugent n Neil Young as musicians FFS, which obviously is irrelovent., so clearly they understand nothing and are unable to say anything of any value about anything.. wen a man makes a political statement about his beliefs and his enemies attack him for his music then clearly that’s the lowest form of personal political attack available. They do it in parliament and wen they do they get vilified by the people…So the next time U do it perhaps give it a 2nd thought B4 showing Ur complete lack of intellect to anyone that happens to be reading.. Most of the above statements must be extremely embarrassing for the simple type humans that wrote them..

  55. Seen good old Ted at The Nassau Coliseum in the late 70s maybe half filled and all I remember from that concert is that It was loud with a shit sound system and nothing else!

  56. Butt hurt liberals attacking Ted because he hunts is a joke , stick to the topic crybabies . It’s about freedom and covid . NOT HUNTING ! Neil Young is like fried rice , he is cooked and needs to go f*ck himself from the people of the “FREE WORLD” clown . Let freedom ring and drown out Neil’s commie bullshit !

  57. People who instinctively agree with, or defend, Neil Young on this issue do so for one of core two reasons:

    1.) They are chronic fanboys who cannot go against the opinion of their guru old white rock God of choice

    2,) They don’t believe that other citizens should have, or freely express, independent political opinions outside of the current government dominated narrative

    If you support Young’s actions without any critical thought you belong in one, if not both, of these camps
    Neither is a good place to reside if you are an adult

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