Ted Nugent Blasts Electric Vehicles: “Absolutely An Environmental Curse”

Ted Nugent Blasts Electric Vehicles: "Absolutely An Environmental Curse"

American activist Ted Nugent discussed electric vehicles in his program The Nightly Nuge, where he deals with different topics every day. The outspoken singer claims that electric vehicles are not environmentally friendly.

The American singer, who has come to the fore with the statements he made these days, achieved his fame in the late 60s with The Amboy Dukes. Nugent, who played the lead guitar and lead vocal roles in 7 studio albums with the band until Amboy Dukes disbanded, had reached enough audiences in America.

Ted Nugent, who continued his music career as a solo musician after The Amboy Dukes disbanded, has released 17 solo albums to date. Furthermore Ted Nugent had released studio albums with the supergroup Damn Yankees in the late 80s. Both albums received great acclaim from the rock community, and the band’s debut self-titled album, Damn Yankees, was certified 2x platinum.

Anyway, coming to Ted Nugent‘s new topic, Nugent has recently that Lithium batteries damage the green after they expire. He slammed the electric vehicles citing the harmful effects of mining for the rare metals.

“The whole electric car debacle?” Nugent said. “Absolutely an environmental curse.

“Let’s examine the science, shall we? Where does all the lithium come from, our enemies, and what happens to that toxic environmental-destroying lithium after the batteries go bad, green breath dirtbags. You’ve gotta be kidding me.”

Ted Nugent Says Green New Deal Worse Than Industrial Revolution

Outspoken activist Ted Nugent finds Green New Deal work corrupted and says it will do more damage to nature than the industrial revolution. Calling Bill Gates a greedy communist, Ted Nugent added that electric vehicles is the worst in the history of environmental pollution.

“I just had my fleet of Ford Broncos retuned so they get exactly eight hundred and forty yards to the gallon because even if Uncle Ted put the pedal to the metal and just burned all the fossil fuels I could possibly scorch the earth with, I would never catch up with the environmental destruction and the toxicity that is gonna be created by the creation, deployment, and maintenance of all those wind turbines, the creation, the deployment and maintenance of all those solar panels and the creation and the earth-destroying resource raping and pillaging that goes into creating electric cars,” Ted continued.

“You’ve got to be kidding me. You’ve gotta have a sunbaked turd for a brain to believe any of this absolute left-wing, communist, greedy, Bill Gates, corrupt government monster that they’re creating with the so-called Green New Deal.

“It’s the worst thing in the history of environmental pollution — way worse than the Industrial Revolution.”

Back on February 18, Ted Nugent had opened up about the Canadian truckers’ protests. After the Canadian government’s vaccine requirements for truckers entering the country, the truckers started to protest the requirement in downtown Ottawa for nearly three weeks. Sending his support for the protesters, Ted Nugent had said that he will be joining them as soon as possible. Nugent had also claimed in the interview that there is no more polite society than Canada people.

“Well, Eric, you’ve got the right guy, ’cause my name is Ted Nugent,” Nugent said. “I’m the Motor City truckin’ guitar player. I’ve got my own truck and I’m gonna join these truckers. These guys stand up for the best of humanity.

“It’s really quite simple. You hear all this talk about, ‘We’re divided.’ Well, of course we are. I’m divided between good against evil and dishonesty and rot and criminal corruption which describes Fidel Jr. up there in the snow land.

“Those are great, great people up there. They live by work ethic and being the best that they can be. And certainly that describes the truckers here in America.

“I mean, I have campfires every hunting season with the teamsters and with those truck drivers. I know these guys. I am these guys. I’ve got a big zebra Ford Bronco with 900 horsepower that gives you exactly six hundred yards to the gallon.

“So I’m gonna go join those guys and make sure that the middle finger stays on fire, because good people support ’em, rotten people are against ’em. And old Fidel Jr. perfected that.”

“Well, again, I know these guys. I hunt in Canada every year. I rock and roll in Canada every year since 1967. They really are the salt of the earth. But the dynamic here is very powerful.

“There is no more polite society, there is no more kind, good will and decency than you will find in the citizens of Canada. They have taken it and they have taken it and taken it. When these polite, kind, tolerant people have had enough, that is an irrefutable indicator that we really have had enough.

“I didn’t invent the middle finger, but I perfected it back in Detroit around 1958. And the citizens of Canada have found their middle finger and they’re settin’ it on fire and I couldn’t be more proud. I’m gonna invite them to all come deer huntin’ with me this year.”

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