Ted Nugent Names Howard Stern A ‘Jackass’: “He Was Never A Journalist”

Ted Nugent Names Howard Stern A 'Jackass': "He Was Never A Journalist"

The music mastermind Ted Nugent has once again shared his thoughts about the campaign to kick American podcast host Joe Rogan off Spotify and mentioned another huge podcaster, Howard Stern, calling him a jackass.

As some of those rock fans believe, Ted Nugent has an undeniable impact on the rock community. Including his 17 solo studio albums during his ongoing solo career, Nugent has been contributing to the community with his numerous successes. He also received huge respect for his works with The Amboy Dukes. At press time, Ted Nugent toured and recorded great musicians such as Brian Howe, and Charlie Huhn, the late musician Meat Loaf.

In January 2022, podcaster Joe Rogan used his The Joe Rogan Experience podcast to share misinformation about COVID-19 vaccines to his millions of listeners. After Joe talked wrong about the issue, Neil Young had delivered an ultimatum to Spotify to remove his music from its platform in protest of Rogan.

This time, Ted Nugent showed off his respect for Joe Rogan and blasted Howard Stern during his recent speech on The Nightly Nuge. At first, Ted said Rogan shared humankind statements. He also said Rogan cut a great niche for himself that goes far beyond people.


“I have great admiration and respect for Joe,” Nugent said. “He’s carved out a meaningful, positive force that’s not just good for his family and friends, but I think it’s good for America; I think it’s good for humankind because his podcast is the number one podcast on planet Earth.

“And what is a podcast but a celebration of dialogue and communication — not just a respect and indulgence of alternative points of views, but the pursuit and celebration of alternative points of view.

“So he’s really cut a niche for himself that goes far beyond anybody else I can really think of.”

Ted Nugent Says Howard Stern Is A ‘Jackass’ Who Is Not A Journalist

Later then, Ted Nugent went on to blast Howard Stern. He said about him that Howard is a jackass and not a journalist. He also said about Stern that he is not a truth seeker. Elsewhere in his speech, Nugent praised Joe Rogan as well, saying he was brave and has been a pioneer.

“I was on Howard Stern’s radio show going all the way back to the ’70s and I’ve watched him turn into an isolated jackass, really, not really respecting alternative points of view and presuming and falsely accusing me, for example,” he continued.

“So, where I’ve had a good time with people like Howard Stern, who’s a powerful force in the media, but he was never a journalist, he was never a truth seeker. And Joe Rogan has accomplished that with much aplomb, dare I say.

“Joe Rogan was brave and courageous and unafraid to bring on other people’s views and experiences and points of views, including word-class, revered epidemiologists and virologists to bring in truth about certain medicines and certain emergency shots. So, God bless Joe Rogan.

“Be afraid of nothing. Get all the information you possibly can. And if you rely on your instinct, data, footage, documents, evidence… You can go to the Nuremberg trial for some information, I suspect.

“Joe Rogan has been a pioneer, a paradigm pusher, a paradigm destroyer, and I love that, because the most important thing for knowledge to power — critical thinking. Joe Rogan is a great critical thinker. That’s why the propaganda ministry can’t stand him. Perfect.”

This is not the first time Nugent talked about Joe Rogan and his remark. Back in his February 11 The Nightly Nuge podcast, Nugent had sent blasting words for Neil Young. According to Ted, Young is a stoner birdbrain punk.


“Well, Neil Young, God bless him,” Nugent reveals. “I’m sure that there’s many people that appreciate Neil Young’s creativity and his talents and his creation of wonderful music for those people who love that kind of music. I’m not a big fan. I happen to know that he’s got a lot of soul.

“But now that I’ve praised him for all the positives, the guy is a complete punk.”

“If you’ve done that much mind-altering chemicals throughout your life, then you can proudly claim in one moment that you should be rocking in the free world but then in the next moment witness all the evidence supporting everything that Joe Rogan’s been saying, that I’ve been saying, the truth, logic and common sense, the indisputable evidence to support it, and then claim that we’re guilty of misinformation when actually the stoner birdbrain punk, he delivers misinformation,” he continued.

“So this is a funny moment because he made an ultimatum to Spotify — whatever that big tech is — and he said, ‘If you don’t take Joe Rogan off Spotify, then you have to take my music off Spotify.’ That’s a pretty decision, Neil. Thanks for making it so simple, because Neil Young on Spotify — adios, mofo.

“Now Joni Mitchell’s doing the same thing, and, again, God bless her. I can’t stand folk music, but I know there are a lot of people that love that kind of stuff and I salute them and thank them.

“And I appreciate any music that makes people happy and fortifies their American Dream, or whatever dream they might have. Is there another dream? I don’t think so. The Mexican Dream is to get the hell out and go to America.

“Young and Mitchell are saying things that are just stupid. And again, with all due respect… I’m sure Joni… I’ve seen Joni Mitchell do interviews; she’s a smart gal, and her musical dreams she literally has perfected.”

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  1. Why are you on Howard’s case. What is happening here
    Look Joe is going to loose a night sleep sure the attorneys are working right now

    Go back to where ever it is was before you got involved

  2. Fortunately no one gives a rats ass what Ted Nugent has to say except his fellow brainwashed trump cultist of course but that’s it hell we here in Michigan don’t even recognize him anymore! Fuck what he has to say!

  3. Funny how Ted doesn’t like people calling him or other people names. Yet that jackass calls everyone else names all the time!!! Just another crybaby hypocrite!!!

  4. I remember when howard was concerned about the trump offspring, Of course I am not sure if howard
    even knows who hunter biden is. Howard has turned into mr Magoo and another ignorant progressive

  5. In the article the author mentions ” Misinformation” That statement must be spelled out Just as the misinformation by the CDC such as wear masks, don’t wear masks, the vaccine prevents transmission,
    vaccination is the only means to prevent transmission (false self isolation and self testing also effective)
    I am nor giving examples. When the power structure has the only access to information it is one step away from 1984 see book why Orwell matters by C. Hitchenson

  6. I’m getting a kick out of the morons bashing Ted and calling anyone who disagrees with Young, Stern and Mitchell Trump “cultists”. Lol. I’m proud to be a Trump “cultist” considering how badly the blithering idiot Joe Biden has ruined the country so badly in just one years time. Incompetent withdrawal from Afghanistan killing our young soldiers, inflation is out of control, the border is out of control, no more energy independence, sky high gas prices. EVERYTHING is out of control. Russia invading Ukraine. All the shit Democrats thought would happen under Trump IS in fact happening under the buffoon Biden. Soon China will invade Taiwan. The world is such a safer place now that Trumps out of office right (sarcasm of course).

  7. Nugent sounds like that little dik trumps, a total inbred fool who luvs commies. Trumps suks dik along with EVERY lame inbred racist lemming white middle class republican who votes WAY out of their low pay scale like a child would do. Trumps suks dik!

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