Gary Holt Talks About the Stand-Up Comedian Kevin Hart

Gary Holt, the only unchanging member of the thrash metal band Exodus, founded in 1980, has recently spoke about the American stand-up comedian Kevin Hart with a photo he shared on Instagram.

In the photo Gary shared, Kevin was with Dwayne Johnson, and he was wearing the Exodus t-shirt. Gary said about Kevin, “Eh, another dude using metal shirts to look edgy.” But then he added, “BUT. I’m a HUGE Kevin Hart fan.

The statement he shared about Kevin Hart as follows:

“Okay, everyone. Yes, I’ve seen this! Haha! Is he a fan? I highly doubt it, more likely his stylist bought it for a small fortune at some vintage tee shirt shop, if it’s not a modern bootleg. How do I feel? Eh. Another dude using metal shirts to look edgy. Who knows? BUT. I’m a HUGE Kevin Hart fan, so I give him a pass cause he makes me laugh my a** off!”

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