The talented singer Dee Snider, known for his golden works with Twisted Sister, admitted a truth while speaking Louder Sound and said that he wants to be like Ozzy Osbourne.

During the interview, Dee Snider was asked if Twisted Sister will be back in the future. When he replied, Dee said that seeing his band is very slim. He also revealed his goal at the end of the interview and said that he wants to be like Ozzy Osbourne.

When the interviewer asked, “Are Twisted Sister definitely gone now?”, Dee Snider replied:

“Look, the odds of seeing Twisted again are very, very slim. I still talk to the guys and we’re all friends, but I really don’t see it happening, especially as I’ve found a sound for me. It took so long and so many misfires to get here, I want to spend the remainder of my time doing that.

“My goal is to be like Ozzy. Not on a personal level, but on a musical one, where he started out in Sabbath, and [as a solo artist] played new music and just did Paranoid at the end of the show. That’s my dream.”

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