Ted Nugent On Canadian Trucker Convoy: “These Guys Stand Up For The Best Of Humanity”

Ted Nugent On Canadian Trucker Convoy: "These Guys Stand Up For The Best Of Humanity"

In a new appearance on Eric Bolling The Balance, Ted Nugent has sent his support to the Canadian trucker convoy, which focused on Canada’s vaccine requirements for truckers entering the country. According to Nugent, those Canadian protesters stand up for the best of humanity, and he will be joining them with his truck.

The outspoken Ted Nugent has an undeniable impact on the rock community. Including his 17 solo studio albums during his ongoing solo career, Nugent has been contributing to the community with his massive success. He also received huge respect for his works with The Amboy Dukes, which includes seven album releases in total. To date, Ted Nugent toured and recorded great musicians such as Brian Howe, and Charlie Huhn, the late music legend Meat Loaf.

These days, Ted Nugent has been speaking about the agenda of rock music and the world out of music. Previously, Ted Nugent had shared his thoughts on Neil Young’s ultimatum to Spotify. Subsequently, he mentioned the huge podcaster Howard Stern and said about him that he was never a journalist.

This time, Ted Nugent has broken his silence about the Canadian truckers’ protests. After the Canadian government’s vaccine requirements for truckers entering the country, the truckers started to protest the requirement in downtown Ottawa for nearly three weeks. Showing off his support for the truck crew, Ted Nugent said that he will be joining them as soon as possible.


“Well, Eric, you’ve got the right guy, ’cause my name is Ted Nugent,” he said. “I’m the Motor City truckin’ guitar player. I’ve got my own truck and I’m gonna join these truckers. These guys stand up for the best of humanity.

“It’s really quite simple. You hear all this talk about, ‘We’re divided.’ Well, of course we are. I’m divided between good against evil and dishonesty and rot and criminal corruption which describes Fidel Jr. up there in the snow land.”

Ted Nugent Adds He Will Make Sure That ‘The Middle Finger Stays On Fire

Later then, Ted Nugent repeated that he will be joining them with his truck. Saying that he has been rock and roll in Canada since the late ’60s, Nugent said he has campfires every hunt season with those truckers in the country. Moreover, Nugent stated that there is no more polite society than Canada people.

“Those are great, great people up there,” he continued. “They live by work ethic and being the best that they can be. And certainly that describes the truckers here in America.

“I mean, I have campfires every hunting season with the teamsters and with those truck drivers. I know these guys. I am these guys. I’ve got a big zebra Ford Bronco with 900 horsepower that gives you exactly six hundred yards to the gallon.

“So I’m gonna go join those guys and make sure that the middle finger stays on fire, because good people support ’em, rotten people are against ’em. And old Fidel Jr. perfected that.”

“Well, again, I know these guys. I hunt in Canada every year. I rock and roll in Canada every year since 1967. They really are the salt of the earth. But the dynamic here is very powerful.

“There is no more polite society, there is no more kind, good will and decency than you will find in the citizens of Canada. They have taken it and they have taken it and taken it. When these polite, kind, tolerant people have had enough, that is an irrefutable indicator that we really have had enough.

“I didn’t invent the middle finger, but I perfected it back in Detroit around 1958. And the citizens of Canada have found their middle finger and they’re settin’ it on fire and I couldn’t be more proud. I’m gonna invite them to all come deer huntin’ with me this year.”

Back in this past January, Ted Nugent had said that it’s ridiculous he failed to qualify for the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. Blasting Madonna, Nugent also mentioned the injustice.


“When I criticize the Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame,” Nugent commented. “Let’s take me out of the equation. Let’s say I don’t qualify — which is ridiculous — but let’s pretend I don’t qualify. But why ABBA before STYX? Why Patti Smith before Triumph? Why Grandmaster Flash or Jay-Z at all?

“I mean, to think that they would qualify before the artists I just mentioned, and myself included, it’s just dishonest and it’s literally disrespectful to the gods of this music — Chuck Berry and Bo Diddley and all the gods that created this incredible soundtrack.

“But I don’t take it personally because I don’t need it. And quite honestly, the authenticity of the Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame has been so tainted by the inclusion of not just non-rockers but anti-rockers. Madonna? Really? So I find it offensive on that level.”

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  1. Bllsht.get a fking job your little personal problems cost others you gross old liars

  2. Ted Nugent is a musical has been. Once he realized his music was no longer relevant, he became a mouthpiece for the Republicans. He portrays himself as a great American patriot yet he didn’t serve in the military when drafted because he a hypocritical waste of space. Listen to him as he’ll praise the military up and down 24/7 yet he never served one minute in uniform. He a disgraceful POS who also says he “backs the blue” (supports law enforcement) yet has made statements critical of the Capitol Police who were attacked by Insurrectionist right wing yokels. Nugent is a senile idiot and no longer represents the rock and roll lifestyle.

  3. Don’t know why anyone would listen to some loser has been anyhow.
    Everyone has an opinion but most people how to keep it to themselves.
    Well maybe not a narcissist.

  4. This dude is not a patriot he’s unAmerican his music sucks I’m sure he sucks all the Republicans cocks especially Trumps this guy only represents the 1% of the American people give it up Ted you are irrelevant in this world

  5. Comrade Ted is just like tRUMPty the clown draft Dodger, what ever he says is 99.99% BS. I grew up listening too his music but sweaty teddy is another ignorant jackaxx

  6. All of the above were all for Burn Loot Murder causing problems for others. Nothing but Marxist tools. As a trucker when you you tell me take the shot, shut up and bring me my stuff. I say shove it, go get it yourself. We who grow, make and fix and transport can live without mouse clickers. The other way around not so much you’d be naked and hungry without the yokels you despise.

  7. Hey Ted,
    In Canada when Indigenous people protest for their rights and sovereignty the Canadian government treats them with violence by using RCMP and at times the army is called in. When the truckers convoy entered Ottawa the police were supporting them by bringing them food and coffee. Canada is one of the most racist countries in the world. I never pictured you as a racist white privileged jackass

  8. Ted… get your ignorant, angry has-been nose out of my country’s business! Like eff right off. This is who you are? Hanging your shingle on obstinance, ignorance and defiance because you have no talent left to offer or otherwise worthy and valuable contribution?

  9. You are a fool and will continually be left behind gearjerker. Machines will replace all you yokels soon enough, until then, enjoy bringing me my stuff. That’s all you are good for.

  10. Anything worthwhile you did musically became null and void the day you started servicing Trump you tired old pants shitting draft dodger. American embarrassment is what you amount to you Motor City Moron.

  11. I I believe Ted is a good guitar player , however I wonder when the truckers come to the U.S. and clog our supply roots , will Ted invite us all over to his house to eat, or share the gas from his Bronco ?? I believe he will show up with the truckers, Like Donald trump showed up at the capital on the 6th….How can you call yourself a patriot , when you support the authoritarian party….Your not a republican, they no longer exist….For somone who claims they never did drugs, its a good thing …..lol

  12. Ted Nugent is speaking the truth about Canadian people their personality traits, and the fact they’re standing up for everyone’ freedom of choice and speach. Ted Nugent has always stood up for people’ rights. When you overlook the many great things a person does because you don’t agree with some things shows your narrowmindedness. Ted Nugent is and always will be a Rock Legend

  13. Loving the comments! Ted and some other right wing dipshits in the US have managed to infect a small group of our neighbors to the north with the stupid-virus. Unfortunately, the truth-vaccine doesn’t always work on those whose should are too thick.

  14. You keep interviewing this guy because he’s controversial, period. Article had nothing to do with music.. I’d like to ask ‘uncle Ted’ why he hunts in Canada? Is it because he’s run out of things to shoot at home?

  15. Ted “kill it and grill it” is just like Trump. Both are has-beens trying to stay relevant,… so needy for attention.

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