Ted Nugent Says ‘It’s Ridiculous He Failed To Qualify For The Rock and Roll Hall of Fame’

Ted Nugent Says 'It's Ridiculous He Failed To Qualify For The Rock and Roll Hall of Fame'

The world-known singer and guitarist Ted Nugent has once again blasted Rock and Roll Hall of Fame and commented on his failure to qualify for it. According to Ted, it’s ridiculous that he is not inducted into the Rock Hall yet.

The American musician Ted Nugent came to world prominence as a member of the rock band The Amboy Dukes. He was the guitarist and occasional vocalist of the band during his tenure. Out of that, he has a solo career. Debuted in 1975 with his self-titled solo studio album, Nugent has 15 solo albums at press time. His latest album was released in 2018, named The Music Made Me Do It.

As some of those rockers might know, Ted Nugent is one of those musicians who are not inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame yet. Even though there were pop stars or rappers like Jay-Z and Madonna who were inducted into the Rock Hall, Ted Nugent, Iron Maiden, and numerous successful rock and roll artists are still not inducted yet.

During a recent interview with The Real Music Observer, Ted Nugent once again commented on the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame and its injustice. At first, the musician mentioned his failure to qualify. Saying that it’s ridiculous that he is not in the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, Nugent once again blasted Madonna.


“When I criticize the Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame,” Nugent commented. “Let’s take me out of the equation. Let’s say I don’t qualify — which is ridiculous — but let’s pretend I don’t qualify. But why ABBA before STYX? Why Patti Smith before Triumph? Why Grandmaster Flash or Jay-Z at all?

“I mean, to think that they would qualify before the artists I just mentioned, and myself included, it’s just dishonest and it’s literally disrespectful to the gods of this music — Chuck Berry and Bo Diddley and all the gods that created this incredible soundtrack.

“But I don’t take it personally because I don’t need it. And quite honestly, the authenticity of the Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame has been so tainted by the inclusion of not just non-rockers but anti-rockers. Madonna? Really? So I find it offensive on that level.”

Ted Nugent Admits He Finds Rock Hall’s Act Offensive To Real Rockers

Ted Nugent then mentioned Rock Hall’s decision to inductee the DJ Grandmaster Flash. Admitting that he has no hate for anyone, including Grandmaster Flash, Ted Nugent claimed that Rock Hall’s acts like rockers’ failure to qualify are offensive to real rockstars.

“I go back to the people thinking I hated Grandmaster Flash,” Nugent continues. “I don’t hate anybody… I don’t take this stuff personally but I find it offensive to real rockers, to real rock artists and to real rock and roll fans. Because Grandmaster Flash in the Rock And Roll…

“And I hope he’s happy, I hope he’s healthy and successful. But Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame? Why don’t we just go down to Chuck Berry’s grave and take a shit on it? That’s what that represents to me. And it’s unforgivable.”

Back in this late December, Ted Nugent had once again blasted the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, touching on his current Rock Hall situation. According to Ted, Rock Hall are rotten and dishonest.

“Why am I not in the Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame?,” Nugent said. “That has a lot to do with the fact that you can’t always explain why people are rotten. Why do some people violate other people and commit vicious crimes and lie?

“I would like to think about what is going on with the Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame… I don’t take it personal. I think I’m in the ultimate Hall Of Fame.

“I went on stage a couple days in Abilene with a great man Tim Montana. The Tim Montana band opened up for ZZ TOP to a packed house in Abilene. Tim Montana says, ‘We learned ‘Cat Scratch Fever’. Come up and play it with us.’ I asked Billy Gibbons if that was okay to do, and he said, ‘Oh yeah. I’d love to hear that.’

“They introduced me and the audience went berserk. So don’t tell me what my Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame is. I’m in the ultimate Hall Of Fame with real and true lovers of my music! There’s nothing more important than that.”

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  1. My Dad had a connection in rock and roll and I got to go back stage at Ted’s show’s in The D. Ted ALWAYS was fken anything that moved just as long as they were under 16. Molester, oh yea.

  2. Ted is right in away it’s called. The Rock and roll Hall of fame not the hip hop hall it’s rock yes Ted should be there Pat benatar come tommy James should have been in 30 years ago he helped change rock and look at Styx reo Speedwagon all that great music and not even a nomanation I could keep naming groups oh yea the MC5 GET IT RIGHT
    TH U

  3. He dosent care but he whines and carries on about it all the time….he hasn’t done anything noteworthy in over 20 years and spends most of his time ranting like a dumb bigoted hillbilly on facebook.

  4. Ted is a true entertainer. He should definitely be in the rock hall of fame. He is a fantastic guitarist. As for his alleged sins of the past, that is speculation. Only Ted knows for sure. Put him in the hall please

  5. It’s not Ted’s music thats kept him out of the rock and roll hall of fame . Its the fact that he is a Hunter and outspoken critic of liberals . He does not fit the narrative . Let’s face it if he was a women and performed half naked it would not matter how bad the music is he would be in the rock and role hall of fame . The criteria to be a member is a joke on full display . Not a liberal idiot you don’t qualify Ted . Sometomes it’s better not to be a member. LOL

  6. In light of his proclivities, I suspect that Chuck Berry would not mind if someone took a shit on his grave. As long as that someone was a woman.

  7. Ted Nugent is a bad ass. If you don’t know that, you don’t know shit, or, you haven’t checked it out. Weekend Warrior!
    This is the Motor City Madman people.
    Some dumb ass made an unsubstantiated claim about him fucking girls under 16. That’s horrible! You don’t know that shit and go fuck yourself for saying that. He doesn’t do a lot of music anymore. He’s living his life doing what he wants. He’s a top shelf rocking wild son of a bitch!!!!

  8. The qualifications are lame at best. Are the Turtles in the Hall of Fame? Ted definitely deserves to be on there more than some others already in there. Stranglehold, Wang dang Sweet Point Tang, double live Gonzo Have stood the test of time. Ted Nugent was rock between 1975- 1982. Let’s go Brandon!

  9. Nugent is a second rate guitar player who has no business being inducted into the Rock and roll Hall of Fame. His shows in the ’70s were more circus act than rock show, using flaming arrows and other pyrotechnics to mask his deficiency as a musician. He produced the kind of music that prepubescent boys liked because they thought it make them look cool.

  10. Regardless of Ted’s political beliefs, or anyone else who should or should not be in the Rock Hall, Nugent is still a one hit wonder. Who can name any song of his other than Cat Scratch Fever?

  11. Rock and Roll Hall of Fame inducting pop stars before rock stars is very similar to the “transwomen are women” propaganda.

  12. What’s wrong with these people they’re a bunch of Pepsi generations Cherry Coke drinking motherfuckers I’m 60 years old I’ve been listening to Ted Nugent since I was 15 if anybody wanted to get mellow you can turn around and get the fuck out of here I swear all you fucking is making this world go right this shit that’s right Dad you don’t need that shit just tell him to take that shit and stick up their little Pepsi ass

  13. Ted Nugent constantly belittles and degenerates the Rock Hall then cries about not being inducted. Quit being a little b!tc#, Ted. Nobody likes a whiner.

  14. Ted Nugent is a F#n desgrace to rock and roll he should pack his bags and go back to Michigan and just shut his piehole

  15. Uncle Ted long ago became a charicature of a charicature of himself. That being said, Stranglehold still kicks ass!

  16. Anyone who knows anything about the RnR hall of Fame realizes what a crock of sh*t it is. That said I think Nuge should just get past it and go on about his business. I know if he booked a gig here in Green Bay Wi. at Lambeau Field it would sell out ..

  17. For someone who says he doesn’t care about this he sure seems to bitch and moan about it a lot… I think it’s probably the fact that you can’t give this fool a platform of any kind and put a microphone in his face because he’ll start going off on how evil everybody is but far right Republicans… And I think probably the fact that he was banging a 14 or 15 year old girl back when he was 35 might have something to do with it… And it could have something to do with the fact that the only songs he had that got air play basically were written and sung by Derek St Holmes… Funny but for some reason you just don’t hear Wang dang Sweet poontang.. and yank me crank me on the radio a whole hell of a lot… And there was that magnificent hit wango tango also.. I listened to Ted when I was 15.. after that I just plain lost interest in his loud mouth.. and it was that same loud mouth it actually cost him his career.. he just wouldn’t shut up and play he had to express his political views every time he went on a stage… And the audience got tired of it… He put himself in this position.. I do agree that there should be no rappers and Whitney Houston and Madonna shouldn’t be in…

  18. I don’t know which is worst… being inducted in some bullshit Rock n Roll Hall of Fame .. or selling out to IHeart Radio fu kheads !!!

  19. Ted Nugent is a true rocker, unlike many of the other inductees that don’t even play rock and roll music. Ted’s songs like Stranglehold, Stormtroopin’, Motor City Madhouse, Just What The Doctor Ordered, Cat Scratch Fever, Wang Dang Sweet Poontang, Great White Buffalo, etc…) still rock today – 40 or more years after they were released. The R&R Hall of Fame is a BS political organization. If Ted was a liberal (like Madonna and many other non-rock inductees) he would have been inducted years ago.

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