Fans Devastated Thinking Ozzy Osbourne Passed Away

With a recent Instagram post shared by Ozzy Osbourne, he paid his tribute to Mitch Slater after his tragic passing. Fans afraid that Ozzy Osbourne has passed away due to the post’s caption.

In the post’s caption, Ozzy Osbourne started his sentence by saying “we are heartbroken…‬” After that words, fans thought that Ozzy Osbourne has passed away because it was starting with “we are heartbroken…‬”

In the caption, the following words written by Ozzy Osbourne:

“We are heartbroken to hear of Mitch Slater’s passing. We send our love and condolences to his family.‬”

After that words, fans wrote in the comments that they afraid for a moment. Read what they wrote below.

A fan Mortuus wrote: “Thought this was gonna be a post saying ozzy died. Holy shit.”

Daymel responded Mortuus’ comment: “Shit, I was afraid!”

Don Wood wrote: “Don’t start OZZY post with ‘we are heartbroken’”

Joey O’Conner wrote: “I had a mini heart attack when I seen a picture of ozzy, and started reading the caption with we are heartbroken.”

You can find Ozzy Osbourne’s social media post and comments below.

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