Sammy Hagar Recalls David Lee Roth’s Quit From Van Halen: “What An Idiot”

Sammy Hagar Recalls David Lee Roth's Quit From Van Halen: "What An Idiot"
Sammy Hagar called David Lee Roth an idiot.

Former Van Halen singer Sammy Hagar has recalled the time David Lee Roth quitted from Van Halen and revealed his first reaction to the moment, saying that he called him an idiot.

The Red Rocker, Sammy Hagar, was a member of Van Halen in the past. Making several in and outs, the singer had first joined the in 1985 as a lead singer replacing with David Lee Roth. After an 11-year tenure with them, he had announced that he parted ways with Van Halen and was replaced with David Lee Roth. In 2003, Sammy had reunited with Van Halen until parting ways once again in 2005. Throughout his career with Van Halen, Hagar recorded four studio albums in total.

For over the years, Sammy Hagar and David Lee Roth have been dealing with each other. Opening up about his current thoughts on Roth several times, Hagar had previously said that he has no respect for David Lee Roth anymore. He also said this past June that David has a strange character.

Recently, Sammy Hagar has once again addressed the Van Halen legend David Lee Roth. During a recent interview with Professor of Rock, Hagar has revealed a moment he wrote in his book, Red. Remembering his first reaction to David Lee Roth‘s leaving from Van Halen, Hagar said he thought about Roth that he is an idiot.

“I had a little premonition I wrote about in my book ‘Red,’” he said. “I was sitting at a dinner with my ex-wife, and the phone rang. It’s Ted Templeman talking about making my next record, and he goes ‘Wow, man! Did you hear that Dave Lee Roth has just quit Van Halen?’ I said ‘Really? He quit?’ He goes ‘Yeah.’ I’m going ‘Wow, what an idiot.’”

Sammy Hagar Admits He Knew They’re Going To Call Him

Continuing to his words, Sammy Hagar has also mentioned what he told his ex-wife after the phone call. He admitted that he knew Van Halen was gonna call him after the departure of Roth. Explaining why he thinks they’re gonna call him, Hagar stated that he was one of those three musicians, including Ronnie James Dio and Ozzy Osbourne.

“And I sat back down and said to my ex-wife ‘They’re gonna call me,’” Hagar continued. “Because when it was that fresh in my brain, I thought that ‘They are not going to quit. This is Eddie Van Halen. He is just starting.’

“And then I thought ‘Who can they call? They’re going to call me!’ You know, I’m one of the three: me, Dio, or Ozzy.”

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  1. Sounds like another narcissistic ego driven reply from an aging “rock star” lol

    The fact is the most iconic and best Van Halen songs were with David Lee Roth!
    Nothing Sammy Hagar did can stand against the original Innovative Van Halen 1,2 & Women and children first!

    End of story! The fact Sammy keeps having to bash David Lee Roth shows he’s jealous of the original

  2. While I do enjoy DLR in VH, I’m also glad that Sammy got the chance with VH.

    I also really enjoyed DLR solo stuff, so for me, it was a win,win,win.

  3. The DLR era of Van Halen pisses over the Sammy era plus if Dave didn’t leave we we wouldn’t have “eat em and smile” which is such a great album. Sammy always sounds like a whiney little shit. Doesn’t he have something else to do apart from starting shit with Dave. it gets boring move on Sammy.

  4. Actually, if you look at album sales and time at the top of the charts… VH was more successful with Sammy. The numbers dont lie. But, i am a huge fan of Women and Children First myself , possibly my fave album but then VH ll was incredible and that cannot be denied. But in the end i see it as two separate careers for Eddie and the boys. I also love 5150 and saw the FUCK tour! But OU812 was undeniably a huge success for s reason! Sammy was the logical and best pick for the band. I am surprised however to hear Sammy keep saying “ hes a band guy” because his fame really took hold as a solo artist. I recall talking with fellow rockets about “ did we think Sammy would give up jis solo deal to join the band?” We werent sure he would… but we hopedc. Luckily, he did and the rest is music history! As they say.

  5. To be honest, I thought that it was the best thing to happen for both parties..VH was at their peak with the 1984 album and running the risk of becoming stale. The different sound that came from SH was a injection of talent needed to keep on the right path for at least their first 3 albums together..

  6. If it was the truth he thought they would call him, then it isn’t narcissistic. What he said back then has nothing to do with whose songs are better. That’s a strawman argument. It has nothing to do with what hagar said.

    Jealous of David Lee Roth? Lol.

  7. The minute Sammy said the Dead were thinking about having him be the replacement for Jerry, I knew he was cracked beyond repair. What a joke. 😂

  8. How is it narcissistic to think a band is going to call you when it turns out they do, and you spend a decade with them? Getting either Ozzy or Dio would have darkened VH beyond recognition, it wasn’t that kind of band. Even Sammy was a lot less goofy than Dave.

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