Former Van Halen Singer Blasts David Lee Roth’s Character

Former Van Halen singer Sammy Hagar blasted David Lee Roth by touching on his character, his stage performance, his fake image, and more.

As some of you know, Sammy Hagar and David Lee Roth are former Van Halen singers. In 1985, Hagar replaced Roth and recorded four albums with the band.

Recently, Hagar made an appearance on Inside With Paulo Baron to discuss David Lee Roth. Focusing on Roth’s presents himself to the public, Hagar blasted him and said he is fake: “Well, the first thing I’d say is I look at him and I think, ‘Wow. He’s a strange person. He’s a strange character.’ He’s not what he’s saying he is; he’s pretending. He’s totally bullshit.

“Everything he does is thought up and it’s an image. It’s nothing to do with who he is; he’s not exposing who and what he is. And I know this for a fact. I knew that the first time I saw him. I said, ‘This guy, he’s putting on an image, putting on a show.’

“He goes back home and goes in his house, and he’s a whole different guy — nothing to do with that guy [you see on stage]. He’s not honest about his image and his performance. That’s what I see when I see him; that’s how I feel. But I tried to be friends.”

Later, Hagar continued by their teaming up for a co-headlining 2002 tour. He has blasted him once again and said Roth was the words guy to be around.

“When we did our together, I thought it was gonna be so much fun. I thought, ‘If he’s anything like he claims to be, we’re gonna have a good time.’ But he wasn’t.

“He was the worst guy to be around. He wasn’t ever around. He hides out. You never see him. He puts on this whole big front and comes out, ‘I’m here. David Lee Roth is here,’ and then he goes and hides again.

“I don’t think he’s happy. He’s never been married; never had a relationship; never had children. It’s, like, man, how do you live like that? I don’t know. I’m a family man. And I love women — I love women and children… He hasn’t aged well — his voice. [Laughs] I don’t know. It’s hard.”

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  1. I was wondering if maybe David Lee Roth might be gay and that’s why he he hates everyone, including himself, because he really wants to be himself but has a reputation that he’s a ladies’ man??

  2. Sammy Hagar has been implying DLR is gay since 1985- when Dave was surrounded by groupies and women etc… Apollonia Kotero- confirms she dated Dave from 1982-84, it’s on YouTube this year. Stacy Yarborough dated DLR in 1990s- he mentions her in many interviews as ‘the stripper from Dallas’ and in Howerd Stern interview 1997/98 he mentions his ‘Ex’ now dating basket ball player Dennis Rodman and there is an interview she gave to a newspaper about the interior of Daves house. If Dave is gay, we are assuming this because there are no GF/women or children that we know of or that he’s been seen with. So where are all the boyfriends? Why are there no pics or drama of him dating the men? Truth is he’s not gay- he’s a loner who can’t sustain a longterm relationship with ANYONE, he’s too dysfunctional, a narcissistic perhaps. Just read Running with the Devil by Noel Monk.

  3. Found myself here after watching an old MTV Vaults clip from 1985. In it were the mtv stars of that year. DLR was one. He came off very strange so I googled him. Oh he’s the singer in Van Halen? Let me look up a video. Wait…why is she prancing around and sashaying like a flamboyant woman in this music video? Is he gay???

    And that is how I got here.

  4. First of all why are people making comments that have no proof about DLR. IT only shows pure ignorance and seems like they dont have much of a life other than come on social media and bash the guy. The guy was lead singer for VH and he did the best he could to entertain the audience.
    It’s best to leave the guy alone and try to get on with your lives. It seems Diamond Dave has.

  5. Sammy is Sammy, a wild musician. Dave is an actor – he gets up for the role, has fun but then is spent when it’s over. There are plenty of Sammy types and Dave types and we all know them. Many are comedians. A lot of people have to put on their game face to go to work at Burger King (fill in the blank) when they’d rather hide out at home.

  6. Ranting insinuation only makes us suspect Sammy of bitterness.
    Why bother with this utter shit? Ooh, it sells interviews? Cool.
    Gee, Dave’s weird. Who’d a think it.

  7. Had a backstage pass at the VH concert back in 1979 or maybe 1980. Ran smack into DLR with two tall, gorgeous model type girls/chicks with tons of long hair and huge boobs over flowing while each girl hung on to DLR’s arms. Then, here’s me, a naive, conservatively dressed younger girl without boobs or piles of teased hair, feeling a bit insecure at the sight of all of this. This is as close as I’ve ever come to a “Celebrity” in my 18 or 19 years of my life! More than anything I wanted him to look at me as adoringly as he did at the other two or at least a smile to indicate he acknowledged me.
    Much to my dismay, Nothing even closely happened like that! When I was certain he did see me, he began to laugh out loud while looking straight at me (I was very close, only 7-8 feet away) then he poked the other two females that he was with with the back of his hand then pointed straight at me with a full on belly laugh! All three were looking and laughing right at my face! Yes, I didn’t have the same money for fancy dresses, the fancy shoes, or “anything else” it took to look the way they did but I am happy today for not being those Fake and vicious women and especially that DLR who thought he was some kind of gift to women! Look at DLR today and tell me if he’s happy? I really don’t think he can be..he’s not blessed with Love or family or even genuine friends! I have to agree with Sammy Hagar about (DLR) his poor character!!! Hey Dave, look up the definition of “character” I don’t think you have one or if you do it’s definitely in need of a complete overhaul!
    I feel sorry for you Dave, I do! You’re a sad & Lonely person!

  8. Dave is Dave you all need to get a life and not comment or worry about what Dave is doing now ., Dave has had more sex than any of you married or not.I compare him to ol Hef and is one of the only rockers to make news for having a multi million dollar paternity insurance,what does that tell you? I met Dave a few times I used to work with his Dad a medical doctor and never saw anything to suspect your speculations Dave is a superior performer compared to the dumbass red head from shit town Fontana ! Sammy your are a bitter selfish dick, your career would have been dead if it wasn’t for David and the crew so get over it and stop talking shit do you remainder when opened multiple times for Van Halen how about showing some appreciation and stop running your mouth you dumb ass carrot head !

  9. Don’t you love all these gay comments, if you used your brains, every rock band from that era looked “gay”, all wore leotards, make up bright colors, even motley crue looked gay, it was just a very very bad era for fashion

  10. I got here because I have heard that DLR is gay. It doesn’t really matter, I’m just curious. I watched a piece on him last night on “Decades” since it was his birthday yesterday. They implied a couple of times without coming right out and saying it calling him “flamboyant” (duh) and when he talked about how he enjoyed the fringe benefits of being a rock star, the clip while he’s saying this shows him hugging an attractive young man. I thought it was weird that they would do that.

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