Guns N’ Roses’ Slash Sends Respectful Post To Celebrate Angus Young’s Birthday

Guns N’ Roses guitarist Slash, who has been considered one of the greatest musicians by rock fans, has just shared a special post to celebrate AC/DC leader Angus Young‘s birthday and showed how he respects him.

Angus Young, one of the greatest guitarists of rock history, has turned 66 on March 31. Throughout his golden career with AC/DC, Angus Young has released twenty albums in total. Also, in 2003, Angus Young and AC/DC members were inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame and honored by rockers.

Anyway, in a recent Instagram post, Slash, one of the closest friends of Angus Young, has sent his respects for Angus Young and shared that with his 3.5m followers.


As some of those who follow Slash on Instagram, he captions a few words to share his thoughts about the moment he shares. Also, he always adds his iconic smiley at the end of his caption.

“Happy Birthday #AngusYoung iiii]; )’,” Slash captioned.

Under the post, the people who follow Slash have sent some words as a comment to celebrate Angus Young‘s birthday. According to a fan named Hank, Angus Young helped him to love the guitar playing.


In the celebration post, Slash has sent an iconic photo of Angus Young. As some of you might know, he raises his hands to his head and makes horns on both sides.

He was wearing a red jacket and a red hat. He looked as iconic as his previous appearances.

Here’s the photo shared by Slash:

photo credit: Slash Instagram

Just like their band member, Guns N’ Roses has also sent a touching post to celebrate Angus Young‘s birthday. They’ve sent two different photos to show their respect for him.

In the first photo, AC/DC membersAxl RoseDuff McKaganSlash, were alongside Angus Young on backstage. They were laughing while looking at each other.

When people have swiped to reach the second photo, they’ve seen a photo of the same members. But this time, they were on stage and rocking the crowd with their iconic performances.

“Happy Fn birthday, Angus,” Guns N’ Roses captioned.

You can see the photos shared by Guns N’ Roses below.

photo credit: Guns N’ Roses Instagram
photo credit: Guns N’ Roses Instagram

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