Ted Nugent Blasts Large Social-Media Companies: “You’re Lying Scum”

Ted Nugent Blasts Large Social-Media Companies: "You're Lying Scum"

The American musician and activist Ted Nugent has blasted the large social-media companies such as Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and Youtube, claiming that they have been blocking users from their platforms sending misinformation.

Ted Nugent is one of the most huge names in rock and roll history. Receiving his international fame for being the vocalist of The Amboy Dukes band, Nugent had released seven studio albums with the band. Debuting in 1967 with its self-titled album, Nugent‘s latest album with the band was their seventh album, 1974-released Tooth, Fang & Claw.

In addition to The Amboy Dukes, Ted Nugent has a respectable solo career. When he released his debut solo studio album in 1975, the self-titled Ted Nugent, the musician’s latest album was released in 2018, named The Music Made Me Do It. Except for those albums, Nugent has thirteen solo studio albums in his discography.

Outside of music, Ted Nugent has been a supporter of the former US President Donald Trump, who was suspended from his social accounts in early 2021. For a while, the rocker has also been talking about the COVID-19 realities and saying that he doesn’t believe it.

In his recent YouTube live stream on January 20, Ted Nugent talked about social media platforms’ injustice while also touching on their information about COVID-19 measures. Saying that Big Tech fact-checkers are liars, he once again showed off his disagreement with COVID-19 reality.


“Boy, does Big Tech crush the First Amendment, like some kind of devil grease gangbangers,” Nugent said.

“Hey, Big Tech fact checkers, you’re lying scum. And they all have to put up a COVID alert misinformation. No, no, no — everything from Big Tech and the media and the government, that’s the misinformation.

“When I share Frontline Doctors and epidemiologists and virologists, experts, lifetime dedicated, professional healthcare specialists, doctors and scientists, when I express their findings, that’s not misinformation; that’s pertinent information.

“Big Tech, the media and the government, academia and Hollywood, when they identify stuff coming out of me — ’cause I don’t have any medical or science hunches; I’m cocky but I’m not that stupid.

“So I go to the professional healthcare, dedicated Frontline Doctors, and I share truth, logic and medical common sense. And when they identify it as misinformation, that’s the misinformation. Okay? So let’s be forewarned.”

Ted Nugent Admits He ‘Can’t Believe They Haven’t Kicked Me Off Yet’

Ted Nugent then touched on his surprise against large social-media platforms’ decision. According to him, it was surprising that they haven’t kicked him off yet in their platforms after he always talked criticizing. Nugent also mentioned his wife’s suspension from social media and said it was unfair because she is the sweetest and harmless person he’s ever known.

“I can’t believe they haven’t kicked me off yet,” he admitted. “Twitter has kicked off Shemane. She’s like Mother Teresa, Joan Of Arc.

“She’s the greatest, sweetest, harmless woman that ever walked the earth, and she’s kicked off Twitter because she said something positive about Donald Trump — inconsequential; just a compliment.

“By the way, you know the First Amendment? That was not given to us by the government. That didn’t start when they wrote it in the Constitution.

“Tell me you know that when they wrote down self-evident truth in the Constitution and the Bill Of Rights that those rights and those freedoms didn’t begin there; they already existed. We didn’t need a man to put it to paper.

“We got ’em from God, from the Creator. We were born with all those freedoms, all those self-evident-truth rights. We just wrote it in the documents in case we experience some prick like King George — Joe Biden — who’s gonna try to play tyrannical emperor kingpunk.

“We just want it on paper just to reference those punks that would try to pry it from our soul. But we know we have it when we’re born, whether it’s on paper or not.”

The Time Nugent Calls Bruce Springsteen A ‘Dirtbag’

During his January 18 appearance on That Jamieson Show, Ted Nugent had sent praising words for Bruce Springsteen, even though he called him a dirtbag. Saying that he makes his music with his heart and soul, Nugent thanked him because they have been shared the reverence and the admiration for musical integrity.


“You couldn’t get further apart ideologically, politically or truth, logic and common sense-wise than me and Bruce Springsteen, but here I’ll show a little love for Bruce,” Ted said.

“I’ve been able to perform on the ‘Conan’ show with E Street Band, which is one of the greatest joys of my life. I’ve always been surrounded by the best musicians, and that’s the perfect example.

“We played ‘Jenny Take A Ride’ by Mitch Ryder, and Max [Weinberg] and the guys performed it with unbelievable accuracy and perfection and soulfulness.

“So I give him that salute for having that quality of virtuosos that deliver his music.

“Instead of going after Bruce for being a dirtbag and supporting communists like Biden and Obama, people that ruined quality of life, especially for minorities – how he can’t see that, I don’t know.


“I would like to salute Bruce Springsteen because he always supported Mitch Ryder and The Detroit Wheels, a foundational, fortified A-10 Warthog of musical authority in all great bands’ lives.

“And if nothing else, if I met Bruce, I wouldn’t punch him. I always have Mike Tyson with me, and I give him a hundred bucks to punch assholes. And I wouldn’t have Mike punch him. I would say, ‘Mike, take a minute off. Go find some other asshole to punch.’

“But I’m gonna say ‘thank you’ to Bruce Springsteen because we share the reverence and the admiration for musical integrity, enthusiasm.

“And you have to admit Bruce’s career is based on his musical heart and soul. The delivery and content of his lyrics I don’t abide by most of the time, but I would thank him for his enriching lives with powerful music. I wouldn’t go into his communist predilections.

“I would also thank him for doing a 9/11 tribute. So he’s got some great, great spirit.”


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