Dokken Guitarist Blasts Ozzy Osbourne For Hiring An 18-Year-old Guitar Player: “Disingenuous”

Dokken Guitarist Blasts Ozzy Osbourne For Hiring An 18-Year-old Guitar Player: "Disingenuous"

In a new interview with Waste Some Time With Jason Green, classic Dokken guitarist George Lynch has blasted Ozzy Osbourne and Ronnie James Dio for hiring a young guitar player and said that they’re disingenuous.

Ozzy Osbourne, who’s been struggling with serious health issues for a long time, has been singing and rocking out the heavy metal community for more than 50 years. He started to fly the metal flag for over the years when he first joined Black Sabbath, which is a band that Osbourne had come to prominence. Besides his Sabbath career, Osbourne has a huge solo career.

However, in his recent appearance online, the Dokken guitarist has discussed an issue he has with some musicians, including Ozzy Osbourne and Ronnie James Dio. He also mentioned Judas Priest and Whitesnake and said that he doesn’t understand why those older musicians hiring young musicians.

“I think about any of these legacy bands like Whitesnake, Judas Priest,” he said. “All along the past years, I’ve had little incidents of opportunities or discussions of being in other bands.

“But what I never got was why these guys would want to go with a newer cat. ‘Yeah, you’re shredder and all this, you can do all that and play over the top and play 19 fingers and billions of notes…’

“But if you’re a classic, legacy, blues-based, hard rock band, that’s what you want, you want that guy. And whether it’s me or somebody else, I don’t understand why these older cats go for the young guys.”

The Guitarist Says Ozzy Osbourne Is Disingenuous To Him

The guitarist later discussed Ozzy Osbourne and Ronnie James Dio and said that they made the same thing that Whitesnake and Judas Priest did. He said that hiring young guitarists as an older musicians is disingenuous to him.

“It’s just very disingenuine to me. Like Ozzy, or Ronnie James Dio hiring an 18-year old guitar player, and he’s like 70 – that doesn’t make any sense,” he revealed.

“Dude, get guys your age that comes from the same place. And that’s what people want to hear too. I want to hear, like, Deep Purple, I don’t want to hear some shred guy in Deep Purple, I want Blackmore, I want to hear those songs, and I want to hear that.

“That’s the thing. If you’re Bon Jovi – I’m speculating, nothing about Bon Jovi’s business, but I’m sure Richie Sambora was getting a giant percentage as a founding member versus whoever they could hire.

“I mean, paying 10k a week, that’s nothing compared to what a founding member is getting off a band that’s making those guarantees.”

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  1. I agree with you about George. George and the more seasoned veterans require a larger paycheck maybe?

  2. George’s without a doubt a fantastic guitar player. With that said…maybe the bands he’s talking about don’t want to be showed up.

  3. What an asshat. Dio is dead you dick. His last guitarist was Tony Iommi. You might have heard of him since he only invented metal you wanker.

  4. Yeah, and how is he going to cite money as a factor? Like, playing with big names on stage doesn’t open all kinds of doors for these young musicians. He’s butthurt and talking out of his ass.

  5. George hasn’t had a hit since like 89. They are giving younger kids a shot and sharing success and mentoring. Rip ronnie james Dio . George slow your role Dio isn’t here for a rebuttal. Whitesnake? I know the guys in that band they are all in their 50s 60s and 70s .

  6. If you take a look around right now, rock is near dead. Any kind of rock.

    Ozzy Osbourne is a brand. He’s 72. Why should he add a 72 year old when he can grab a young player, maybe sell some more tickets, maybe freshen up the sound, and make an effort at relevance.

    But you can’t top Alice Cooper / Nita Strauss. She’s …. blonde. And she can play … really really fast while she throws that hair around. I couldn’t call her a great guitarist, but she sure is fast. She sells tickets. What other chance would Alice Cooper have to get new fans.

  7. I’m a metal guitarist that’s been around,
    say over 40, and into playing downtuned
    numeta now but I’ve also been into Dokken going back to Breakin The Chains. I’d say
    that Ozzy Osbourne should hire whatever
    guitar player he wants regardless of age
    because it’s Ozzy’s band. Whoever it is
    needs to be a hell of a pro guitarist, it’s
    a very challenging position.

  8. Old bitter fuck. Get over it. There are younger players on the field and Ozzy has always worked with upcoming talents

  9. hey Antony Tate, you totally don’t get it. it’s like hearing what it was really like at the original Woodstock from an 18 year old journalist as opposed to hearing it from someone that was actually in the crowd watching it live. I went to see diamond Dave of van Halen fame at streeters
    in traverse city
    and he had young guns playing for him and it was obvious they were there just to get paid(I’m sure a lot less than say Steve vai or Zack Wilde) and it was blatantly clear there was no feeling or connection with the crowd or the music of which they were playing and with a mocking tone. that was the general consensus of the music crowd there and I asked many people. the generic musicians don’t bring the real magic of the music to the true fans.getting young cheap labor to replace iconic roles doesn’t resonate with the true music fans from back in the day.he is not referring to himself but all musicians of the era that were there when the magic materialized ,they are just being cheapskates and the true music fans are the ones being shorted

  10. Well George, considering Rock as a whole is losing out to talented artists such as Cardi B, when a young guitarist is found, and meets some rare criteria that’s needed, such as they love what they do, have drive to play, and actually tries to be good, they should be given a chance to play with the big names…..which sadly, you arent. Go suck your sour grapes away from kids who want to play the same kind of music you do.

  11. I could not agree more with Antonio C Tates comment… in my opinion, (and everyone’s got one…) this shit really pisses me off… I say right on Ozzy and Dio, (R.I.P. Dio)!!! #1. For giving that 18 year old the gig, which I know for a 100% fact that ANY 18 yr old skilled guitar player would take the gig in a heartbeat. #2. Myself, being a rock and metal drummer, would absolutely love to have been onstage, preferably with Ozzy, playing drums for. Hell, I get chills just thinking about it. My final thought… Black Sabbath with Ozzy, created Hard Rock/ Heavy Metal. Along with Tony, Geezer and Bill, (R.I.P. Bill). Soundscto me that someone is butt hurt that he wasn’t given the opportunity to play with those guys. And soooooo many 18 yr old dudes out there would blow Green out of the water when it comes to guitar playing.

  12. Total bs. The sound rules. If some 19 yr old kid has a badass sound, style and energy and can help move a stale band forward then by all means do it

  13. This, coming from a guy who taught “straight out of the book” at Dee Rhoads school (his words). Shit dude, you were part of that scene… I’m sensing some butthurt, due to every player Ozzy hired(save one),was better than him, anyways. C’mon Georgie beach, get some fuel from the momma head.. lol.

  14. Lynch should just shut up. Ozzy can hire whoever he wants to. He is a great influence on younger musicians getting into the business.

  15. Sounds like George is struggling with a bit of Rock n’ Roll irrelevance. Probably doesn’t realize he sounds like a grumpy ol’fuck. Anyway, Ozzy has been introducing us to amazing guitarists since he went solo- Randy Rhoads, Jake E. Lee, Zakk Wylie, etc. Actually Jake E. Lee was Dio’s guitarist before he teamed up with Ozzy and was replaced by Vivian Campbell. By the way- all of these guitarists were and are far more talented than George.

  16. Funny he mentioned Deep Purple – the band who actually has that “wise” older guy on the guitar Steve Morse – playing his own BS instead of playing Ritchie’s solos in classic Deep Purple songs…

  17. Dude, how do you arrive to mention Bon Jovi while talking about Ozzy and Dio and Priest… Btw- how Steve Morse performance in Deep Purple is working out for you, the guy refuses to play Ritchie’s solos in all cost…

  18. Well its kinda like old guys who can still play doing reunion gigs for money with original members who lost it years ago

  19. Lynch is a self-absorbed ass. He always has been. I met him when Dokken was on the Dysfunctional tour. I couldn’t believe how arrogant he was. I am thinking “Dude! I can play your parts better live than you can and you wanna cop a God complex with me?” He has always been sore at Ozzy for him picking Randy and Jake both over him.

  20. He can hire anyone he wants its his band! Im sure he heard him play so he must of realy liked the way he played! So mind ur own da– business your not paying who he hires so just get off his back why don’t you?

  21. Who the fuck made him the arbiter of what is genuine? Who cares if someone got a new younger guitarist. If you play for Dokken… Worry the fuck about Dokken bro. Saying shit like this just makes it look like youre begging for validation or attention or that you feel the only way you can be relevant again is to mention Ozzy or Dio. Geeze get some real problems in your life bud

  22. I get Lynch’s point. Just because I guy can shred, doesn’t mean the material, the stuff people remember necessarily needs it.
    Rhoades, other certainly could shred, but it still had soul and character. No disrespect to Satriani or Yngvie, those guys, buy sometimes less is more.
    Ask Keef. He’ll show you.

  23. George is right, its totally taken out of context…Why hire a young shredder when you can actually get more INFLUENCE from a 50 or 60 yo with 40 years of shredding experience..Its a phaze and George Lynch is in the top 10 GOATs…
    Those of you that talk trash on here about George Lynch probably dont play guitar At All!
    Im a musician myself and respectfully
    see his point, TOTALLY!

  24. Maybe if Dokken or yourself had an 1/8 of the catalog that Ozzy or Dio has you wouldn’t have to be giving your opinions on how someone else should run their band

  25. Hiring the 18 yr old is just marketing and very much a gimmick, to draw in the younger folks who have no idea who Black Sabbath or deep purple or George Lynch is. Ronnie has been dead awhile, no need to throw shade on a legend.

  26. Waaah Ozzy and Dio and Priest wouldn’t hire me and people only know my band for one song :(.. Now I’m gonna shit on the young crowd because I don’t care about the future of this craft and I don’t
    understand the power of youth.

  27. Nah George, no one wants to just see a bunch of old geezers up there. Maybe get better at guitar and play better than the young guys. But you can’t. You’re an average guitar player by these days standards and can’t hack it

  28. Anybody else tired of hearing these guys whine about what ultimately comes down to money? The value of George’s guitar collection probably rivals the value of my house so forgive me for not shedding a tear.

  29. I think it’s awesome that the old guard are giving the next generation opportunities to learn and grow. Dude sounds like a whiner!

  30. Slow down George, U r a great guiartist but easy on Priest, that kid is good n now that Glenn is not touring, great replacement 4 him not KK.

  31. He’s right, cheapness is never good. Choosing quantity over quality is not doing us fans a favor, surprised so few can figure that out here.

  32. so I guess it was a mistake to hire Randy Rhoads when he was how old? I mean he could’ve hired Tommy Tedesco. the most recorded guitarist of all time!? and hiring Zakk Wylde was a bad move because he was only 19 when they wrote No Rest For The wicked. Fire in the sky… miracle man… bloodbath in paradise… crazy babies… I guess maybe Eric Clapton would have been the right choice \_(🥴)_/`

  33. Any article that mentions Ozzy makes me laugh. Yeah. He was awesome when he was in his teens and twenties. Now he drools on himself, probably from snorting live ants and other things that sound awesome to some people. Now you can have a more cogent conversation with the mumbling homeless guy in front of the 7-11. What does it matter if his guitarist is 18vor 118. Seeing him live can’t look much different than seeing him dead at this point.

  34. George lynch is a top notch guitarist . I’ve seen him live many times. But, he should have just come out and said that he wants to play with one of these bands. Maybe the British bands like to go with relatively unknown replacements like Faulkner in Priest. Lynch would be a great fit for an Ozzy tour though. But I think Zach Wylde has that for as long as he wants.

  35. Did George forget that he just collaborated with Dino Jelusic to form “Dirty Shirley”? Dino is in his early 20’s. He doesn’t play guitar but it’s the same idea if you ask me.

  36. Ok, for fuck sake George, are you pissed cause they didn’t ask you. Reason why they hire you guitarists is money, you should know this by now. A guitarist wont get paid like hiring someone like you. For example: Randy Rhodes didn’t get paid squat at first, he was treated like shit. Thats why they hire young and new guitarist, fucking dickhead

  37. I love me some George Lynch. When I grew up, I was a die hard Dokken and Priest fan. I defended and promoted them to all my friends. Other then VH, nobody could touch them. Their 1986 tour hit the Cap Center in Largo MD rocked when they rolled in.
    As far as the young guitarists, Priest was wrong to replace KK, but I think Ozzy needs a muse. Randy was his guy, Dio just needed som excitement and is Whitesnake even Whitesnake anymore.

    Hey George you owe me a show. I went to see Aerosmith at the Cap Center just to see you guys. Back for the Attack tour. You played one and half shit songs then passed out. DC101 said you were dehydrated, I call BS. Lmk when you come back around. I’ve got that Wicked Sensation!!

  38. Maybe these older guys want to retire, perhaps travel for pleasure and not business, spend time with lived ones?

  39. Damn, I would be ashamed to be this much of a crybaby.Don’t feel too bad, somebody will hire you.

  40. Sounds like he’s pretty jealous. In music, it’s all about talent. Age has nothing to do with anything. I think he’s butt-hurt because he’s o my had a couple of hits where every band he mentioned is huge.

    One other thing…. Richie Faulkner gave JP new life. The last 2 albums were huge and, that said, proves my point.

  41. George is the Labron James of music. Only in the sense he believes his opinions matter more than most. BTW Dokken sucked.

  42. Generally I would agree with George, and this makes sense. Because what ya see these days are a lot of young virtuoso players in instrumental bands, boring, no solid songs with vocals. Though Priest’s addition of Ritchie Faulkner has really awoken that band, sorry KK.

  43. Sounds like ole george, while great guitarist In his own right, is still butthurt from not getting picked out of auditions for Ozzy. IMHO, the reason older artists get young guys in is to stay relevant, being able to cross generations in some way and still make music and money. I wouldn’t fault them, they’ve both had longer more prosperous carrers than george. Not taking away from George, he was a early influence on me, and I’ve liked almost everything he’s put out, he’s just not a good fit for Ozzy or Dio.

  44. Just another old dude that’s jealous of young and skilled guitarists. I’m sorry not everyone one of us is 70 and conservative about the music scene. We’re young, fast, and new. We’re the future of metal. Get over it or get bent.

  45. Love George ,was a legend but for him to trash any new guys coming up and trash legends like Ozzy an Dio is just weak and cries of major insecurities

  46. The funny thing about young guitarist joining older bands. George Lynch’s daughter is married to Ritchie Faulkner the young gun in Judas Priest.

  47. Bottom line is $ why pay a known shedder like George when you can get a unknown , look somewhat younger as a band and someone who will play for penies on the dollar. Dio paid his first line up a $100 a week per diem with promises of royalties the next big record plus im sure there was a paycheck but not much. A well known producer told me a story about Sharon asking him to record a live album for her for Ozzy and what he would charge. He gave her the number she responed ” I was thinking more along the lines of 50£. Which most studios charge an hour. Its a business. Why pay a well established player big bucks when someone will do it just to get exposure and a gig with a national act. A lot of hired guns dont even hit minimum wage. If you have Netflix watch Hired Gun it’ll surprise you.

  48. Because he’s Ozzy, and because you’re George Lynch, Izzy can do whatever he wants……TOOL !!

  49. Ozzy tends to go for younger lead guitarist. So what, who cares. Ozzy’s band, Ozzy’s concert, Ozzy’s music, Ozzy’s merchandise. Ozzy’s business, not guitar players from other bands. Man if that’s you got to worry and bitch about, you have too much spare time.

  50. Funniest thing I’ve ever read. Yeah Ozzy, hire a 70 year old like you, yknow, one who has arthritic fingers and can’t even pick the guitar up. Oh, yeah, I forgot, you did…with Black Sabbath. Also, George, your music sucks balls.

  51. So the ‘young guy’ in priest is richie faulkner which is his daughters other half so is he taking shots at family? Lol I thought they got on :-/

  52. George has a point since hes better than most of these guy’s over the years anyways…Just as well he probably would have gotten fucked over by Sharon anyways at some point…

  53. Rock is dead?? I don’t know what rock your head is under Wilson Present. And Ozzy drools on himself?? You fuckers are so far off it’s comical. And to even mention Cardi B in this conversation? She is talentless. But back to the point. George Lynch is 100% still chapped because he was passed over in favor of OTHER guitarist. It’s not about age, it’s about ability. And to the duck who said Alice Cooper couldn’t sell tickets without Nita Strauss…he is awesome in concert with or without her. And yes, I’ve seen him both ways. So to those of you who are ripping on these musicians/bands…go fuck yourselves 🖕🖕🤣🤣

  54. Are they hired to just tour? Because that would make since in a way. If you have 5-8 members touring, what are the odds of 1 or 2 not being able to finish tour because of health issues if they are all 50 +

  55. Lynch has been passed up by ev3ryone for as long as 77, Gene Simmons went to see his band and went with vivant Halen ! Then Ozzy passed on him several times. He is my that good,just an average guitarist who always tries to sound like whatever is popular. He isn’t a trend setter ,but a trend follower That is why he is boring George Lynch, miss scary !

  56. Lynch has been passed up by ev3ryone for as long as 77, Gene Simmons went to see his band and went with vivant Halen ! Then Ozzy passed on him several times. He is my that good,just an average guitarist who always tries to sound like whatever is popular. He isn’t a trend setter ,but a trend follower That is why he is boring George Lynch, miss scary !

  57. I think there’s 3 very good reasons for doing what they do 1) economics, why pay George Lynch $10 k a night, which he has spent a lifetime earning when you can pay George smiths $10k a year to play the same notes. 2) gene Simmons is infamous for the discoveries he’s made over the decades, as is frank Zappa , why not spread the love? 3) a 20 year old has fewer opinions and ideas. And health issues an ‘requirements’ than does a 70 yo ‘expert’

  58. George Lynch trying to make himself relevant in a post Dokken world. Lynch mob didn’t shake the Earth and classic metal is just that “classic” as in OLD. I was there when it was happening and that was 40 years ago. As to Ozzy, well he’s also washed up. Latest ridiculous act is GnR trying to be relevant…Stop living in the past.

  59. Is someone crying like a bitch cuz he ain’t doing shit remember George you an Don Dolmen still can’t get along thats why you have no play time. It’s OZZY business or I should say Sharon’s business who she hires to play with Ozzy. So get over it George todays hard rock heavy metal is better then the stuff you played. I’m 52 yrs old an I like the stuff being played now days instead of the 80s hair band crap “ballet shit”!!

  60. I understand somewhat on both sides but the bottom line is this is Ozzy’s band and he can hire whoever he wants. I believe it is a good move that surely has some futuristic motives for the better. He has been around a long time and still putting on a good show. He made a good move. A great guitarist can play anything, no matter where they come from or how long they have been around. Much love going out to all. Everyone be safe and good to each other, we are the world.

  61. First off, no matter what Wilson Present (whoever the fuck that is.. lol), rock isn’t dead. Maybe to you it is, but for millions of other fans not even close. Sorry you’re stuck in whatever decade u come from, but like every thing else rock evolves and there are many kick ass bands out here carrying the torch. So 🖕 off with that nonsense. Secondly, while George Lynch is a kick ass guitar player in his own right, he sounds very bitter with his comment. They can hire whomever they want to hire and obviously it wasn’t you so you’re all butthurt George, not a good look for you George. So grow the hell up old man. 🤘😂😂😂 Keep on rockin in all the world y’all.. 😉👍

  62. This guy has been in the news a lot lately making bullshit comments about different musicians he has either worked with or would have liked to. He evidently is out of money and thinks they owe him something. Let’s all pray for his sorry ass

  63. All of you retards explaining the reasons for hiring young pups are actually supporting Lunch’s viewpoint, but you’re so stupid that you think you’re arguing against him. Everything you said are disingenuous reasons to hire someone. “Cheap labor”, “sells tickets”, “stay relevant”, “cross generations”, etc. = DISINGENUOUS. The only two considerations a sincere ARTIST makes are: 1. Musical skill, and 2. How well the new member fits in with the band. They have to be around the same age as the rest of the band, or it is absolutely disingenuous.

  64. OZZY has a good mind and has made great discussions in the past! So I’m thinking give the kid a chance, probably blow the doors off Lynch, and old George will fade away deeper into his past. I actually seen Dio play before his passing and Tony Iommi rocked with Dio again forgot the name of the band though! And was surprised to see Dio with Iommi! It was a real treat.

  65. If Ozzy would have picked up anybody after Rhandy Rhodes died, besides 16 year old ZAKKE WYLDE. His career would have been over. And he’d probably have died a long time ago.
    Nobody wants to hear a 65 year old still playing the same rifts from the 80s and never learning anything new

  66. I definitely agree with George on this one. Makes sense. But, in the end, They aren’t George’s bands.

  67. George you’re a washed-up never has been how dare you insult the memory of Ronnie James Dio or the legend of Ozzy no one wants you in their band old man you would never that good to begin with and dokken socks age doesn’t matter it’s about the feel go away George

  68. Ronnie only had rowan Robertson for 1 album. The rest were close to an age of his and the rest of his band. Toni Iommi was his age. And I didn’t know there was an age criteria for hiring a guitarist. It’s his decision when it was his band Dio.

  69. Funny he mentions judas priest in hiring younger musicians, guess he forgot about his son in law Ritchie Faulkner being hired by them whose like 30 years younger than kk…

  70. I can’t stand the mindset of most of you (previouse commenter’s)!!! George Lynch Deserves far more Respect , Has Earned his seat, As One of the top Three Heavy metal/Hard Rock Guitar player’s , Of his. ERA,In the time of Edward Van Halen, RandyRhoades and George Lynch. I don’t see any you putting out anything more than ‘ here’s your chance to make a name for yourself via slamming George Lynch for having an opinion. Fact is George is totally Right. It is disingenuous! Guykim.

  71. I’m not positive this is what the situation is, but I’ve seen plenty of George Lynch videos and know people that have worked with him. With that said, this article is extremely poorly written and it sounds as though it’s either completely bullshit OR it has been misquoted and/or out of context. I don’t believe George would just shoot his mouth off like that. He’s a really cool and mellow respectful guy. So I’m thinking this article is just trash and concocted to get a reaction out of people and thereby more readers. Not cool. Ya’ll are bitches. Fuckin media man… Some of y’all need to get Fuckin lynched. No pun intended George.

  72. I pretty sure George is aware of WHY Ozzy in particular, hires young guys all the time. Ozzy has said over hundreds of interviews, several times, why. Ozzy showcases guitarists that he thinks haven’t gotten a fair shake, previously. That’s it. He does it in honor of Randy. It’s just that simple. Lighten up, George. We all still love ya, brother.

  73. What a bunch of nobody’s with crap opinions for one everyone know that if they go see Izzy they expect to see zack as much as sharron what’s to make stuff new just ask Gus not sure what this idiot on here are talking about new shred should go out and make a name for them selfs not on somebody elses coat tails I think most of you need a life outside of reading other people opinions and commenting on there stupid ideas bet every person that comment here is bald with long hair a crap music likes just saying whinny little babies

  74. These click-bait stories… all they do is assure you receive more of the same in your algorithm… George Lynch, like many people, is a contrarian with a quirky sense of humor and his comments are frequently taken out of context. Just a few weeks ago he was praising young guitarist Jorden Ziff as a fantastic addition to Ratt…Helped me to notice and watch recent footage that Ziff is indeed incredible in the current Ratt line up, and band chemistry is not reliant on age disparities within the ranks…

  75. It’s because suck! And if you knew ANYTHING ABOUT THE BLUE’S AND ROCK AND ROLL? YOU WOULD BE EMBARRASSED. I guess rocking the world for over 50 year’s wouldn’t have anything to do with it. Love Ya Ozzy! Without you. I couldn’t even imagine. And I have NEVER LISTENED TO DOKKEN! Get over it. You sound like Tommy. Asshole!

  76. Did anyone forget to notice how good the “rock-n-roll” legend is looking these days… I love me some Ozzy! I don’t care who is playing the guitar. Ozzy is and always will be an amazing rock – n – roll legend and an amazing delegate of the rock – n – roll guitarists, then now, and I hope to see a new album!

    Ozzy rocks!…man…

  77. Awesome musicians taking in younger musicians. Music needs to be passed down. That’s the way it has always been. He sounds like a jealous snob.

  78. What a cry baby little bitch. The old guys play the same ol crap. Bring in a young guy. New feel. New way of playing. Go play your pentatonic scales super super fast boomer!!

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