AC/DC Engineer Makes Flash Comments To Reveal The Difference Of The Band’s Sound

One of the renowned engineers of the rock ‘n’ roll community, Mike Fraser, known for his golden works with AC/DC, opened up about AC/DC’s latest album ‘Power Up’ and revealed what the difference between AC/DC’s sound among the other bands.

Speaking about AC/DC’s sound, the engineer touched fans’ thoughts, which says AC/DC is like a three-chord band. According to him, AC/DC is more than three-chords and claimed that AC/DC was not doing that because of money, fame, or anything.

When the interviewer of Brave Words said, “Do you take it personally when people say that they haven’t changed their sound in decades, and you are the one who’s guiding the sound?”, the engineer replied:

“Not really. I know what everybody means; they think AC/DC is like a three-chord band. Well, if you listen to their songs, it’s not three chords, it’s more than that. But that’s their sound.

“Some bands have great success in a direction and they get bored with that, so they change it, they try to chase what’s popular. AC/DC doesn’t because they love doing it, they are not doing it for money, fame, or anything. That’s kind of the difference.”

You can listen the entire interview below.

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