David Draiman Thinks Vince Neil ‘Looks Healthy’ And ‘Sounds Good’ On Stadium Tour

David Draiman Thinks Vince Neil 'Looks Healthy' And 'Sounds Good' On Stadium Tour

Disturbed frontman David Draiman has shared his thoughts on the current state of the body shape of Mötley Crüe singer Vince Neil. He said the singer looked healthy and sounded good.

Over the years, Vince Neil had been the person who was criticized by Mötley Crüe fans because of his body shape. Although Mötley Crüe‘s reunion announcement made a lot of fans happy, there were also people who were disappointed by the body health of Vince Neil, who was overweight and singing pretty bad, according to the band’s fans.

As you remember, Vince Neil had walked off the stage after admitting his voice had gone when he had been playing in Iowa with his solo band, saying, “It’s been a long time playin’. My fu**in’ voice is gone.” He then worked hard to get in shape, and he succeeded. But unfortunately, during his show at Monsters On The Mountain festival, he fell off the stage and broke his ribs.

These days, Vince Neil has been doing well with Mötley Crüe‘s Stadium Tour shows. After Crüe started stadium shows, Vince Neil had been reviewed by a lot of people. While one of those said he “has sounded and looked better than he did in 2015,” another one touched on the singer’s vocal shortcomings, saying that those are “largely covered by red and white lights and sheer adrenaline.”


However, one of those artists who praised Vince Neil was Disturbed singer David Draiman. He took to his official Twitter account to mention the singer’s current state of voice and body health. He showed off his respect for Neil after his hard-working.

“Proud of Vince Neil,” Draiman tweets via his verified social media account. “Videos I’ve seen of the stadium tour have been great. Sounding good, looking healthy. Good for you brother. Keep knocking em dead @MotleyCrue.”

It was not the first time David Draiman talked about Vince Neil. On July 7, he tweeted some supportive words for Vince after a piece of clips had been revealed while the singer was using a teleprompter on stage.

“All you parasitic vultures pretending to be journalists who broke the ‘big story’ that Vince Neil/Mötley Crüe uses a teleprompter onstage should really find a new line of work,” he said. “SO FUCKING WHAT? Most artists with extensive catalogs do. Leave the guy alone FFS.”

The Time Vince Neil Criticized Mötley Crüe Members Over Needing A Support

Back this past June, Vince Neil talked about needing support that he hadn’t received from his bandmates in Mötley Crüe. Revealing the time he was unhappy about getting into the studio, Neil admitted that his bandmates once acted him disrespectfully by criticising his voice and singing.

Vince Neil with Nikki Sixx on 2022's Stadium Tour
(image: Kevin Mazur)

“We always took a little bit of a break after a tour,” Vince says (as transcribed by MetalCastle.net). Because I’ve got to remember tours are usually last about two years but you get used to it. You know… just like an athlete. You get home and you take, you know, maybe a month off, and you’re back in the studio.

“That was the first time was actually, for me, I hated being in the recording studio,” the singer admitted. “I would sing something, and they’d be like ‘No no no, don’t sing it like that… do it like this.’ It was just criticism. And finally I was like, ‘go fuck yourselves’, and I’d just leave. You know, I don’t need criticism. When you’re singing, you need support. Not criticism.”


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