Zakk Wylde Excited Fans On The Current Health Of Ozzy Osbourne

Ozzy Osbourne‘s touring guitarist Zakk Wylde has excited fans about the current state of health of Ozzy and gave information about the future while speaking about when they will touring.

As you know, Ozzy Osbourne has been living tough times for about a few years. Bad luck was always with him and followed him for over the years. But luckily, The Prince of Darkness has said in his every moment that he will not retire soon.

Recently, his touring guitarist Zakk has appeared in a recent interview on Classic Rock. During the interview, Wylde has answered if he was disappointed over not being on the latest Ozzy album. He also revealed the exciting news on the future of Ozzy Osbourne.

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When the interviewer asked if it’s disappointing that not playing on Ordinary Man, Zakk said “not at all. I thought he and Andrew Watt did a great job. And I’m not on the new one either. Again it’s Ozz and Andrew. I understand why I’m not in the studio.

“Ozz once said to me that he didn’t want to be the lead singer in Black Label Society, ‘You have your own thing now, so go to it.’

“I don’t have to be involved in everything Ozz does. I’ll always be there for him and Sharon. If they call now and ask me to go over to feed their dogs for three days… I’m there.”

Wylde Reveals The Possible Touring Date of Ozzy Osbourne

Continuing to talk about Ozzy Osbourne, Wylde has made some good comments about the current health of Ozzy. He also mentioned when they’re gonna hit the road and confirmed they will be back when Ozzy feels good.

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“Yes, I will be,” he said. “Ozz is getting himself back healthy, and then we’ll be back out on the road.”

Zakk Says They Have Long-Term Zakk Sabbath Plans Including Ozzy Osbourne

Concluding his words, Zakk Wylde confirmed another exciting news and said they have long-term plans with Zakk Sabbath, the cover band that formed in 2014. The plans for the future is also included Ozzy Osbourne, which is very exciting for the fans.

“Contractually, the original Black Sabbath can never tour again,” Zakk reveals. “So we have this long-term plan for Zakk Sabbath.

“Firstly, we get Ozz involved and call it Zakk Sabbath Featuring Ozzy. Then Geezer comes in, and it’s Zakk Sabbath Featuring Ozzy & Geezer. Thirdly we get Tony in and have Zakk Sabbath Featuring Ozzy, Geezer & Tony Iommi.”

He continued: “Finally, Bill comes on board and you have Zakk Sabbath Featuring The Original Members Of Black Sabbath! Nobody can claim it’s breaking any contract, because this is Zakk Sabbath, not Black Sabbath.

“That way, if those guys run short of money, here’s a clever way they can play together again live. Genius, right?”

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