The Top 5 Highest-Selling Rush Albums Until 2023

The Top 5 Highest-Selling Rush Albums Until 2022

What is the highest-selling Rush album of all time? How many albums has Rush sold throughout its career? In this article, we will detail the rock band Rush‘s album sales, as well as looking at the band’s highest-selling album.

Formed in Toronto in 1968, Rush was a rock band originally activated until 2018. During that period, the band released 19 studio albums in total. While the self-titled 1974-release Rush marked the band’s debut release, the rock pioneers brought their latest and final studio album back in 2012, named Clockwork Angels. In addition to the studio releases, Rush also released 11 live albums, 11 compilation albums, 11 box sets, 13 video albums, and much more stuff.

Besides the releases, the band played 25 separate shows all over the world. In 1974, they kicked off the Rush Tour to promote its debut album. 40 years later in 2015, the band played its final show, which was named R40 Live Tour. Changing its line-up only one time throughout that 5-decade career, the band’s best-known players were the late Neil Peart, Alex Lifeson, Geddy Lee, and John Rutsey.

However, how many albums has Rush sold worldwide? As of August 2023, Rush has sold more than 45 million records all over the world. So, let’s learn which album is the highest-selling one at this point.

The Top 5 Highest-Selling Rush Albums Until 2023

5. Rush – Grace Under Pressure


Number of Sales: 1.2 Million

The list is starting with the band’s tenth studio album released in 1984, named Grace Under Pressure. The album is officially recorded from late 1983 until early 1984. It was a follow-up to the band’s previous record, Signals.

Consisting of 8 tracks in total, the band brought unique songs to its fans in this album, including Kid Gloves, Between The Wheels, Afterimage, and Distant Early Warning. Reaching top 10 on the US Billboard 200 chart, the album was numbered 4 in Canada and 5 in the UK. It also got Platinum certifications from RIAA in US and CRIA in Canada.

So, how many copies has Rush sold with Grace Under Pressure? At press time, the band sold 1.2 million copies with the album, which means it is the band’s fifth highest-selling album of all time.

4. Permanent Waves


Number of Sales: 1.4 Million

Permanent Waves was Rush‘s seventh studio album released in 1980. It was released two years later the band toured to support its sixth album, Hemispheres. Getting received huge attention from fans, it was the band’s fourth highest-selling album with 1.4 million sales.

All lyrics of the album were written by the band’s late drummer Neil Peart, except Different Strings written by Geddy Lee. It had six songs in the core track-listing, as well as including Tide Pools, Hyperspace, and Permanent Waves.

The album was number 4 on the US Billboard 200 chart in 1980. It was also number 3 in UK and number 4 in Canada. The album had two separate Platinum certifications that came from Music Canada and RIAA.

So, as of 2023, the band has sold 1.4 million copies with Permanent Waves. It marked the band’s fourth highest-selling album of all time.

3. A Farewell To Kings


Number of Sales: 1.5 Million

A Farwell To Kings was the fifth studio album released by Rush. Released in 1977, the album was the follow-up to the band’s one of its hit albums, 2112. It was recorded in a little time in June 1977.

As of March 2023, A Farewell To Kings sold 1.5 million copies. This is the band’s third highest-selling album to date.

2. Rush – 2112


Number of Sales: 3.5 Million

As we mentioned above, 2112 was one of the hit albums of the band. Released in 1976, the album helped them to make their name in the mid-1970s. Although the band was in financial hardship due to the previous album Caress Of Steel’s disappointing sales, they worked hard at receiving positive reviews from critics.

In total, the album had 5 Platinum certifications over the years. While 2x Platinum came from Music Canada, 3x Platinum was given by RIAA. It was also number 61 on US Billboard 200 chart in 1976.

So, how many copies has Rush sold with 2112? Until 2023, the band sold 3.5 million copies in total. The album marked the second top-seller album of the band.

1. Moving Pictures


Number of Sales: 6.1 Million

So, here’s the number one. Moving Pictures is the highest-selling Rush album until 2023, with 6.1 million sales as of 2023.

Moving Pictures was the eighth studio album released by Rush. In this album, the band continued to create stuff with a more radio-friendly sound. It succeeded and became the highest-selling Rush album of all time. 

At first, the band released the album’s hit songs Vital Signs, Limelight, and Tom Sawyer as singles. After all, the songs received huge reviews from people.

Consisting of 7 songs in total on its original release, the album’s 2022 40th anniversary box set featured previously unreleased songs by Rush. Peaking at number 1 in Canada, the album was number 3 on the US Billboard 200 chart in 1981.

Also, there were 9 Platinum certifications given to the album. When 5x Platinum came from RIAA, 4x Platinum came from Music Canada.

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  1. Changing its line-up several times throughout that 4-decade career???? Neil Peart was the replacement for John Rutsey after the first album because he was unable to go on tour for various reasons and they stayed the same for the remaining years.

  2. “Joined by a few musicians throughout that 4-decade career, the band’s best-known players were the late Neil Peart, Alex Lifeson, Geddy Lee, and John Rutsey”

    Those were the only members. There was no one else..

  3. RUSH deserves better!!! And to be clear, the article states they changed the line up ONE time in the 4 decades. NOT SEVERAL. Stop embellishing to get attention. Top 3 AMAZING, creative, versatile bands of all time. Other two are LZ & PF. Each so different, hard to compare. Just give them each their own props!!

  4. I had a great laugh reading the comments. As I’m sure that the person who misread the story probably knows that the lineup changed once, with Neil replacing John.
    I had read somewhere that the reason the changes came about was musical differences, John favoured a more Bad Company style of play, whereas G & A favoured a more progressive style and looked for another drummer. N was working in his dad’s shop when he auditioned. G & A were impressed with his drumming AND having his own kit.
    I had the good fortune of seeing them live on several occasions, firstly as a 16.5 years old on the Hemisphere’s tour. I can also claim my fame as being part of the Glasgow Apollo Choir on Closer to the Heart. This was on the Moving Pictures tour as l attended both nights with my college pals

  5. Neil Peart replaced John rutsey because Rush was looking for something more than what Rutsey could do. Bringing the professor in was the best thing that ever happened to rush.

  6. im sure john rutsey was a compitent enough drummer,perhaps he wasnt moving in the same direction as lifeson and lee music wise.whereas neil peart suited the direction they were moving in.think rush were type of band you either liked or didnt,no middle ground;didnt rate a couple of their albums during their keyboard type era,was more in to their guitar sounding albums,although they all have keyboards etc.they were one of the all time great rock bands defo one of a kind.saw them every uk tour and was also one of the glasgow choir on c.t.t.h.

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