Swans Announces New Album ‘Leaving Meaning’

American experimental rock band Swans released the band’s new fifteenth studio album, titled Leaving Meaning, on October 25. The CD version is 94 minutes and the vinyl version includes 83 minutes.

Leaving Meaning can be purchased now from Young God Records.

Also Swans founder/visionary Michael Gira recently spoke to Decibel about how did he feel when he listened to the record. He said: “There were moments of elation and moments when I had my head in my hands feeling like a complete failure. I don’t know if that means I’m not good enough or I’m overly critical. I can listen to some of the songs and like them and other songs and only hear what I should have done better.”


1- Hums
2- Annaline
3- The Hanging Man
4- Amnesia
5- Leaving Meaning
6- Sunfucker
7- Cathedrals of Heaven
8- The Nub
9- It’s Coming It’s Real
10- Some New Things (CD/DIGITAL ONLY)
11- What Is This?
12- My Phantom Limb

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