Tesla’s Frank Hannon Breaks Silence On His COVID-19 Diagnosis

The American metal band Tesla guitarist Frank Hannon has broken his silence about his COVID-19 diagnosis rumors and confirmed that he recently tested positive for the novel of the virus.

As some of you know, Tesla has kicked off its summer 2021 tour by playing the first two shows – August 5 in Grant Pass and August 6 in Grand Ronde – without the guitarist Frank Hannon. In the first two shows, the band was joined by the guitarist Howie Simon.

Recently, Frank has shared a social media post to talk about his diagnosis. Confirming his disease, the guitarist thanked Howie to join his band, Tesla. He also informed fans about the upcoming shows.

(image: Frank Hannon)

“I want to thank my friend Howie Simon for stepping in to help us,” Frank said.

“Please accept my apology for not saying anything sooner, but I’ve not been able to move all week in pain. The day the bus was leaving I woke up w 102 fever, shakes and couldn’t hardly breathe. So I stayed home.

“I’ve been unable to hardly move or function since. Tested positive for Covid. (yes I got the vax, thought maybe it was side efx).

“Howie did the 2 Oregon shows for me, and the guys are postponing more dates until we’re all cleared up and safe ..

“I love you all LET’s GET REAL @howiesimon @teslaband.”

Tesla and The Bassist Talks About Future Shows

After his bandmate Frank‘s disease announcement, Tesla bassist Brian Wheat has also updated his Instagram account to talk about future shows.

“Hello folks it’s obvious some of us have come down with Covid please send out good vibes to my brothers in the crew and the band we’ll get back out there when everyone is healthy again …… and for the record this isn’t fun,” the bassist said.

Tesla has announced on its official Twitter account that more dates have postponed until the band is cleared and safe.

“Attn: Fans – TESLA to postpone their next few engagements due to members of the touring party contracting COVID,” Tesla said in the social media statement. “The band look forward to returning to the road soon. Please check the official website http://TeslaTheBand.com for updates.”

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