Ex-Skid Row Star Sebastian Bach Begged One Of His Favorite Musicians To Wear A Mask

Ex-Skid Row singer Sebastian Bach, who appeared with them between 1987-1996, has just updated his official Twitter channel to celebrate Stephen Pearcy’s birthday and described him as one of his favorite musicians of all time.

With a tweet he shared, Sebastian Bach sent special words for him. In addition to his special words, Sebastian begged him to wear a mask and said that he needs to wear a mask if he wants a birthday wishes from him again.

In his tweet, Sebastian wrote the following words:

“Happy Birthday to one of my favorite frontman of all Stephen Pearcy. Please I am begging of you to wear a mask like everybody else so I can say happy birthday to you again on this day a year from now Face with medical mask.”

Under Sebastian’s tweet, many fans supported him for his words and added that he needs to wear a mask to protect all humanity from the viruses.

You can find Sebastian’s tweet below.

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