Sammy Hagar Reacts To Motley Crue’s Vince Neil’s Texas Sounding

Sammy Hagar showed off his reaction to Motley Crue singer Vince Neil‘s recent Texas sounding and has sent a social media photo with him.

As you know, Vince Neil has returned to solo shows with a recent performance he gave at a private concert in Austin, Texas, on August 5, after his pathetic Iowa sounding. As you might remember, he cut off his Iowa show due to voice problems and walked off the stage.

On August 5, Vince Neil has given a private concert in Texas. At the private concert hosted by Eddie Trunk, Neil has appeared on stage once again to play Motley Crue classics, including Dr. Feelgood and Looks That Kill.

(image: Sammy Hagar IG)

Recently, Hagar has shared a social media post to support Motley Crue singer. In the photo, Hagar, Neil, Eddie and Dana Strum were drinking and posing side by side.

Speaking about Neil and his performance, Hagar said that Neil looked and sounded great throughout his show.

“Had a blast hanging with Vince Neil,” Sammy says. “Lookin & sounding great & Eddie Trunk & Dana Strum the other night. I showed you the stage right action here is the backstage action #charityevent #texas #backstage #mastequila.”

In the comments of Hagar‘s Instagram post, people have touched on Vince Neil‘s weight. Motley Crue fans and rockers have been talking about Neil‘s overweight and were saying that he has to lose some weight.

Sammy Hagar Joins Vince Neil On Stage

At the night in Austin, Texas, Sammy Hagar joined Motley Crue singer Vince Neil and his solo band to rock out the crowd. They performed the cover version of Led Zeppelin‘s “Rock and Roll.”

Throughout the performance, the crew fit together very well. As you can see in the fan-filmed footage, Hagar and Neil were both looked very happy to back to live stage.

Vince Neil’s Pathetic Iowa Sounding

Vince Neil played 14 songs in total at his Iowa Festival performance. It was his first-ever gig after the COVID-19 plague.

At the show, Neil played Motley Crue classics, The Beatles cover Helter Skelter, and Brownsville Station cover Smokin’ In The Boys Room.

Walking off the stage and admitting his voice’s losing during his band’s classic Girls, Girls, Girls, Neil said: “Hey, guys… I’m sorry, you guys. It’s been a long time playin’. My fuckin’ voice is gone… Eh… We love you, and we’ll hopefully see you next time, man. Take care.”

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  1. I realize that Vince’s voice, weight and whatever else people want to criticise him for may not be what it once was but keep in mind Girls, Girls, Girls was released 34 YEARS ago. If you are going to a Vince Neil show these days and truly expect ’87 Vince.. than you’re an idiot. At this point, go for nostalgia’s sake and if he happens to sound and look good…then bonus. Otherwise, cut the guy some slack or don’t go. I imagine you aren’t the same as you were 34 yrs ago either and I bet people aren’t regularly busting YOUR balls over it.

  2. It’s great that Sammy showed his support for the guy but seriously now, Mr. Neil needs to get something rhymes with Crüe. It’s called a clüe!!! The time has come to hang out up. That’s what all the alcohol got you was hangovers and an early death to your talents. Face it dude. It’s time to let your hair’s natural color grow back. Quit the party life and get right with Christ. You’ll be amazed at how quickly you’ll get youthful. He renews my strength like eagles. Prayers up Vince. Keep on rocking with the One Who IS The Rock!

  3. Who cares if Vince gained weight. It is about the music voclas, sound, and love for the music. I sure as heck don’t look like I did 34 years ago. Who are we to judge? Keep on rocking Vince \m/. I wish I could have seen you in Iowa.

  4. Both Axl and Neil need to stop. The new GnR song is an embarrassment to their legacy and so is Neil just in general putting on piss ass performances like this. Maybe young people would still find their music cool if they weren’t these fat slobs who can’t sing pretending its 87 still.

  5. I’ve heard Vince sound worse! Dr Feelgood doesn’t sound all that bad to me. He sounded decent doing Zepplin with Hagar too. I mean Vince is 60 yrs old and been singing rock n roll for most of it, that will shred even the best’s voices! I just hope give his resources he gets himself in better shape physically, it would probably go a long way to being able to sing a little better but I get it being in my 50s and being once ripped and now overweight bc of injuries. It’s tough!

  6. Vince Neil wasn’t in Motley Crue because of his outstanding vocals anyway. They hired him because he had the longest hair in school. Look it up. Lol

  7. Vinces voice was never that great. Personally i dont think he worked like others would on their instrument. He had to rely on showmanship instead. If he upped his showmanship a little and just worked on getting through a setlist he would be fine. Hes not recording so he doesnt need to sing for 5 hours. Just 1-2 max. Changing up his diet would help too. Just being properly hydrated makes a big difference.

  8. These poor bastards … It’s not that they want to be out there making idiots of themselves. They are REQUIRED to hold up they’re end of the bargain even when they are too old, fat, or washed up. And unfortunately for them the worse is yet to come. Let it be a lesson to all who seek glory in the name of anything other than the true Father in Heaven.

  9. Whether guys from 80’s bands struggle to sing or not – the person that wrote this article is the issue here! Consult any 7th grade english teacher for a sentence creation refresher. Geesh! Does anybody proofread?

  10. Can’t believe nobody has even mentioned DLR.Great showman mediocre singer but that didn’t stop me luving VanHalen though.

  11. Thanks fully he had mercy on the audience and gave them a break when his fat ass left the stage

  12. Hopefully Vince has himself a trainer as we speak so he has endurance when he goes on tour. I’m 50 & HellA outa shape right now. I remember 9yrs ago I worked out boxing but I wasn’t goin hard like I did yrs before. Then at my best I could chase around a pro 8/3 min. rounds but the last time I got in a ring I could barely make it thru 1 round. I made it thru 2 huffing & puffing trying to quit. Now I know it would take a month or 2 to get bk half of that endurance. Mayb the Red Rocker gave Vince a pep talk. When I saw Sammy in the 80s w/VH I was most impressed by his endurance. That was a big stage he ran around on & barely out of breath,so you know Sammy works out. Vince has had some ruff yrs,I think he lost his pops a few yrs ago. Vince I hope you tightN it up & give it your best. You know you wanta strut it in clothes that fit well & have fun instead of huffing & puffing like the last time I was in the ring. I have faith you can do it Vince,start eating better & lay off the booze & sugar. Letz get our sexy bk,you more than me cause you’re a rok star goin on tour.

  13. I seen these two in St. Louis right before the pandemic hit, was a good show. Vince didn’t sound the best then. Sam sounded really good as always. These guys are not young anymore but for some reason people think they should sound as good as they did back in the 80’s, not going to happen, so don’t expect it. I would still go see them regardless out of respect and love for the music. And for all you people who keep posting religious stuff, find somewhere else to post that shit, this isn’t a religious website.

  14. Seen Vince at Rocklahoma some years back … He sang every third or fourth word… and hummed his way through last couple songs.. I’m 54 and it’s Hard.. Brothers & Sisters.. Getting old but You got get 60 minutes a day exercise, walking, swimming.. or
    💥 Over-Weight, Outta Shape and at 50.. very hard to break healthy..
    Stop the Salts & Sugars. Less Calories comin IN & more burning of Calories out.. I’ve lost 58lbs in last year.. slow and chipping away.. Vince can do it.. he’s done it b4. It’s on him.. 🤘

  15. And people judge the master shredder, Ted Nugent. Yes, he’s old, an out there. One of the best at his art of getting a crowd lit up. Leave Vince alone.

  16. Yeah this makes me feel REAl GOOD ! GOT600$ In concert tickets , to see them,Crue ,Def Leppard,2 other has beens.going to be 3 yrs Vivid Seats refuses to refund $$$.So what the hell will he sound like then ?? This is a Total Nitemare ,RIP OFF.HAHA maybe all in wheelchairs by the time they play ,get this SO CALLED concert going

  17. I think if he didn’t run around the stage like he did in the past, he might do better. I don’t think anyone would be upset if he just stood and sing. Then he wouldn’t be out of breath and might sound decent. Maybe? Lol. I was(am) really looking forward to the stadium tour because I’ve never seen Motley Crue live! I think I will just try to get a seat on Nikki’s side and just enjoy the view!😉

  18. SAD is all I can say! He still isn’t sounding good and seems to be having issues with keeping his breath. I think this may be from the weight, but him mixing up words is not. I don’t know if he was drunk or what but it sure he didn’t seem right.

  19. I can’t rip on the guy, we all want the old good days back and he tried to give it to us. I suggest Vince find a young singer he can support and go meet your fans and enjoy the music with them. Find a new angle that works for a 60 year old.

  20. Is Matthew Sweet trolling Vince hard or what? I guess the Stryper vs Motley Crue (Heaven vs Hell) battle never died. Hit Parader Magazine would come out of retirement for this revitalized fued. Lol.

  21. Media, people, fans, WHOEVER, just need to STOP publishing NEGATIVE comments or articles about these 80’s Icons, they have gave their blood sweat and tears to the world to entertain us. I have been to almost 100 rock concerts in my lifetime and most were excellent back in the day I’ve seen the Crue three times and last time I saw them was the next to the last of their tours still excellent,So please stop the negativity. I’m going to cut all of these metal websites loose and stop reading the damn articles because they piss me off. One day none of them will be here, they will be a memory and people will only wish they could have them back. So, Give them the respect they deserve.

  22. Y can’t people leave vince alone.. he didn’t get a chance to perform that much because of covid he’s pushing 70 years old of course his voice is going to be great.. I do agree he’s winded and out of shape but you can’t blame the guy Jim’s were shut down he hasn’t performed very much like I said what’s the big deal

  23. why is everyone so hard on Vince? Vince kicks ass,, he lead Motley Crüe from nothing to one of the biggest bands ever, we all get old and sometimes we all gain some weight, can’t wait for the Stadium tour when Vince can shut the haters up This man is a legend and he will be in tip
    top shape when that tour starts!

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