Sammy Hagar Mocks David Lee Roth By Touching On His Van Halen Career

Sammy Hagar Mocks David Lee Roth By Touching On His Van Halen Career

In a new appearance on The Mike & Carla Morning Show, former Van Halen singer Sammy Hagar once again talked about his current relationship with David Lee Roth and mocked him while saying he has no problem with the singer.

Sammy Hagar was a member of the rock band Van Halen in the past. The singer had first joined the band in 1985 as a lead singer replaced with David Lee Roth. After an 11-year tenure with them, he had announced his departure from Van Halen and was replaced with David Lee Roth. In 2003, Sammy had reunited with Van Halen until parting ways once again in 2005. Throughout his career with Van HalenHagar recorded 4 studio albums in total.

On the other hand, David Lee Roth was the lead vocalist of Van Halen across three stints. At first, he was a member of the band from 1974 to 1985. Later, he rejoined the band in 1996 until 2006 to their disbandment in 2020 after the passing of Eddie Van Halen.

Sammy Hagar and David Lee Roth have been dealing with each other for over the years. Opening up about his honest opinion on Roth several times, Hagar had previously said that he has no respect for David Lee Roth anymore. He also said this past June that David has a strange character.

Now, Sammy Hagar once again appeared to talk about David Lee Roth. When he mentioned his current friendship with the musician, Sammy Hagar said that he has no problem with David Lee Roth. Saying that he doesn’t understand why Roth thinks about him like that, Hagar added Roth always acts competitive.

“Him and I don’t even have a feud,” Hagar says. “To be honest with you, I have no problem with David [Lee Roth]. I don’t know what he’s got going with me, but I think he always feels competitive.

“I think he feels like he has to raise his flag, like, ‘I’m Van Halen.'”

Sammy Hagar Mocks David Lee Roth

In the continuation of his words, Sammy Hagar mocked Roth by saying that Roth only had his Van Halen career compared to his huge solo career. He also mentioned how he reacts to people who said he never saw him in Van Halen.

“I had a solo career before Van Halen,” he continues. “I was in Montrose before Van Halen. I’ve had Chickenfoot. Dave has got Van Halen, so I think he has to hold on to that kind of tight.

“But I don’t care about that. If someone said, ‘Oh, I never knew you [were] in Van Halen,’ I’d say, ‘Eh…'”

Back in this past September, Sammy Hagar has recalled what he thought when he saw David Lee Roth for the first time. According to him, he hadn’t liked Roth’s antics.

“Ted Templeman production made the band sound heavy, and in the same way that John Bonham always made Jimmy Page sound heavy, so Alex always made Eddie’s playing heavy, even when he was playing cutie pie riffs,” Hagar said.

““I didn’t like [David Lee] Roth’s antics: I didn’t see how any guys could like him, but I guess they did.

“It’s like Howard Stern once said, ‘If David’s biggest fans ran into him in a bar they’d kick his ass!’”

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  1. Sammy’s is Always bashing Dave, I’m tired of it ,Dave’s the original, And by the way Sammy ,Like Dave’s said ,” I’ll never have to sing his songs ” DLR 4eva !! Fu Sammy !!

  2. Sam – give it a rest already. For someone who doesn’t care about Dave, you sure have a lot to say about him. Your insecurity is showing.

  3. I have been a big DLR fan since first becoming aware of the Mighty Van Halen around 1979-80. A friend’s brother borrowed me the cassette (remember those) of VH 1. I went out and bought the album along with WACF. Saw them live for the first time in ’81 and I was hooked.
    I liked Montrose to a degree but really loved Sammy’s early solo work. Nine On A Ten Scale, etc…
    When Dave went solo and Sammy joined VH, I didn’t see them as either/or.
    To me Roth era Van Halen and Van Hagar were two very distinct, separate bands.
    Actually, with Sammy, Van Halen seemed liked a continuation of his solo career.
    Listen to Standing Hampton and Three Lock Box then 5150.
    I don’t see the competition.
    Two separate bands, two separate sounds.
    As an aside, I had a friend who met David while he was working at a record store.
    He agreed with the quote about never meeting your heroes. They’ll only disappoint.

  4. As far as Van Halen, I much prefer the Roth years. I’m actually a bigger fan of Sammy during his Montrose and solo years.

  5. So sick of this prick bringing up anything Van Halen. Those days are long gone. The brothers didn’t like you you talked shit about them talked shit about Dave not sure why Mikey even likes you but I’m sure some day you will talk shit about him because all you do is talk shit. Get over everything already and move on !

  6. Sammy the Red Rocker!
    Dave couldn’t hold his jock strap!
    Loved Montrose, Sammy solo and Van Hagar!

  7. Sammy had huge hits with Montrose and on his own before he was recruited to replace DLR. Roth’s reputation was built entirely on his time with Van Halen and nobody else wanted to play with him. Sammy can still perform but DLR has been embarrassing himself for at least the last three years.

  8. Sammy has only love ❤ in his heart. No need to be jealous over David Lee 🤣. Sammy’s the Man forever since Montrose

  9. I saw VH with Dave and Sammy. Sammy can hit range and play guitar, Dave was a performer with a good voice. I enjoyed the shows like them both but EVH is gone sadly time to let it rest.

  10. For all the shit talking from Sammy he was making horrible fucking records and songs before VH. So yea, solo career, sure, but songs like “I can’t drive 55” were shit just like his other solo stuff.

    David’s first 3 solo albums were fun as hell and with some really good stuff on them..

  11. I read everything Van Halen and am a huge fan since 1978. I love you Sam but the constant talk about Dave or Ed for that matter says alot about you. You need to grow up and be a man and quit taking shots. Van Halen is a family and Eddie was and is the foundation!

  12. Yea…like Dave didn’t have a solo career?!?! His solo albums blow anything Sammy ever did solo AWAY…LMAOOO Sammy with VH was great to go see with a girlfriend…thats about it. Van Halen Lite

  13. Isn’t even a comparison. Sammy can play, sing and write. Dave can’t do any of those 3.

  14. James l. graves…your comment is ridiculous !!!! Like everybody said…all SAM DOES IS TALK SHIT !!!! much like YOU brother….

  15. Indeed DLR made a fine choice to retire that arrogant voice, Thank you! Sammy needs to ditch this topic for good! Get on your bad motor scooter and ride to the land of rock candy baby where the women are hot ,sweet, and sticky

  16. At least Roth has the decency to admit he’s a has-been and retire from touring. Hagar, not so much…

  17. Hagar is so pathetic. And it’s Hagar who has never stopped talking shit about Roth. Roth-era Van Halen blows corporate commercial Van Hagar away. The Roth-era VH made groundbreaking RnR. Roth-era albums VH 1 and Fair Warning are by themselveves better than the entire Van Hagar output. Hagar has always been a musical lunkhead. His solo career? 😂 His solo albums flat out suck. Roth’s first solo album with Steve Vain and Billy Sheehan absolutely blows all of Hager’s solo work away. No contest. And Hagar taking any credit whatsoever for Monroe’s is a joke. Montrose was all about Ronnie Montrose, Hagar brought nada to that band. Chickenfoot??? Yeah, that band caught on like hot cakes. Chickenfoot really made an imprint on RnR 😂

  18. They both had good careers and I like Sammy but prefer DLR version of VH. That said, I hear more of Sammy bashing Dave than the other way around and it is getting old, makes Sammy look bad and childish too. Grow up Sammy and move on. Your constant shit talking isn’t aging well…not scoring points. DLR sure rents space in your head.

  19. Original Van Halen lineup was always the best to me. Even liked the first couple of Dave’s solo albums. But Sammy’s solo work is far superior to Dave’s. He is a much more talented musician and vocalist than Dave. But original Van Halen was Magical.

  20. Sammy still rocks to this day! David Lee Roth is a washed up has been. He acts like he recently came out of the closet!

  21. I’m a huge fan of Sammy but he should just shut his yapper. If you ranked all Van Halen songs, how many Van Hagar songs would even be in the top 20? Zero! Top 50? Maybe a few…tops.

  22. Its all about a lot of nothing. You’d think we all the fame and fortune Sammy has been so fortunate throughout his entire musical career and personal life he would be forever grateful for DLR making Van Halen world famous. Its absolutely ridiculously pathetic and just real stupid to trash talk DLR when life is so short with King Edwards gone along with so many other amazing legendary musicians we have lost in just the past couple years and with DLR health is obviously not good youd think Sammy might want to grow up and show more gratitude instead of grandpa pity poo poo attitude.

  23. This is an old subject the split between DLR and Van Halen Was caused by DLR. DLR recorded A solo album with a bunch of oldies on it, MTV jumped on the bandwagon, promoted it with world premiere videos during prime time and while labeling DLR the greatest front man in rock and roll which was not true then and its definitely not true now. The three other members watched it play out and said enough is enough so they brought in someone that could replace DLR and put out some great music. Vanhalens album was number one that year for rock DLR was number two.
    I had the opportunity to see both of them in concert and there’s know way I can say one was better than the other because the band was still VanHalen and that’s how people should look at it. I grew with VanHalen they were there with me during my good times and bad times just like a good friend who’s better makes no difference if it does you were a fan of the singer not the band and that says a lot you.

  24. History has been written and Sammy lost his soul with the battle of who’s better.

    The classic VH songs are written in stone and are forever American history.

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