Red Hot Chili Peppers’ Flea Continues To Do Irresponsible Acts

Red Hot Chili Peppers bassist Flea has just appeared in a new photo published on his social media and showed his fans that he did not care what the experts or doctors said.

Although experts and doctors say that people should not touch each other unless they have to, Flea showed once again that he is so relaxed about the world-threat coronavirus issue.

In his previous days, Flea was outside because of climbing to the mountain during COVID-19 trouble. Recently, he appeared in his house for his new tattoo and posed happily for it.

In the photo shared by him, Flea was looking quite happy because of his new tattoo. He and tattooist were sitting around the desk, and they’re ready for Flea‘s new tattoo. Although the tattooist wore a mask, Flea did not wear it.

When Flea sent the photo, he called the tattoo artist Dr. Woo: “Are you with me, Dr. Woo?”

Many fans and people who saw his pose criticized him by asking his mask. Most of the fans have also warned him about wearing a mask.

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  1. Who writes this stuff? Talk about panic mode, man is in his house, get over it.

  2. Such propaganda going ,and there are plenty of fools to believe it..I laugh at anyone who is wearing a mask inside a vehicle with no passengers..If you are so scared look into the real antimicrobial called colloidal silver.

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