KISS Breaks Silence On Ace Frehley

KISS has just updated its social media accounts with new photos featuring Ace Frehley, best known as the original lead guitarist/co-founding member of the band, and celebrated its birthday with it.

In the photo shared by KISS, Ace Frehley, who turned 69 today(April 27), was looking towards the camera while wearing his iconic sunglasses and skin jacket.

KISS sent the following sentence to celebrates Ace Frehley‘s birthday: “Happy birthday, @acefrehleyofficial!!”

While the photo attracting great interest from the fans, they sent their birthday wishes to the legendary musician. Some of the fans called him “The original Spaceman Ace Frehley” and “The One and Only Space Man.”

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  1. Because he is the original and the “one and only” n it’s truly a SHAME that for a truly FINAL tour all gentlemen couldn’t just put whatever differences they all may have with one another aside, so we as fans could get a TRUE goodbye (and that’s with the ORIGINAL members) the safest thing about it, is they are all currently alive.i could understand if it COULDN’T actually be done but the reality is, all original members are currently Alive, it’s their “last” tour, so not like u have to “worry” so much about touring with them forever or running into long term problems. Just STFU, come together, do what SHOULD really be done, n just have the originals. U will throw out anhaooy birthday to the original man but again not try to just put shit aside to go out one last time as the BAND that IS KISS. Thankfully I got to watch the originals back in 96 and that was the LAST time all the originals were together. But I mean end of the road tour and the final date is where they started. How are you going to go out like that? Go out in the venue that u guys started in but where YOU ALL (AKA THE ORIGINAL BAND) started. I have nothing against the fill ins either for Peter Criss and Ace but it’s just the point. That ALLL THE ORIGINALS ARE ALIVE! GROW UP make it happen. Like shit man one band (because u guys as KISS want to make the claim and the “best ever” etc well imo the BEST ever can again GROW UP and come together to make MUSIC for fans. Even if they hate each other, that one band, iron maiden. Literally members of that band DESPISE one another yet time and time again they would all always put their differences aside come together as the “BAND” they are and play amazing shows for the fans. So why can’t KISS (the best band to ever do it, you wanted the best you got the best etc) do the same? Like sorry dude it’s shit. If u have the balls and the acknowledgement of his birthday then truthfully all of the bad blood can’t be as bad as it appears. You’re sending the man a happy birthday in other words you’re still acknowledging him You’re still acknowledging that he’s an original. So again seriously between Paul Stanley and Gene Simmons grow the f**** up and just again do whatever needs to be done to just make it happen one more time. I love KISS but I’m sorry it’s a huge slap in the face to fans fans that have been with you in loyal to you throughout the entire sixties and seventies, and now you guys come and tell us one more final tour, and again all of the originals are alive, but you can’t make it happen? That’s like slapping all of your fans in the face it truly is. And why I bring up iron maiden again they despise one another and they would still put their differences aside to just play their music for their fans. So please KISS what’s the problem?

  2. Peter Criss is almost 75 years old. There is no way in hell he can do a full tour. Couple songs maybe, Beth, Black Diamond, maybe even God of Thunder, but no way he can do a full 2 hour show every night at his age.

  3. Good grief man!! Grow up. Ever had a job that YOU quit. Well go back and work there for a year after you have retired for at least five. And it can’t be a desk job either, nothing sitting down and cushy.

  4. There will be only one KISS. And that’s the original lineup. I mean at least Eric Carr, R.I.P. had his own persona. Whereas the others just stepped into what Peter and Ace made a legend. And I think Paul and Gene have made it about themselves. And the true diehard fans will always remember that. And I guess that’s why I only listen to their music that wa released in the 70’s.

  5. Hey there, your response was spot on, except for where you said: “sixties and seventies”…. They weren’t around yet as a band in the “sixties”…. Other than that, great response…. ✌️
    I agree with you on pretty much all points… You’d think that they could or all the petty shit behind them and put an absolutely Kick-Ass show….
    Now that would be a sign that “The Hottest Band In The World” was…. just that.!!!

  6. Think of the fans who made you guys Kiss. Reunite, get Peter out there too, not for the whole show, but singing Beth, Rock and Roll all Night, Black Diamond, Detroit Rock City, God of Thunder…

  7. and? Gene and Paul are self-loving assclowns. clearly, if they can’t get along with everyone, all they had to do was doll up a couple of actors into “Ace” and “Catman” makeup for the roadshow… and Voila! TICKETS STILL SOLD!!
    I wish the best to Peter and Ace… my god, the crap they’ve had to deal with throughout their lives because of a few marginally enjoyable albums in the 70s!
    What a weird world we have here…

  8. If everyone here were true Kiss fans u would except all line ups! The fans are the ones who need to grow up get over it! & further more Iron Maiden is not the original line up!!!

  9. I assume it’s Gene’s greed keeping them apart. He loves selling but doesn’t like sharing his KISS band income. I wonder if he’s a Trumpster. Don’t drink bleach, Gene, just try a little humility to make KISS fans happy.

  10. It doesn’t really matter who your favorite kissers are. Each and all had their hand in forming parts of this legendary band during THEIR time. Likewise, it doesn’t matter who is in the band right now. We all grow old and it all comes to an end sooner or later. Except on vinyl, tape or digital CD, because that is where their youth and artistry will live forever. We all have records of a 25 year old Ace Frehley and we can appreciate that Ace, just as much as the 70 year old Ace. In the end all the he said this and they said that, is so unimportant to what each member gave to the group as a whole. People grow. Sometimes they grow together over the years and sometimes they grow further apart. It isn’t anyone’s fault, it just is. It happens that way sometimes. However in spite of that, what was once unforgettable then is just as unforgettable now. I shutter to think when one of these guys passes, but it will happen. When it does, will you have the means to go back to a place when Ace or Gene, Paul or Peter were 25,28,30 years old and revisit your favorite kisser doing the music in their prime? If not, you might want to think about gathering all the vinyl, tape and CD’s you can get your hands on with all the wonderful pops, scratches and imperfections. Like I said grow older and it will have much worth for you to be 70 one day and be able to venture back to a song like New York Groove or Shock me and you and Ace can remember when…

  11. There’s no way that you’ll ever see all 4 original members on stage together again except MAYBE for something like what Pink Floyd did but I even doubt that would happen. They wouldn’t even play together for their Hall of Fame induction. The number 1 reason is money. That’s why they quit the band in 2001 & that’s why there’s so much bad blood now. I honestly don’t know how Paul & Ace were able to do a song for Ace’s album. I gotta think that Gene & Paul have been checking out Ace’s new albums & wishing they could do that, lol. Unfortunately I think 2001 was the true farewell tour.

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