Queen Guitarist Brian May’s Current Health Condition Is Not Good

Queen legend Brian May has just contacted his lovely fans with a new post he sent via his official social media account and mentioned how his illness goes.

Recently, the 72-year-old guitarist shared the visualisations of himself made by fans and thanked them for those special gifts. In addition to his thank message, Brian touched his recent state of health and upset fans with it.

As many of you remember, on May 7, Brian May appeared in a hospital and shocked fans by announcing that he injured himself while spending his quarantine times on his garden.

When he talks on his current state of health, Brian said he struggling with physical pain and added it hardly felt alive.

“I’m so touched by every one of these visualisations, be sure to keep swinging, dear folks, he said in the social media statement. Each one restores a piece of me tonight as I wrestle with the physical pain which has settled on me the last few days – so strong and so persistent that I hardly feel alive. I will take these lovely visions with me as I search for healing sleep tonight. THANK YOU!”

The special thank message of Brian as follows: “Thank you @sarah_rugg for the first one – beautifully subtly alive and almost breathing – and for collecting the others in this post. Thanks @sugarxsnow3 – exquisite ! I want it on my wall ! Thanks @nymph_in_yellow – thanks @elisa.kent_draws – thanks @remembered.my.art – thanks @chaoskirin – thanks @space.in.tea. – thanks @mc_artistyk All of these are so inspiring, offering me a mirror image for my soul which no ordinary looking-glass can supply. With much love and thanks.”

The fans and people who saw the post were worried about Brian May. They sent their good wishes and supports to him. Many of them wrote as a comment to the post that stay safe and stay strong.

Brian May broke his silence on the sequel to the biographical drama film “Bohemian Rhapsody,” which released on November 2, 2018, in the United States, and stated that they didn’t think a new movie.

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