Queen Guitarist Brian May Gets Emotional After Important Names’ Praises

The British rock band Queen legend Brian May, who named the greatest guitarist of all time by the readers of Total Guitar, reacted to the legendary names, including Nuno Bettencourt and Steve Vai, who congratulated him after his success.

Recently, the 72-year-old guitarist has added a new post to his social media account and sent his respects to the successful names who praised him. With the post he shared, Brian May thanked Nuno Bettencourt and Steve Vai for their good words.

When Brian May shared the post, he said he touched by the words and that it means so much to him. He also added his words that they all deserve that award more than he does.

Brian May posted the following letter: “So touched by these guys – who can both play me off the pitch, over the stands and way into the deep blue !!! I had to post this to show MY appreciation of their wonderful words. This means so much.

“So let me say it plainly one more time. I don’t take this accolade to mean anything except a large number of guitarists did me the honour of declaring that the way I play guitar moved them more than any other player. It’s a nice little game to play, and I’m very grateful for the outcome, and grateful to @totalguitar. But the nicest thing about guitar playing is that there IS no ‘greatest.’ We all bring different things to it, even when we are beginning.

“One of the greatest things about having made the guitar the centre of my life has been that I’ve had the chance to work up close with so many incredible players, and get to know them as musicians, and as human beings. In my mind, you all deserve this award more than I do. But, just for a moment, I’m happy and honoured … thanks folks. And huge special thanks Nuno and Steve. You are giants!”

The news and letter he shared attracted huge interest from the fans and artists who follow Brian May on Instagram. Many of them congratulated him again in the comments of the post.

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