Ozzy Osbourne’s Recent Appearance Revealed With A Rare Photo

Black Sabbath legend Ozzy Osbourne, who updates meticulously his social media accounts every day, has just added new photo on his Twitter account and didn’t forget fans while the whole world struggle with the deadly COVID-19, also known as the coronavirus.

When we look at the photo he shared, Ozzy posed under the red light. Everything was okay except the big cross sign staying in front of his face. Also, in addition to those, he had an angry facial expression.

Ozzy Osbourne posted the photo including no caption.

The photo was exposed the funny comments from the fans who showed huge interest in the photo he shared. Even, one fan wrote that if someone puts a big cross on our face at the beach, such an image will appear.

Ozzy Osbourne released its twelfth and latest studio album “Ordinary Man” in late February.

Before the coronavirus threat, Ozzy Osbourne has also confirmed through a social media Q&A event that he wanted to release a new album after a few months after “Ordinary Man.”

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