Ozzy Osbourne On Getting Back To Touring: “That’s What I’m Heading For”

Ozzy Osbourne On Getting Back To Touring: "That's What I'm Heading For"

Ozzy Osbourne, also known as The Prince of Darkness, appeared on Rock 95.5‘s The Klinger Show and commented on getting back to touring in the future, saying that he is looking forward to doing it again.

It was the 1970s when Ozzy Osbourne rose to prominence in the heavy metal world, as he was the lead vocalist of his co-founded band Black Sabbath until he was fired from the band in 1979. Although he reunited with the band on several occasions, he embarked on a solo career during the late 1970s. He has become more famous than in his Sabbath days and has brought 13 solo studio albums to his fans since then.

Ozzy has had things outside of music in his life since he started his music career. In the early years of his fame, he used to drink alcohol and drugs, which damaged his body and led to the fact that he struggled with many diseases. In recent years, he has fought Parkinson’s disease, a pneumonia battle, or surgeries to treat a staph infection to regain his health. In addition, he also had neck surgery in 2020 after an unfortunate fall at his home, and his body was thoroughly injured.

Nothing stopped Ozzy Osbourne, even his serious health issues. He released his most recent album, Patient Number 9, on September 9, 2022, which attracted huge attention from his fans. Ozzy also performed at halftime of the Los Angeles Rams season opener one day before he released his album on September 8. The future has been now waiting for a full tour from him.


However, Ozzy talked about getting back to touring in the future recently. When the interviewer touched on the topic, Ozzy admitted he had some ideas about touring. Saying that he will get physical exercise as soon as he can, the singer added that he needs to get back to touring again.

“That’s what I’m heading for,” Ozzy reveals. “I’m hoping I will feel well enough to tour. As soon as I’m finished with promotion, I’m dying to get some physical exercise in and go all out to get myself back on my feet.

“It’s different. It’s awkward right now. If I haven’t got the confidence up, I’ll lose my balance. So I’ve gotta get my confidence up. I’ve overcome drug addiction and alcohol addiction and tobacco. I’m sure I can give it a good effort. I need it; I need to get back on that stage.”


When Ozzy Osbourne made his first-ever appearance at the Comic-Con International event held on July 22 in San Diego, California, following his grueling surgery, the musician offered a health update. Despite the fact that the appearance was made shortly after the operation, Ozzy was perfectly healthy. This was also the reason for the excitement of the fans. Ozzy was recovering.

“It’s great, it’s great,” Ozzy said. “I like to see people, you know. That’s been the hardest thing of the past three years, because I’ve been trying to recover from my surgery. I’m getting there. It’s a slow climb back, you know?”


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