Metallica Star James Hetfield’s Shocking Appearance Revealed During Quarantine

The Grammy Award-winning heavy metal band Metallica has just shared a new version of their song “Blackened” through its social media channels and have surprised fans with their live performance, which held from their homes.

When we look at the video, the opening was made by James Hetfield and he was followed by the band’s drummer Lars Ulrich. Then the bassist Robert Trujillo has also joined them. Finally, the band was completed with Kirk Hammett‘s joining the three.

While they posted the live performance, Metallica sent a special message to fans and people who saw it and warned them about staying safe.

Metallica shared the live performance with the following letter: “Here’s a little something we cooked up over the last few days. Hope you’re all safe & sound. Have a great weekend.”

The performance attracted huge interest from the fans. As a response to Metallica, some of them wrote on Twitter that they are one of the best bands in the world.

You can watch the performance below.

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  1. Growing up listening and watching this amazing band has truly been an awesome experience. And to still have them jamming together is really special to watch and listen to the best band there is.

  2. Absolutely great way to get the day started.. Love this Blackened… but it’s Metallica, why wouldn’t I ?? Supposed to be in NC now to see my fave band( along with other great groups..) but of course, for very obvious reasons, that will not be happening. Love you Metallica♥ stay safe and blessed

  3. I love Metallica. They are indeed my favorite band of all time. Their music has gotten me through some very difficult times in my life..and I might not be here if it wasnt for their energy driven fast heavy thrash. I have always been a fan even when they went through their Load and St Anger period. Never gave up on them. In fact Load and St Anger is on my playlist when I go listen to them at work as a landscaper. So to hear one of my favorite tunes from And Justice for All in a acoustic chilled out version is very rewarding especially with this pandemic. Stay safe James,Lars,Kirk and Rob and God bless.

  4. I have listened to Metallica for over 25 years now and its been a blessing to follow such a group of characters thru life. Thru the Napster drama, thru the Load days, the St Anger bubble and then to find new life again in Death Magnetic and Hardwired…man what a journey. When it was announced James went into rehab for his addictions, I respected James for having the personal strength to fight his way thru it on his own terms. While the music has in very loose terms “mellowed” they still are the best and hardest rock band out there. I don’t see any other bands making riffs and tunes like Metallica. The sound is there own and speaks to the legions of fans worldwide. This latest iteration of Blackened is amazing. They took the song to another level I didn’t think was attainable and can only be done by Metallica themselves. I look forward to their next offerings – whatever style or genre people want to label it. Mandatory til the end.

  5. Love what they chose to do there is an album to be done in quarantine for sure, have seen them 6 times in my life so far (haha) I’m 51 this may 31, I have a 7 year old son who’s not quite ready for concerts yet but soon , stay safe everyone , Canada can’t wait for your return, come east boys Atlantic Moncton misses u

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