Red Hot Chili Peppers Bassist Flea Breaks COVID-19 Rules Once Again

Red Hot Chili Peppers‘ 37-year bassist Flea continues to broke COVID-19, best known as the coronavirus, rules once again to going outside.

The 57-year-old rock musician has just sent a new photo on his official social media account and touched what he doing in these difficult coronavirus times when people need to stay at home.

In the photo he shared, Flea was sitting on the ground and he was filled with yellow flowers. As he did before, Flea went to visit nature again.

While we look at his outfit, Flea looks comfortable with his jean shorts and a white t-shirt. In addition to those, he didn’t forget to wear his yellow hat to protect himself from the sun, but he forgot to wear a mask to protect himself from the virus.

Flea sent the photo with famous philosopher Henry David Thoreau’s quote: “’That man is richest, whose pleasures are the cheapest’ – Henry David Thoreau.”

To the response of Flea’s quote, Sammy Hagar shared his thoughts and wrote: A few chickens and a vegetable garden makes me happy.

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