John 5: “I Miss Rob Zombie”

The 48-year-old successful musician John 5, also known as the touring guitarist of the heavy metal musician Rob Zombie, has just shared a new moment he lived on stage and revealed that he miss being on stage and hang out with Rob Zombie.

In the photo shared by John 5, he was standing on stage in front of the crowd who came to see them. He raised his guitar in the air and showed it to them.

While John 5 talks about what he missed, he said that he miss his friends, being in different countries, different cities, playing with Rob Zombie, and of course his fans.

When he sent the moment, John 5 included the following caption: “I miss being on stage the audience, friends, catering, long bus rides, hotel rooms, sound check, my bunk, loud guitars, different cities, different countries, I miss @robzombieofficial @piggydofficial @gingerfishofficial @ianrossbass @logannixmusic but most of all I miss the people all of you.”

In addition to his fans, Motley Crue drummer Tommy Lee and Slayer legend Gary Holt have also commented on the photo he shared. They wrote that they have missed being on stage like him.

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