Ex-Metallica Bassist Recalls The Unheard Story About ‘…And Justice For All’ For The First Time

The 57-year-old musician Ron McGovney, best known as the original bassist of the Grammy Award-winning heavy metal band Metallica, has recalled the rarest moment he lived about the Metallica‘s fourth studio album “…And Justice For All” and revealed the secret show Metallica played.

Recently, when one of the biggest fan pages of Metallica, BookOfMetallica, has remembered the last recording day of “…And Justice For All,” Ron McGovney replied to their tweet and mentioned the secret show Metallica played at Troubadour.

You can read the story he shared below.

“I remember Lars calling me around then to tell me that @Metallica was playing a secret show at the Troubadour. I remember hearing Harvester for the first time. After the show, James and Jason rode with me to another club. Jason sat in the back of my pickup truck.”

As a response to him, some fans thanked to him for revealing the unheard stories about Metallica like this.

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