Metallica is So Proud of Tye Trujillo

As you know, Tye burning like his father.

Tye Trujillo recently played with Suicidal Tendencies. He excited people with his talent. Also, Metallica was impressed by Robert‘s son Tye’s performance and shared that moment: “Like father, like son!! So proud of Rob’s son Tye for bringing it full circle and throwing down with Suicidal Tendencies last weekend!


There was also a paragraph about Robert in the post that Suicidal Tendencies shared: “Wow… It’s been 30 years since Robert Trujillo joined ST and did his first shows with the band in Europe on tour with Anthrax. That first show Robert came out like a beast, going wild on ST all while slapping and bashing his bass with precision and a purpose. After the show, they were all ‘where did you find this guy?’”


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