Foo Fighters’ Dave Grohl Recalls A Rarely Known Story While Naming His Biggest Fear

Foo Fighters singer/frontman Dave Grohl has recently sat down with BBC Radio to remember his past and recalled a rarely known epic story while naming his biggest fear. According to Dave Grohl, ‘being stuck in an elevator’ is his biggest fear.

When the interviewer asked, What’s your greatest fear?, Dave Grohl said:

“Being stuck in an elevator. I’m not a claustrophobic type, but for whatever reason, there’s something about being stuck in an elevator. Once in New Zealand, I did get stuck in an elevator.”

Dave Grohl continued by remembering a story that he was stuck in an elevator on the 40th floor. “We were staying in this hotel, I was on like the 40th floor, and I packed all my bags and I was rolling them into the elevator, the record company had given me this bottle of wine that had a Foo Fighters label on it or something like that, and I got out of the elevator, I hit ‘down,’ the elevator went down about three floors and just stopped.

According to Dave, he was in incredibly panic. “And I’m like, ‘Geez, open up!’ I kept hitting ‘lobby, lobby, lobby,’ and nothing’s happening. Then I’m hitting ‘door open, door open, door open’ – nothing’s happening. I’m flipping out, so I hit the little telephone button and they’re like front desk, and I said, ‘Hey, I’m stuck in your elevator on like the 38th floor.’

Later, Dave said that he drunk half of the wine to be calm. “And they’re like, ‘We’re so sorry, we’ll have someone up there right away,’ and I immediately started to panic. I looked at this bottle of wine, it had a screw top on it, and I ripped this bottle – it was 11 o’clock in the morning – I ripped this bottle of wine open and just downed half the bottle. And as I’m guzzling the wine, the elevator starts moving.”

Here’s the entire interview:

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