Will Nita Strauss Quit Alice Cooper To Join Nikki Sixx On His Future Project?

“Sixx: A.M.,” which was formed by Motley Crue bassist Nikki Sixx in 2007 and also features DJ Ashba and James Michael, presents its new project, “Maybe It’s Time,” which re-recorded. The track features Corey Taylor, Joe Elliot, Slash, Ivan Moody, and many more artists.

Recently, Motley Crue bassist Nikki Sixx took to his official Twitter account to contact fans about his new project “Maybe It’s Time” and confirmed questions. Meanwhile, Alice Cooper guitarist Nita Strauss commented Nikki Sixx‘s tweet, and the interesting conversation came out.

When Nikki Sixx asked, “#MaybeItsTime questions?”, Nita Strauss said:

“Do you need another guitar player in the next one?”

After that, a fan responded Nita’s tweet and asked, “Don’t tell me you’re leaving Alice?”

Nita replied, “There’s nothing to leave right now… no one is playing shows. When Alice starts touring again, I’ll be there :).”

You can find those conversations below.

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