Max Cavalera Names Sepultura Song Sounds Same With A Pantera Song

Max Cavalera Names Sepultura Song As Same As With A Pantera Song

Former Sepultura frontman Max Cavalera did a brand new interview with Revolver Magazine. Having achieved great success with Sepultura, which he founded with his younger brother Igor Cavalera at a young age, Max was asked about his favorite song he made with the band. According to him, the band’s classic song Inner Self sounds as same as a huge-known Pantera song, Walk.

Max Cavalera, who is currently in the bands Soulfly, Cavalera Conspiracy, and Killer Be Killed, started his music career with Sepultura, which he founded with his brother. Appearing on the band’s twelve albums until his leaving the band in 1996, Cavalera achieved international fame as a member of Sepultura.

On the other hand, after Max Cavalera left Sepultura due to problems with his bandmates, the brothers reunited twelve years later with the album Inflikted in the Cavalera Conspiracy. The album, which received positive feedback from the metal community, consists of 11 tracks and more than 43-min listening time.

Anyway, Max Cavalera was asked in his recent interview with Revolver Magazine which Sepultura song he likes the most. Max said it was “Inner Self” from the band’s third studio album, Beneath the Remains. He then revealed a fact about Sepultura‘s similarity with Pantera.

“I think I have to mention two for me that do the same kind of thing,” he says. “One of them is ‘Inner Self.’ That’s on ‘Beneath the Remains’. That’s such an important song for us because it was the first video we ever made.

“It was all homemade, a lot of really goofy stuff like having a friend of ours skateboard on top of us, hanging out with bums on the street drinking pure alcohol. All those scenes are in this video, but it was cool, it felt like a real band thing. We’re doing a video, ‘Oh my god, this is insane!’ And the song itself, I love it, I love the tempo, I love the groove of it.”

Max Technically Likened ‘Inner Self’ To Pantera’s Walk

When asked which Sepultura song is the best for him, Max mentioned two songs and compared the first, Inner Self, to classic Pantera effort, Walk. Describing the riff as simple and childish, Max stated that the lyrics contain the feelings of his own youth. He showed off his admiration for Pantera in that way.

“The riff is so simple, it’s almost childish,” he continued. “It’s kind of like Pantera, ‘Walk.’ It’s got that groove that catches you right away.”

“And the lyrics, I always loved the lyrics, It’s almost like a page of a diary, I never had a diary in my life, but if I had one, that could have been on a diary page, ‘Walking these dirty streets with hate in my mind, feeling the scorn of the world I won’t follow rules.’ That’s diary shit, that’s like how I was feeling at that moment, at that time in San Paolo, Brazil. That’s Max Cavalera feeling, my teenage feeling of that time.

Stating that his other favorite song is Arise, Max Cavalera admitted that the song is the ultimate death trash song ever made and has everything.

“The other one is ‘Arise,‘” he continues. “‘Arise‘ is just an explosion. For me, it’s the ultimate death-thrash song ever made, and I’m sorry, might’ve pissed off some people out there, but come on! Listen to this fucking song! It’s got everything! [laughs] It’s just a fucking rager is what we call it in the business.”

Last September, Max Cavalera had said in an interview with WXAV 88.3 FM that it was unreal that his latest album with Sepultura, Root, was praised by Dave Grohl and Lemmy Kilmister.

“The ‘Roots’ record, which was heavily influenced [by] tribal music — the mix of tribal music and metal was a brand new thing, and we kind of went into a complete unknown territory when we did that, and the results were amazing,” Cavalera says.

“And we ended up getting praised by people like Dave Grohl and Lemmy from Motörhead, which was unreal to me to hear – my idols praising some of my stuff. It was pretty cool.”

“If you do it with passion — you just have to have passion for what you’re doing — and sometimes you’ve gotta go into these unknown territories and just see what happens,” he continued.

“And don’t be scared of it, don’t be afraid — just go for it.

“And sometimes you will fail, and sometimes you will not — sometimes it will be great. And sometimes it is controversial. And it’s okay. It’s not for everybody.

“Some people love ‘Roots’; some people hate ‘Roots’. Some people only like the old stuff. Some people want me to play like I did when I was 15. I can’t do that all the time.

“I try to bring a little bit of that into some stuff that I do, but I can’t just be that only. There’s much more to life than that.

“That’s what I think people don’t understand. Music is such a big landscape. There’s so much we can do with it. It’s endless.

“That’s what the cool thing about it is. There’s so much more you can explore and do different things with it. Why do the same thing over and over?”

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  1. Max wishes it sounded like Pantera Walk… not even close! 😂
    Don’t get me wrong Sepultua is a big influence for me but only Chaos AD & Roots.

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