Lzzy Hale Describes the Song of Women

Lzzy Hale, the frontwoman of the American heavy metal band Halestorm, has answered the question that was frequently asked by her fans with the photo she recently shared on Instagram. She said that they get her into their world to write melody and lyrics to an already existing song of theirs called Song of Women.

Since everyone is asking… I was given an opportunity to do something very unique. Mongolian rock band The HU brought me into their world to write melody and lyrics to an already existing song of theirs called Song of Women. They educated me about their culture and the meaning behind their song and asked me to take that subject matter and write a brand new song from my personal perspective overtop of their existing music and melodies. So I did, and it was one of the most heart-fillingspiritual projectsI’ve ever been a part of!


To me, the song of women is a very important reminder to the world that all things start and end with women. Our happiness, our pleasure, our wonderbeautystrength, faith, our love, our freedom, our light, our dark, our existence… It starts and ends with a woman. We are the universe wrapped in skin. We debuted the song with my added lyrics and melodies for the first time last night at the EXIT/IN. Thank you so much to The HU for including me in this beautiful project, and for trying to teach me how to throat/overtone sing! I promise I will practice!

Song Of Women was taken from the band’s debut album, The Gereg, released on September 13th.

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