Queen Star Roger Taylor Touches Brian May’s Health Issue: “He Had A Real Scare”

The English musician Roger Taylor, known for the drummer of the rock band Queen, made his latest appearance on Rolling Stone and talked on his bandmate Brian May’s health issues.

During a conversation, the successful drummer was asked if Brian May is doing good. Roger Taylor replied by revealing flash comments.

“That’s right. We canceled the tour and then Brian got really sick. We may have had to cancel it anyway, which is the irony. He’s very much on the mend. We’re in daily contact.

“It was quite a scare. He had a real scare. It’s been strange. We were struck doubly. Our manager had a pretty major heart attack too. It’s been a very weird year for us in all kinds of ways.”

On May 7, Brian May shocked fans with a sudden announcement made on his social media and stated that he injured his “Gluteus Maximus” and that he was hospitalized a couple of weeks.

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