Blaze Bayley: “I’m writing a book”

According to The Metal Voice, former Iron Maiden singer Blaze Bayley recently announced that he writing a book. The singer has just completed the Tour of the Eagle Spirit.

“We wrote and recorded 3 albums in 3 years and toured with each one. Now we have completed the Tour of the Eagle Spirit which was the fourth and final tour to go with the concept.
I told someone I was writing a book and they said ‘have you ever written a book before?
No.‘ I said.
What makes you think you can write a book?‘ they said.
What makes you think I can’t?‘ I said.
So dear reader, when you have an idea and feel passionate about it, don’t let those people infect you with the virus of their negativity. Whatever it is just, have a go. You never know what great things that you never expected could come.
I’m writing a book.

Blaze Bayley Greek Tour – December 2019

Dec 02 – Factory Live Area – Katerini
Dec 03 – Lesxi Komotineon – Komotini
Dec 04 – Eightball Club – Thessaloniki
Dec 05 – Blues Bar – Karditsa
Dec 06 – Polixoros Agora – Ionnina
Dec 07 – Temple – Athens
Dec 08 – Prague Live Stage – Kastoria

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