Lars Ulrich: ”Thank You All for This Cool Banners”

The world-famous heavy metal band Metallica’s co-founder and drummer Lars Ulrich shared a contain thank message about banners from his verified Instagram account. He shared various banners at the concerts he went to.

Lars wrote that his thank message:

Once again, thank you to all who take the time to do these way next level cool banners…I see and vibe ‘em all! 
Your passion and dedication resonates deep in me…you guys are the fucking coolest!!
#wanna #coolestfans #worldwired

On the photos, someone wrote that for him:

Lars, I sacrificed my pillowcase for this and now the SANDMAN is after me!!!
Need a DRUMSTICK to fight him off.
#wanna #SleepWithOneEyesOpen

And another:

Still MISSING your DRUMSTICK in my most prized METALLICA possesions.

You can see the post and photos below:

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  1. Metallica was the first ever heavy mental band I listen too in the 80’s and are the best band ever and truly made Heavy Metal what it is. Best concert in early 90’s NJ Giants Stadium with Guns n Roses. Axel threw mic into stands and Metallica came out and play their set after 2 1/2 hours during their set. What a Awesome 😎 Awesome 😎 Band ever.


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