Korn’s Jonathan Davis Clearly Needs An Oxygen Mask To Perform Live

Korn's Jonathan Davis Clearly Needs An Oxygen Mask To Perform Live
Jonathan Davis, the lead vocalist of Korn, clearly needs an oxygen mask to perform live.

Korn singer Jonathan Davis has played his first-ever live show after he contracted for COVID and looked so pathetic throughout the show they’ve played.

As some of you know, Korn has announced on August 17 through its social media channels that they’re forced to cancel and postpone some of the band’s upcoming dates due to the singer Jonathan Davis’ contracting for COVID.

Furthermore, it had revealed by Korn guitarist Welch that Jonathan still struggles after-effects of the illness and that he is physically weak and having a mental battle. He had asked fans to send their prayers to his bandmate, Jonathan Davis.

Finally, Korn and Jonathan Davis returned to the live stage with their Tinley Park show after canceling and postponing some of the shows because Jonathan‘s contracting for COVID. As some of fans might easily understand in the video that can be seen below, Jonathan Davis clearly fights against the aftereffects of COVID and needs an oxygen mask to sing.

During the show, Jonathan Davis screamed out at the crowd to inform fans about his current state of health. Confirming he’s been feeling very weak, he added that he refused to cancel the show.

“I’m fucking feeling very weak but I fucking refuse to fucking cancel,” Davis said.

Korn’s Previous Postponed and Canceled Dates

In the middle of August, the six shows have been postponed and two shows have been cancelled by Korn.

The band told fans that August 14 Scranton show moved to September 25, August 17 Wantagh show moved to September 28, August 18 Holmdel show moved to September 26, August 20 Hartford show moved to October 2, August 21 Mansfield show moved to October 1, and August 22 Gilford show moved to October 3.

Korn has also revealed the cancelled dates and said August 24 Darien and August 25 Syracuse shows have been cancelled.

(image: Korn)

At the time, Korn has penned the following words to announce the news: “We really appreciate your patience as we work out the next steps for our tour.

“On Saturday, we received the unfortunate news that Jonathan tested positive for Covid, and needless to say, we had to postpone the show last minute. As a result of his positive test, we also need to reschedule the next handful of shows.

“As always, our primary goal is to ensure the safety of everyone involved, so this is something that has to be done.

“Jonathan’s spirits are high, and he’s resting and recovering now.

“We’re as disappointed as you are about the circumstances, but we’ll get through it though, and we can’t wait to see you once we’re back, firing on all cylinders once again.

“We thank you all for your love and support!”

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  1. JD has been using oxygen on stage for years. I’m not saying he wasn’t effected by his recent illness, but him using Oxygen isn’t new.

  2. He needs to take a break. Covid really screws up your lungs. Try tiger milk mushroom . Helps rebuild your lungs and breath easier.

  3. I saw him perform last night 9/3 & he kicked ass!!!!! Media is just trying to scare people some more. He was not “pathetic” & put on a great show!!

  4. Lance, stop spreading lies. Covid affects everyone differently. My wife and I both had covid, with different symptoms, and it did nothing to our lungs. Nor do either of us have last side effects.

  5. I left a comment several days ago about oxygen and how hard Johnathan works to makehis voice as strong as we expect in a concert as we hear in our speakers, buds,or old fashioned better made head phones yes I’m using v pair of BOSE headphones frm over 5 years ago, won’t give them up either comparing to others available to use and tried any way to the point mid early 200’s I was fortunate enough to get excellent Sears at a DISTURBED AND KORN CONCERT, I was able to see sidestage and part back also. I mentioned as I saw Davies between songs going side stage to get hits off oxygen tank! And thought that’s a dedicated way to get a show on!!! Worried me some!! Never saw that b4 and hoped it was not due to ilness. But if you’ve been able to see the show and hear the man put his whole body and soul out there on stage for us, like we expect and hope for you’d understand the oxygen, I mean who can keep up with a Korn rant like he can even driving in your car,or singing in the shower l couldn’t, ok!! lol …
    So;tho the oxygen maybe an added necessity due to covid, fuckvid and many other names life has given it, I hope every one is sending good vibes prayers whatever your thing is in life pleas be sure to send them, to the band because the bassist we had heard even b4 Jonathan’s news he was leaving the band for health reasons too.

  6. Saw Korn at DTE Tuesday Aug 31st. Being a Korn fan for many a year this was my first live Korn show. JD didn’t go farther then 20 feet from his seat. No stomping around the stage like he owns it. I’m saddened that he was so, I’ll, sending out much love and respect to JD for even trying as sick as he obviously was that night. His singing was great but the energy that Korn is known for was missing. No bagpipes, no stomping around the stage just standing close to his close to his chaññnmir for good reason. I was amazed at the replacement bass player , he was fantastic along with the rest of the band. But I went to see JD own the stage and sadly that didn’t happen. Again his singing was fantastic but they should of waited and rescheduled the show for when he is well again. Kiss and Doobie Brothers both canceled their shows for the next two nights. Love Korn, they should of waited for JD to recover. Just my opinion. My prayers to Johnathan, long live Korn.
    Sorry Gene, Rock n Roll is here to stay.
    Bright blessing all.

  7. Angel is correct, JD has been using oxygen for a long time before Covid. Media always has to make up crap or extend the truth. JD is a fighter!

  8. JD has had previous lung issues. He has used oxygen on stage years before any of this over inflated Covid stuff happened. This is probably why he is suffering, not because of covid, per say, but previous lung issues, that the covid virus has attacked. We need to stop the fear mongering


  10. COVID 19 is a respiratory virus. Jonathan Davis who is recovering from the virus. It’s great that Korn and Jonathan are honoring their schedule concert dates. I have had my Def Leppard concert tickets postponed twice . First it was Aug 2021, rescheduled to Oct. 2021, now postponed to Sept. 2022. Fucking ridiculous. Thank you KORN & Jonathan Davis for your dedication.

  11. Jesus the number of people who apparently think covid is a myth in this comment thread is…. Eh who am I kidding, it’s on brand for you people.

  12. He has used it during every concert between each song for at least 8+ years. I see them all the time. This is nothing new and definitely not covid related.

  13. Yes he is sitting through some songs and yes he is using oxygen but it is complete and utter bullshit that he is pathetic. Korn played Noblesville Just a week ago and He was quite the showman. He engaged the crowd, he stood for many of the songs and the FEW he sat down he still blew the roof roof off with his vocals. It was a great show and I find it BS to say he looks pathetic.

  14. was Jonathan anti-vaxx or VAX
    been a huge korn fan since way back in the day saw’m in 1998 at the international ballroom in Atlanta. so I hate to see him like this but I was just wondering if he was vaxed or unvaxed and if not……why

  15. He did a great job in Burgettstown Friday night. I give him credit for having the balls to even try to perform when so many bands are cancelling out of fear and not sick. Thanks JD .

  16. All you people saying covid is fake or bullshit.wait till all the sudden you get it a lot of said he has lung issues already an uses oxygen
    What tjat meanss is that he is fucked even more.i have a little asma and it was a nightmare
    I wish him a speedy recovery

  17. I saw him in LubbocK tx some 10 years ago and he was using oxygen then. Do more research and stop spreading lies and fear mongering please. This is blatantly misleading.

  18. Seems weird for a journalist who uses phrases such as ‘contracted for covid’ or thinks ‘aftereffects’ is actually one word to call anyone pathetic. I think it shows how strong he is as a person and how much he loves his fans that he would put himself through that for us.

  19. This is nothing new. Got to watch Korn from the stage in 2003 and he had oxygen then. I believe it’s due to asthma. In fact, it hooks up to the bagpipes too as he can’t inflate them on his own breath without getting dizzy.

  20. Well seems like Rob zombie must of got covid 20 years ago because he can’t sing a whole lyric to save his life. I was told that’s how all his live shows are. Worst live performance I’ve ever seen.

  21. As someone who’s seen them every time they come to town since forever- he’s been using that oxygen long before Covid. He used to step over to the side and take a few hits from a tank all throughout the show. Granted- it’s probably much worse now, but it’s definitely not a new thing.

  22. September 18, will be our first time seeing him at The CYNTHIA Woods Pavilion, I would have understood if he rescheduled, your health should always be top priority. We are sending our prayers and love for his speedy recovery ❤ Sincerely Angie Leija ❤

  23. Whoever wrote this is pathetic. I think Jonathan Davis is a bad ass mother fucker that deserves a metal for coming out to sing despite his recent Covid illness. Good for you Jonathan. The writer of this article can suck it.

  24. He did better than could be expected, still put on a hell of a show. For you to say he looked pathetic is ignorant at best. Cut the guy some slack, he’s doing his best and as a fan, I was just glad to see him up and around. Chair and oxygen or no. He should be looked at as a survivor, or a madman, or a beast! Not as pathetic..

  25. I have seen Korn live a few times. He has used oxygen as far back as 10 years that I can attest to seeing him use it. I’m sure COVID has made it worse but Jonathan using oxygen is normal. I still love him❤️

  26. I saw them with stained in Noblesville in Aug 28, they freaking rocked out dispite his issues. Get better, God bless, were all pulling for you(fans) you are loved and respected!!!!

  27. Saw them Friday in burgettstown. Yes he was obviously weak but he sounded great for what he went through to get back on the stage

  28. I saw Korn on Septembrr 5th and they were awesome. JD was NOT pathetic and I think it’s pathetic this article chose that word to describe him. It’s badass he refused to cancel shows and saws a lot about his character or what he thinks about his fans. I had no issues with him sitting in a chair during parts of the set.

  29. Wow, a bit harsh, to say one of the greatest performers in rock “looks pathetic” because he needs oxygen to perform! He’s needed it for a while now due to other health issues.

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