Jimmy Page Reveals How They Banned From Brighton Dome

Jimmy Page, the guitarist and founder of the rock band Led Zeppelin, has recently shared a photo on his classic ‘OnThisDay’ series and revealed the details of Brighton Dome show he played with Led Zeppelin in 1972.

You can read the reason of their ban and the show details shared by Jimmy Page below.

“On this day in 1972, I played the Brighton Dome with @LedZeppelin⁣

During the 1972 UK tour, Led Zeppelin played the Birmingham Odeon, local venue to John Bonham and Robert Plant. Unintentionally, John Paul Jones and I arrived very close to the kick off.⁣

Here at Brighton (John Paul Jones’ and my own Sussex territory) ironically John Bonham and Robert Plant were to arrive late too.⁣

The Brighton Dome was a really historic theatre venue built in iconic Regency palace style. However, we weren’t to play it again as we were banned – John Bonham damaged some ornamental trees as he left in his Aston Martin after the show.”

Here’s the photo Jimmy shared.

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