Corey Taylor and Alicia Dove Posts An Unexpected Video For A Family Member

In a new post on Alicia Dove‘s social media account, she and her husband Corey Taylor has posted a video and revealed that the newborn niece of Nathan Mowery, who meant like family for them, is going through a difficult time.

The couple asked help from fans for Nathan’s niece and shared painful details. They said that she has already passed away twice and still fighting for her life.

“Hey guys, as many of you know, @nathanmowery is like family to us. Unfortunately, his newborn niece is going through a difficult time.

“At just two weeks old, she has already passed away twice, was brought back, and today is still fighting for her life.”

They continued: “Any little bit helps: sharing, tagging, and of course donating. I’m a big believer in amazing things happening when lots of people can come together for the greater good.

“If you can’t donate, no worries at all, just a simple share works. The more people that know about little Everett, the better her chances are for receiving the care she needs, as well as a support for her parents, who undoubtedly are needing it.”

Click here for help her.

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